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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


13. Release

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Edward quickly moved towards of Bella, blocking Jonathan’s view of her. Alice and I then rushed beside him, making basically a wall of immortals in front of her. A long and hard cough then erupted from Bella, causing Alice to look back at her in worry. I never would have thought that we would be in such a bad situation. When ever I was assigned to a charge, I would always make sure I was never backed into a corner. But that’s exactly where I was right then.

“We can’t fight here, Jonathan,” I said calmly, hoping he would listen to me. I was seriously starting to doubt his intellect. He never looked stupid in all the years I knew him, but I must have been wrong because no one but a moron would keep on teaming up with James. And not to mention showing up in a room where his odds were 1:3. I hid my glowing hand behind my back, preparing to attack just incase Jonathan was as stupid as his actions told him to be.

“Then just give her to me,” Jonathan said calmly, like he actually thought that we would hand her over. Edward in response growled very loudly. No confused hospital worker rushed in this time, Edward did a pretty good job in scaring them off.

“No, Jonathan,” I said, as coldly as I could. I spread my feet apart and crouched down in my attack stance. Jonathan must have gotten the message since he stood up strait and relaxed his position.

“If that‘s the way it’s going to be,” Jonathan said resigned. But he had a strange sparkle in his eyes whenever he looked at Bella that couldn’t have meant good news for her. “I’ll see you soon, Bella,” he snickered before disappearing. We all immediately relaxed as soon as he was gone. Edward placed his hand on Bella’s forehead and a look of worry appeared on his face.

“Beck?” Edward asked anxiously.

“Yes?” I asked, nervous about the question he might ask.

“Can you maybe…get some medicine and bring it back here? Since there’s no real medicine for anyone, I mean,” Edward asked. He moved a strand of hair out of Bella’s face and kissed her forehead. I was split between staying in the room and going to get medicine. I didn’t want to leave Bella alone with out an angel present, but I was sure that Jonathan or James wouldn’t attack in the next hour or so. “You’ll get better soon, Bella,” Edward said, grinning. Bella’s brow was furrowed ,though, and she had a pretty pissed off expression on her face. I sighed and disappeared to get her some medicine. She was going to die if I didn’t get her any, so I decided to take the chance and leave her.

I reappeared in another hospital where I knew they had medicine to treat Bella. Instead of actually ordering and paying for the medicine like mortals would, I just took a few pills and left some money on the counter.

When I got back Bella had the mischievous look that only meant that she was planning something. And depending on the tired and frustrated expression on Edward’s face, I guessed that they just had an argument over her mortality. I handed her the pills and she swallowed them immediately. I then sat down on a chair near her bed and waited for her to get better.

I was surprised when Jonathan didn’t return. He must have realized that a hospital wasn’t an ideal fighting location and waited for Bella to leave the premises before attacking. I was thankful for that, since I needed to spend my energy on getting Bella better and checking up on the other hospital patients. The medicine came about a day after Bella got her first real pills. No one died, thank goodness, saving me a lot of stress and anger. But every cough that I heard just fueled my desire to see James’s head on a stake. What he did was wrong and defiantly inexcusable. And if I got my way, I would never have to deal with him ever again.

It took three days for Bella to get over her sickness. She still couldn’t walk because of the gash on her leg, but she had a wheel chair so we were able to leave the hospital. Edward was pushing her wheel chair when we stepped into the fresh air. I saw Bella suck in the air like the next few breaths she would take would have to last her a life time. Bella’s gash wasn’t completely healed, but Edward and Bella both were anxious to get out of the white walled prison. And there was also the promise of immorality Edward still had to fulfill.

“It’s about time, Edward,” Alice said teasingly when we all got into the car we rented.

“Why don’t you just-” Edward said, but then stopped when he saw the zoned out look on Alice’s face.

“Jonathan is coming,” Alice said urgently. “I-I just saw it. We have to get her to Carlisle, Edward. There everyone can help protect her while she’s in her transformation.” Edward nodded and sharply turned right towards the airport. Jonathan was coming? Well, I couldn’t say that I was surprised.

“Where is your family?” Bella asked, wondering where the Cullens were currently staying.

“Denali,” Alice said simply. She closed her eyes again, lost in a trance. “We have to hurry,” Alice said worriedly. Edward then proceeded to stomp on the gas pedal, propelling us forward. Bella had a terrified look on her face, but she didn’t say anything due to the urgency of the situation. We arrived at the airport in minutes. Edward quickly paid for the tickets and we boarded the plane right before it was going to leave. Edward and Bella sat together while Alice and I took the seats behind them. Bella fell asleep on Edward’s shoulder so Alice and I talked with each other.

“So,” Alice began. “Do you like being a Guardian Angel?” I thought about my answer for a few moments.

“Yes,” I replied. “I do. I love the feeling I get when I know I’ve made a person’s life better.” Alice nodded, thoughtful. She then closed her eyes.

“I should search through my visions,” she said. “I want to stay on top of Jonathan’s and James’s every move.” I nodded and then turned towards Edward.

“Do you want to talk at all?” I asked, desperate for someone to talk to.

“Am I making the right decision?” he asked suddenly. I blinked a few times, surprised.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Edward looked irritated.

“Am I making the right decision, to change Bella?” he asked again, his voice more impatient for reassurance.

“Of course,” I said. He just sighed and then closed his eyes. I knew he didn’t want to talk anymore. I then just laid back in my seat and tried to keep my self occupied for the next few hours.

I was thankful when the annoying voice of the stewardess announced that we were landing. Bella woke up fitfully.

“We are landing now, please fasten your seatbelt,” the stewardess said in a monotone. Edward helped Bella undo her seat belt when she fumbled with it.

It didn’t take long for all of us to get into Edward’s car. He left it there when he flew to Montana. As soon as we were all in the car, he slammed on the gas pedal and zoomed out of the parking lot.

“Is Jonathan going to attack soon?” Bella asked worried. I had to think about my answer for a few minutes before replying.

“He will be more hesitant once we are in Denali and once you are a vampire. He would probably give up and move on to the next person,” I said. Why did demons feel the need to kill people? I would think that they would have some pity. “I still don’t know why he or any other devil does it,” I whispered, not actually meaning to. We then sat in silence the rest of the car ride.

About twenty minutes later we pulled in front of a large cabin-like house. As we got out of a car a vampire ran out of the house.

“Bella!” a motherly voice called out.

“Esme!” Bella called back out and ran over to hug her. If Esme wasn’t a vampire, Bella would defiantly of given her bruises. Edward carried Bella into the house and I was immediately hit by a wave of a really good smell. I then realized that it was all the vampire scents banned together. If someone could somehow recreate the scent vampires give off, they would be a millionaire. A very large vampire then gave Bella a bear hug. A tall, blonde vampire hung back, but gave her a warming smile. An impossible gorgeous vampire just glared at her, trying to make her feel as unwelcome as possible.

“Bella,” Carlisle’s said. Bella turned around to face him. “When do you want to be changed?” Wow, that was quick.

“As soon as possible,” Bella said as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

“How about tonight?” he suggested.

“Okay,” Bella said willingly. The next few hours were filled with questionnaire. The Cullens answered all of Bella’s questions and told her what they were up to the past seven months. But Bella on the other hand didn’t tell them anything of what she was doing. I couldn’t blame her.

The Cullens were hesitant to let me near Bella, but after I explained who I was and what I was doing, they gladly accepted me.

Night then rolled around the corner and Edward carried Bella upstairs. We all heard muffled voices when Bella and Edward talked.

“God, I hope he’s making the right choice,” Carlisle muttered. I nodded in agreement. I was perfectly sure that changing Bella would be for the best, but what if Jonathan somehow took that to his advantage. I think that I jinxed it, because after a day of agonizing screams and Edward’s self blame, I saw him appear in the living room.