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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


14. Getting Help

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“Get out of here,” I hissed at him, lowering into my attack stance. Jonathan just smiled confidently and took a step forward.

“Beck,” he said, a smile forming. “This doesn’t have to be hard,” he said, glancing at the ceiling. By thoughts instantly went to Bella. Was she okay? Is someone up there with her? I remembered that Edward was sitting with her. But everyone else was down stairs with me…Wait! If Jonathan’s here then where is James?

“Bella!” I called out, realizing why Jonathan was in the living room. He wasn’t there to attack, he was there to distract. Alice we all started to tumble up the stairs, into Bella’s bedroom. But then we heard a crashing sound, like someone bulldozed through the wall. Panic was coursing through me. What if we were too late and James killed her? What if he took her? If I was human my heart would have been pounding. When we reached the room, we saw Edward being pulled away from Bella and James taking his place. But Edward recovered quickly and he pushed James off her. He grabbed Bella and jumped out the whole in the wall. We all followed him, but I stayed behind to fight James.

“You’re not going to win, angel,” he hissed, both of us circling each other. I threw my head back and laughed.

“I have centuries of experience under my belt,” I said. “I can beat you in a heartbeat.” I then raised my glowing hand and aimed at him. Suddenly something hit my back with enough force that it sent me flying into the wall. I laid there stunned for a few minutes. I saw Jonathan and James disappear out of the room. I tried to stand up, but Jonathan hit me really hard. So I just closed my eyes and disappeared out of the room.

I reappeared in the lawn where the Cullens were trying to fight the demons. Edward handed Bella over to Alice so that he could fight off James who was approaching them. Before Edward could reach him, though, James held up a hand and a ball of fire shot out of it. But he wasn’t aiming for Edward, the fire ball hit Alice and she and Bella fell to the ground.

“Alice!” I yelled and ran over to where James was standing. I was going to knock the living day lights out of him, but he disappeared before I could reach him. He reappeared beside Bella. He kicked her head and then…they were both gone.

“Bella! Bella!” I cried out, running over to the spot where Bella just laid. I was starting to hyperventilate. They could be anywhere. Edward looked like he was in shock, too. I looked around and saw that Jonathan was no where to be seen. I yelled out outraged and pounded the ground in anger. “He’s not supposed to do that!” I screamed and kicked a tree. “It’s against the rules!” I growled. Edward didn’t move from his spot, though. He just stood there, not fully comprehending what happened.

“I lost her,” he whispered. He then fell to the ground with his hands clutched to his head. I couldn’t protect her,” he sobbed. I walked over to him and pulled him off the ground and stared right into his eyes. “Go find her!” I screamed at him. He stared at me with wide eyes. I was never this angry in my life. And seeing how easily James and Jonathan got Bella, I knew that we needed some help. “I have to go,” I said quickly. I let go of Edward and started to walk off.

“So now you’re leaving us?” Emmett asked outraged. “My sister just got kidnapped and you’re saving your ass instead of helping?”

“Of course I’m helping!” I screamed. “I’m doing something Heaven related,” I explained. “I’ll be back soon,” I said before disappearing. I reappeared in front of La Push. I took in a deep breath and walked onto the premises. It didn’t take long to find them. It was hard to miss a tower of 6 foot tall boys. I walked up to them and immediately recognized Jacob. He looked down at me and narrowed his eyes.

“You’re the girl who was with Bella in the clearing,” he noted, and I saw a brief hint of guilt wash over his face. Ah ha! There’s my leverage.

“Yes, I am,” I said and then brought myself to full height. “I’m her guardian angel.” Jacob raised an eyebrow.

“Her guardian angel?” he asked, believing that I was crazy or something.

“Yes,” I said frustrated. “Do I need to prove it to you?” I asked. He nodded, studying me. The other werewolves around me also were looking at me funny. I knew I couldn’t shoot any of them, so…I held up my hand and it started to glow. Jacob’s mouth dropped open. I then aimed at a tree branch a few feet away. It fell with a loud thud. “Do you believe me now?” I asked proudly. All of the werewolves nodded. “I need your help,” I said.

“And why should we help you?” one of them asked. I took a deep breath to calm myself down.

“Because Jacob owes Bella,” I said. Jacob blinked a few times, not really understanding what I was saying.

“Wait, what?” he asked me.

“You scared her for life,” I said. “Remember in the clearing?” I asked. Jacob was breathing heavily and his eyes were full of anguish.

“Her bloodsucker provoked me,” he whispered. “He was saying how unsafe I was around her. But he shouldn’t of been talking! He’s attracted to her blood! If he lets his guard down one moment she’s dead!”

“Not anymore,” I said quickly. Jacob stared at me with disbelief.

“You don’t mean he bit her?” he asked. I could see he was trying to convince himself this was one sick joke. But the look on my face told him other wise. His face hardened and then he turned his back to me. “Bella’s now an enemy,” he said, his voice filled with anger. “We’re not going to help her.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I help to control who gets into Heaven or not,” I said. “If you don’t help us, you can kiss your chances at going to Heaven goodbye.” I felt horrible. Evil. Getting someone to risk their life with a threat about their afterlife, that was low. Very low.

“Fine,” Jacob said.

“That goes for the rest of you, too,” I said. Guilt was pouring through me. The rest of the werewolves nodded and stepped closer to me. I told them to grab my arms and they did. I knew it was against the rules, but I was desperate. I closed my eyes and I felt the werewolves stiffen. It lasted only a few seconds, but the werewolves all fell down on the ground gasping for air when we landed. I didn’t notice how it could affect mortals. “I should only take Jacob,” I said once they were all recovered. “It’s best right now only to bring one in, so that we won’t start a war.” The werewolves nodded, except for Jacob who looked very reluctant. I grabbed his hand and led him into the cabin. From the looks on the Cullens’ faces, they found Bella. But relief quickly melted into anger as they saw Jacob Black.

“WHAT’S HE DOING IN HERE?” Alice cried out. She looked like she was seething and she was glaring at Jacob. “Don’t you remember what he did to Bella?” Jacob winced at that. I quickly stepped between them.

“The werewolves are our only hope!” I said quickly, trying to get the Cullens to understand.

“Beck,” Carlisle said warningly. “Maybe you should have told us what you were going to do.”

“Well, Carlisle,” I said, getting angry myself. “I don’t think your opinions matter at this second. My job is to protect Bella, and I’m not going to let anyone, including you all, to stop me in what I am doing,” I said calmly. I saw the Cullens’ mouths drop open. But then Jacob stiffened and his face only showed pure hatred. I turned around to see Bella standing on the staircase, her body frozen in shock.