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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


15. Help is Here

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Jacob looked at Bella-or maybe it was Edward-with such loathing that I almost regretted bringing him into this whole mess in the first place. Even though I had my loyalties with Bella, I felt guilty for making him see his best friend as something he hated. But it couldn’t have been helped. We needed his help.

Bella averted her gaze, invisible tears welling up in her eyes. Once again a pang of guilt went through me. But I did what I had to do!

“You should hear what he’s thinking,” Edward muttered. I shot Edward a dirty glare he probably did not see. This was not the time for humor. And then Bella smiled. I almost groaned. Did these two have any idea how important this was?

“I think that I know already,” she whispered. Well, who couldn’t in this room? It was obvious that Jacob was seething with anger. And in his place I would have, too. It’s nothing like seeing your best friend abandon everything you tried to give her to make you angry. But this made Bella happy. And if she was happy, then I was doing my job correctly. Jacob would realize this was for the best soon. Bella gasped suddenly, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“What is it, Bella?” Edward asked worriedly. All the other Cullens and Jacob snapped towards Bella in worry. I secretly smiled to myself. Jacob did care for her after all.

“Nothing,” Bella said quickly. I snorted. She never was very good at lying. She sort of spaced out then and everyone waited for her to turn her attention back to the issue at hand. But Edward lost his patience before she had the chance.

“Why are you here, dog?” Edward asked very rudely. I opened my mouth to yell something back at him, but Jacob got to that before me.

“Why don’t you ask your angel friend!” Jacob replied. I shut my mouth closed, narrowing my eyes at both of them. Why are people on Earth so ignorant?

“Give me a chance to speak!” I snapped back. Sheesh, hold your tongues! Must they know everything that second?

Bella was shaking, holding her head as if she was in pain. “Stop, please!” she blurted out. I looked at her instantly, concerned. She was a vampire…what could have been hurting her?

“Bella?” Edward asked confused. His eyes were furrowed and he was rubbing her hand soothingly. Jacob started to walk towards her, but I held him back. Something was wrong with Bella, especially since she was looking out in the distance with her eyes clouded over. It was best to give her space at the moment.

Bella then woke up and blinked rapidly. She scanned the room until her eyes landed on Edward. She opened her mouth a few times as if she was debating what to say. I unconsciously leaned inward, waiting to hear her explanation.

“Edward,” she whispered, still a little in her daze.

“Yes?” Edward asked eagerly. Yeah, come on Bella…

“I-I think that I discovered my power.” I reeled backwards a few feet. Wasn’t expecting that one…

“What?” Edward asked in disbelief.

“I-I first was able to hear everyone’s thoughts. Then I felt their emotions and then I had a vision,” she whispered. Oh. That explained the whole drifting-into-space thing.

“Bella, I think that you can borrow other vampire’s powers. But it seems that you have no control over them,” Carlisle said wisely. I nodded in agreement. I wondered if she could borrow angel and demon powers. But on second thought I doubted that. If she could, then she would have probably displayed them already.

Bella ran over to Jacob and threw her arms around him. He notably stiffened, but the look on his face was not one of hatred. He seemed happy to be around his friend again.

“Jacob!” she sobbed into his shoulder. He was still frozen under her. More questions popped into my mind. Couldn’t she ever explain things to us first?

“Bella, what are you doing?” Jacob asked hesitantly. Bella looked up at him, her bright red eyes swirling.

“Jacob! Why-How- You can’t meet with Jonathan today!” she stuttered. Even though that made no sense to me, Jacob seemed to comprehend what she was saying.

“What?” he squeaked out.

“I saw it in my vision! Jacob he-he killed you!” she cried. Jacob jumped back and stared at Bella in horror. I could see the fright building in his eyes. Maybe it was the cold or the display of what she become, but it seemed as though Jacob couldn’t take anymore. Anxiety started to build in me. We needed the werewolves! Jacob can’t back out now!

“What?” he asked again. I nodded eagerly. Come on Bella! Answer!

“Don’t go Jacob!” she yelled again. I almost groaned. Tell us! What did you see?

Jacob just backed up even more, shaking is head in denial. No, no, no! But then his sight rested on Bella’s leg and the scar that was there. His face fell. “Bella,” he choked. Yes! He had to stay now.

“Bella!” Alice called. She ran over to Bella and helped her calm down. I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe now things were going to explained to us. I stepped forward, offering an explanation of my own.

“That’s why I brought Jacob here. We have to make peace with the werewolves. We need them on our side,” I said calmly.

“I’m not sure it that’s possible,” Edward said coldly. Aw, come on!

“Well, it’s the only way!,” I snapped. “Either we get them as allies or the demons will! Which one will it be Edward?” I yelled out. Why was I the only one that realized the gravity of the situation? I waited for him to respond, Edward didn’t look like he could speak very logically at the moment. “We need to get down to business here! This is a full out war! They can’t die, but they can sure get injured! We can’t let them kill anyone else! Now, who is actually going to help fight? Or who is going to let themselves be killed?” I demanded. I looked around the room, and saw that everyone was staring at me wide eyed. Oh, Lord…was I going to have to spell it out for them?

“I don’t want to get killed,” Bella said. I looked at her gratefully. The decision was that simple!

“You ally with the werewolves or fight them with the demons. Which one is it going to be?,” I asked. There, I put it plainly. Maybe now they could get over this silly prejudice.

“I’m with Bella,” Alice said slowly. I smiled at her.

“Me, too,” Esme said quietly. Soon enough everyone agreed to help fight with the werewolves against the demons. Or everyone except Edward and Jacob. It was down to just them. They had to agree, they just had to.

“We need the support of the werewolves, Jacob,” I said wearily.

“Why should we help the leeches?” Jacob said angrily. I squeezed my eyes shut in frustration. I really had no argument against that, so I had to bring out a last resort. Something that I really hated to use.

“Because, they have Heaven on their side. You don’t want to make Heaven angry Jacob,” I threatened hesitantly. Jacob eyes widened and he nodded his head quickly.

“Okay. We’ll help,” he said quickly. I swallowed my guilt and smiled. One down, one to go.

“Edward?” I asked. Edward looked around and saw that he was the only one left.

“Fine,” he spat out, knowing it was a lost cause.

“Wonderful! Jacob get the rest of the werewolves down here!” I said excitedly. Finally, something was going as planned!

“Okay Your Majesty,” Jacob muttered. I ignored his comment, though. With the werewolves on out side, we had a greater chance of getting out of this all intact. But even so, it was going to be a hell of a night.