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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


2. My Own Personal Demon

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My friend and I walked out the office disheartened. The Head Angel shot down our opposition to the all white rule. ‘Rule and Order are the most important things’ she said. After we left the office, my friend, Laura, and I grumbled about it for at least an hour. But I suddenly remembered Bella.

“I have to go!” I said quickly.

“Why?” Laura asked. “Oh yes! You got another charge! What is it this time? Has to find family, do something great…?”

“She has to find a lost love. You know the deal,” I said bored. How exciting can it get anyway? It’s a cliché.

“Whatever. See you around,” Laura said while drifting over to the park. John Lennon of the Beatles was playing there. Laura always had a thing for dead rock stars. No doubt that she would ask him out.

I walked over to my cloud and peered over the edge. Bella was still driving, but I could see her truck giving out on her. Ugh…I would have to go down there myself. That girl needed more guidance then I thought. I went to the Head Angel’s office for permission.

“Ms?” I asked politely.

“Come in Beck,” the Head Angel said tiredly. “I’m not going to lift the ban on the all white rule!”

“I’m not here about that!” I said angrily as I walked in.

“Then what?”

“I want to go down to Earth to help Bella from there.”


“She needs a lot of help.”

“Do you know the rules?”

“Yes. No attacking humans. No attacking the supernatural unless the threaten Bella, don’t reveal your identity…”

“Okay, you can go. But we will be contacting you by your cell phone.”

“Okay! Thanks!” I walked out of the office happy. I skipped over to my cloud and jumped. I landed on Earth softly and called out for Bella.

“No! I’m not going to fall asleep on the edge of a road!” she screamed. Of course not! How could a dream call to you while your still awake?

“No one’s asking you to,” I said. Bella turned to me and surprise was written all over her face.

“Wha-what the-” she tried to ask. I sighed silently. I always hated this part.

“I’m your guardian angel, Bella,” I explained as calmly as possible. “It looked like you weren’t getting anywhere on your own and I couldn’t make you fall asleep every time I needed to talk to you so here I am! Now, let’s go,” I said. I started to walk along the road in hopes that she would follow.

“Hey, wait a second. I don’t even know your name! And how do I know that I can trust you?” Do I look like a serial killer?

“Is there any other explanation that you can think of? And to answer your first question, my name is Rebecca, but you can call me Beck.”

“Okay…” she said unsure. She was starting to get annoying. No one else I guarded was so cautious.

“Now let’s go!” I said. I grabbed her sleeve and pulled her along. Now we can talk. “Let’s get to know each other!” I said all too excitedly.

“I think you know enough about me,” she said to me. Duh.

“Well, yah, but you need to get to know me, too!” I said. I started to babble in a hopeless attempt to get her talking. “Let’s see…I like everything cute…my favorite color is pink but I have to wear white all the time up there,” I said pointing up towards the sky. “I have no siblings but I don’t really have parents so…” She just wouldn‘t talk though. The way she’s acting you would think that she was the first person to have a broken heart. What did that vampire do to her? “Well you are no fun!” I cried out annoyed.

“Well you were a lot less talkative during my dreams.” What a rude little thing!

“I have a time limit in dreams! I have to keep things short! But now I can talk all I want! You should talk more. It frees your mind!” Hahaha…prepare for non stop talking Bella!

“I would talk but I’m starving and dead tired.” Ugh…stupid human needs. It makes this take so much longer.

“Then let’s check in at a motel,” I said.

“I have no money.”

“I can make money!” I said excited. I always liked to do that.


“I can make anything appear!”

“Then why didn’t you make a car or something!”

“I have a limit on what I can create.” It’s quite annoying actually. For some weird reason, I can only make money and food. Just between you and me, the Head Angel is a very random person.

“And you’re allowed to counterfeit money?”

“Something things in life can’t be explained.” I didn’t feel like explaining every single rule to her.

“Like how my guardian angel can appear to me?” Didn’t she learn any manners?

I was about to give Bella a very stern lecture of manners but an all too familiar object whizzed right past my head..

“I see you have a new friend, Beck!” an all too familiar voice called out. Why is he MY personal demon! He’s so insistent!

“Jonathan,” I hissed very annoyed. He was about fifty feet away and I was almost fed up with him. I would be so mush easier to hate him if he was actually scary looking, but he was very handsome which made it hard for me to hate him. But all the same I still did. And now he was trying to kill yet another charge of mine. The nerve of him! Can’t I get a break?

He started to walk forward and smiled. He always thought that he was better then me. Well, I would take care of that. I crouched down, growled and prepared to fight my own personal demon.