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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


3. Fighting Again

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“There’s no need to be nasty, now,” Jonathan said. Jerk. Who does he think he is? He is just making it more dramatic then it really is.

“I take my job seriously. Bella will not be hurt on my watch,” I sneered at him. I. Hate. Him.

“Just give me the girl!” Jonathan roared. How stupid is he? I never gave up before so why would I give up now?

“Never!” I screamed. But I was too close to Bella and she fell down in shock making the fire ball Jonathan shot miss her. Maybe her clumsiness could come in handy…

“Uh…Beck?” Bella asked frightened. But I was too busy to answer her. I threw a punch right into Jonathan’s stomach. He growled at me and attacked me back. Suddenly, Bella fell to the ground clutching her stomach.

“Bella?” I asked. Jonathan also looked confused.

“Edward,” she whispered. Oh god…But Jonathan mirrored her expression. I laughed.

“Damn it!” he yelled out. “I’ll be back, Beck!” He disappeared in thin air. Serves him right. That’s what he gets when he messes with my guardianee.

“Beck? What. The. Hell. Just. Happened?” Bella asked confused.

“Well, uh…” I started. I sat down, not sure what to say. I started off with the basics. “Heaven and Hell are at each other’s throats. When ever a guardian angel is assigned a charge, a demon tries to kill the person. Jonathan seems to be my personal demon. It’s quite annoying actually. The last person I guarded-God rest her soul- was also attacked by Jonathan. And because of my superb fighting skills, she lived and died a natural death,” I boasted. And I planned to keep my new charge alive. Once or twice Jonathan succeeded in actually killing my charge, but he didn’t kill any lately and I planned on keeping it that way.

“Oh…”she said. “But why did he leave so quickly?”

“Oh! This is very convenient! The demons seem to absorb human suffering and they mirror the pain! It makes it easier to win because we are usually assigned to people who are in great pain. Makes Jonathan’s job hard, huh?” It always made me laugh when I see him in someone else’s pain.

“Uh…yah…” I saw a hint of pain move across her features. Oh my goodness! Why can’t she just get over it!

“Okay, let’s go then!” I picked her up and started to walk down the road again.

“Wait, where are we going?” she asked.

“Chicago, silly! And we have to move! We don’t want Jonathan to find us again, do we?” Where else would we be going? California?

“No…but-” What is there to ‘but’?

“No buts! Come on!”

We walked for a little while and Bella showed sighs of tiring. But we had to get to Chicago. I made a mental note to protest the ‘No car making’ rule when I got back to Heaven. I mean, come on! We can only make food and money! How lame is that?

“Beck, I need to sleep!” Bella cried out. I rolled my eyes.

“Just a little longer. I’ll check into a hotel. Jonathan won’t try anything with any spectators,” I said a little bored. I need to find a car. Walking would take too long.

“Maybe you can find a car too…” Duh….

“Fine.” We walked for about ten minutes before we reached a motel six. It wasn’t the best but it would have to do. Bella collapsed as soon as she found the bed.

While Bella was sleeping I called the Head Angel.

“Yes?” she answered.

“Hello, it’s Beck,” I said quickly.

“What’s it now, Beck?” the H.A asked bored.

“I want to create a car.”


“To drive to Chicago.” What else would I do with it?

“Okay, you have my permission for this once.” The dial tone was in my ear before I had the chance to say thank you. Bitch…When I get back up to Heaven…

I snapped my phone shut and snapped my fingers. It disappeared until I would need it again. I picked up Bella and carried her downstairs. I checked out of the motel and walked outside. I went around the corner so that nobody would see us. I put Bella on the ground and snapped my fingers. A car appeared in front me. I smiled as the keys appeared in my hand. I opened the passenger door and buckled up. I went over to the driver’s side and got in. I pulled out of the motel parking lot and drove onto the highway. I was driving for a little while before Bella woke up screaming. She looked around frantically before seeing where she was.

“Had a bad dream?” I asked. I looked at her from the corner of my eye trying to see her face.

“Yes. You know Jonathan was in it,” she said a little too calmly. I groaned in response.

“What did that demon say?” I asked. Jonathan had such nerve…

“That he would never stop until I was dead. That I was doomed.” And you believed him?

“Don’t listen to him. I’ll keep you safe,” I said casting a warm smile at her. She didn’t return it. I ask again, what did that vampire do to her? She’s like a living zombie. When I meet him he’s going to have some serious explaining to do. And I mean a lot. He messed this girl up good. I silently wondered what he looked like. The papers said that he was good looking but those weren’t very detailed. I didn’t even know what we were going to do after we got to Chicago. I pressed on the gas pedal harder to speed thing up. I saw Bella look out the window excitedly. We just entered Illinois.