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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


7. Another Fight

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Alice leaned in close and started to whisper in my ear. “You and Jonathan were fighting. Pretty hard, too. You were protecting yourself very well, actually. He was having a lot of trouble. Bella and I were on the sidelines and I was fighting Victoria. Then James attacked. He was about to get you from behind really bad, but Jonathan…” she trailed off unsure if she should continue.

“Yes?” I encouraged, unsure if I wanted her to continue. She started to talked again.

“Remember, this will not happen. It probably had a very slim chance of happening in the first place,” she warned me. I nodded suddenly nervous. “Well,” she continued. “Before James could attacked you Jonathan…attacked him. He helped you,” Alice said quietly. I looked at her with an open mouth. “James ran away and so did Victoria, but you two were still there and then you and he-”

“Stop!” I screamed not wanting to hear more. The whole plane looked our way except for Bella who kept in staring out the window. I shuddered, trying not to throw up all over the seat. I shuddered again and shook my head. Alice chuckled.

“I told you,” she muttered. I just clutched my stomach and tried to think happy thoughts. But my mind kept coming back to Alice’s vision. I looked at my watch. We had a few hours to go. I leaned back in my seat and wished for once that I could sleep.

When the plane finally started to land, I had successfully expelled the horrible, detestable, disgusting vision out of my head.

“Bella!” Alice’s voice shook Bella out of her very deep thoughts.

“What Alice?” she asked eagerly.

“We’re landing!” Alice said excitedly. Bella looked out of the window muttering Edward, Edward, Edward over and over again. She probably didn’t realize that she was doing it. I chuckled to myself. Bella never failed to entertain me.

“What now?” she asked quickly. She looked over at me then to Alice. She was fidgeting in her seat. It was really starting to annoy me.

“Well…we have to figure out where Edward is first…” Alice said wearily. Bella started to panic. The horror slowly crept over her features.. “But we will find him!” Alice added quickly. Bella didn’t seem to calm down.

Bella took a very deep breath. “Where do we look first?” she asked after she was halfway calm.

“Well, I can check my visions…and maybe Beck can help us out?” Alice said and looking towards me.

“I can do what I can. But I can only help you to an extent…” I said. I closed my eyes, and I was off the plane. I was suddenly in the sky. I went higher and higher until I could practically see the whole of Montana. I saw him way up north. I groaned and mentally chastised him for making my job harder. But then an idea hit me.

I swooped down and then landed next to him. He jumped up really surprised.

“Who are you?” he asked confused to why I fell down next to him.

“I’m Bella’s guardian angel,” I said confidently. Edward looked at me in disbelief.

“What?” he asked even more puzzled then before.

“I’m Bella’s guardian angel. She’s miserable, so get your butt down to south Montana, okay?” I said impatiently. He looked at me like I was crazy.

“And why should I believe you?” he asked raising an eye brow. I rolled my eyes and lifted up my hand and made it glow. Before he could have a chance to speak, I shot him in the chest. He gasped and then fell to the ground stunned. I didn’t hit him hard, so he was still conscience.

“Now, if you don’t want heaven after you forever, I suggest that you get your unworthy self down to Bella,” I said a little rudely. I knew that I was being a little unfair, but that guy needed a wake up call. I smiled and then disappeared. I looked from the sky and saw that he was still sitting there. But then he got up and started to look around and then start to run down south. I smiled to myself. I made myself reappear on the plane.

“He’s not nearby unfortunately, but I have an idea where he is,” I said proudly.

“Where is he?” Bella asked very eagerly and then proceeded to jump on me.

“Calm down! Jeez! I can only say that he’s north. Almost directly,” I said. I smoothed out my dress due to Bella’s hyperness.

“We have to go now,” Alice said suddenly. She grabbed Bella‘s wrist and started to pull her along. When we were off the plane, Alice and I ran into the forest. But Alice stopped suddenly. I looked around to see why. The sun made an appearance and the forest ended in front of us. Alice couldn’t take another step without stepping into the direct rays of the sun. Then a twig snapped behind us. I turned my head around to see Jonathan, James and Victoria standing in back of us. I snarled angrily. And then I remembered Alice’s vision and looked away nervously.

“Hello, Bella. Nice day isn’t it?” Jonathan said. Alice dropped Bella and flicked her eyes towards me. She then looked at Bella, then back to me again. I got the message. I picked Bella up and got in the position to run. But Jonathan held his hand up, aiming it at Alice. It started to glow threateningly. “This is strong enough to go right through her,” Jonathan warned.

“Beck, stop!” she yelled at me. Alice was giving me a reassuring look, but I put Bella down anyway.

“Now give me the girl,” Jonathan commanded.

“I’m not an idiot,” I said in return. Alice’s eyes were reassuring me. Then I caught on to her plan. I planted my legs down and crossed my arms.

“Oh really? If your so smart, then you should have been able to avoid the situation. Give the girl to me or vampire here will have no head. I’ll count to three. One.”

“Beck!” Bella yelled frightened.


“Beck do something!”

“Three.” There was a flash of black and Bella closed her eyes. I almost laughed at her. Why would she think that I would let Alice die? Alice quickly moved out of the way and stood next to Bella in the course of half a second. Surprise was written all over Bella’s face when she opened her eyes.

“You seem to have forgotten that vampires are really, really fast,” I laughed at both Bella and Jonathan. Bella sighed in relief. Jonathan looked murderous. I chuckled a little at that. It was always fun doing that to him. But then there was a flash of red as Bella was knocked to the ground by Victoria. She had her foot on Bella’s chest dangerously.

“I thought I told you to keep your mate out of the way!” Jonathan yelled to James.

“Well, you weren’t doing anything!” James yelled back. “I want my revenge. Now!” Victoria laughed and started to press down.

Bella yelled out in pain as Victoria pressed down. Victoria laughed and was caught up in her act of killing Bella. Alice took her opportunity and rushed over and knocked Victoria away. James rushed over to help Victoria, but I was there to send a white ball of sharp objects into James’s stomach. He let out an “oomph” before clutching tumbling over. Jonathan then rushed to James’s side and fired a black stream of fire at me. I smiled to myself and dodged it easily and to my complete amusement, it hit Victoria. Victoria let out a very loud scream and dropped to the ground. She was stunned for the time being, so Alice went to help me. Alice and I were having a lot of fun actually, so I didn’t notice that Bella moved until she was standing back up against a tree. But then Alice and I saw Jonathan preparing to strike.

“Bella watch out!” Alice cried. Bella looked up confused until she saw Jonathan attacking her. Horror slowly crept up her face as realization came over her.