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The Little Things In Life

Edward finds out that he has a great-great-great-great-great-great niece. He tells Bella, who wants Edward to adopt her. Will Edward adopt her? Or will he choose not to?


4. Chocolate Ice Cream

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The Little Things In Life


Warning: I do not own anything except Holly Elizabeth Masen. Takes place after Eclipse.

Chapter Four:

Chocate Chip Ice Cream

Bella lay in bed next tome as we watched the movie Take The Lead. It was Bella's turn to pick to movie tonight, so she chose that one. It helps pass the time away when there's nothing to do, so each night we take turns picking out a movie. Bella usually picks out sweet romantic or funny movies, and I usually pick out the action or horror. It gives us a variety so that we don't get bored with the same kind of movies. Bella doesn't mind horror movies now anyway, because blood doesn't bother her.

Earlier after we finished talking to everyone about Holly, Bella and I went hunting a little ways away for a few hours. Alice insisted on coming to, but Jasper wanted her to stay home so they could spend time together. Bella was a bit disappointed though, her and Alice are what you could call joined at the hip. Alice normally always comes hunting with us, along with Jasper, and Emmett, Rosalie and our parents go together, sometimes we mix it up, but it all depends on when we have to feed.

When we got back, Alice asked us if I decided on whether I would adopt her yet. I told her no, that I was still thinking. Alice was disappointed, but reminded me that she saw me adopting her, so there was no worry. Bella seemed put out when I announced I hadn't decided yet. She really seems to want this. Maybe it's a womens instinct taking over, like wanting to be a mother or something, but I guess after being the same age for eighty years, seeing little kids with their parents, and having a husband and not being able to have kids, must be pretty hard.

I turned and looked at her laying next to me. She was watching the movie intently, her mouth slightly open, not breathing. Her face was illuminated by the screen, and looked eerie as the light flickered from light to dark. She looked like an angel caught in the dark, as the skin on her exposed arms and hands glowed faintly in the dark surrounding us. She noticed me looked at her, and turned to look me in the eyes. A smile formed on her lips, the right side of her face in shadow.

“Hey babe.” she whispered. I smiled back, lovingly stoking her beautiful face.

“Hey yourself.” I murmured. Her eyes searched mine, looking for something.

“Everyone is one the edge, you know. Waiting for your answer.” she told me. “I am too.”

“Well, we already know the outcome, so why are you so anxious?” i asked, smiling as I referred to Alice's vision. Her hand reached out and found my face, and she ever so gently brushed my hair off my forehead.

“Because we haven't heard it from you yet. We want to know how you feel, and what you want. Everyone had already told you what we want.” Her eyes were a brilliant topaz, almost matching mine exactly.

“I think we'll just have to wait and see. My answer depends on how our visit with Holly goes tomorrow.” I whispered to her, only loud enough for her to hear if any snooping vampire (cough cough Alice cough) was listening outside the door. Bella had another small smile form on her stunning lips.

“I don't think there's anything to worry about. It'll all go fine.” she replied.

“Who said I was worrying? You are worrying more than I am.” I told her.

“Me? Worry? Whatever for?” she purred.

“I'll show you.” I told her.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX

At eleven the next morning, Bella practically dragged me out to the car, saying a hurried good-bye to whoever was in the living room. She had been so excited sense this morning when I called the orphanage asking when I was allowed to come and visit. She almost broke my ear drum when she and Alice squealed next to me when I told them that we could go at Eleven. Bella insisted that Alice went, but Alice thought it would be better if she let us see Holly alone, let us get to know her easier.

She dragged me to my Tiburon and very violently threw the passenger door open, almost hitting her head as she flung herself in.

“Care Bells, jeez, we don't want you to get a concussion (is that possible?) before we even get out of the driveway.” i chuckled.

“Haha Edward, your hilarious, but can you please hurry?” she asked, before slamming her door shut in my face. I rolled my eyes good naturedly before hurrying to my side of the car. I slid in more gracefully than she had, and closed the door softly, unlike she had. Bella had already put the keys in the ignition before I got in and turned it on, so it was ready for me to just back out of the driveway. “I'm so excited to meet her, tell me again what she's like.” Bella demanded.

“Well, she's tiny. She has long auburn hair, kind of wavy almost. Her eyes are bright green, like an emerald. Near her pupils there's a small brown trim, barely visible when you are more than a few feet from her. She brighter than most six year olds. When she smiles, it makes you feel like nothing else in the world is important, and her voice, it's so sweet and high. She sounds like an angel.”


Edward was really getting into describing Holly. I could tell he was remembering everything he could about her that he saw and heard yesterday. It made me glad that he was getting into it. I knew that deep down, he would come around.


The Orphanage was like what you would expect one to look like. A big red brick building with nice stone steps that lead up the the door. It was several stories high, and had a big brown wooden fence protruding from the side, and curving around to the back. Over the door it had Seattle Orphanage in a brass plate. I felt Bella put her hand in mine and pull me up the steps. I grinned at her eagerness.

The inside was plain. There was a great stair case in the middle of the room, and large pillars spaced evenly though out it. To the right of the door, was an office, and to the left, a closed door. I turned to the office, bringing Bella with me. The office was furnished with oak, and green fabric. It was empty, except for a women sitting behind a desk reading a book. Her large glasses were halfway down her narrow nose, and her gray hair was in small curls, stopping at the top of her neck.

“Excuse me, miss?” I asked politely, standing in front of the desk. She looked up and nearly dropped her book. She hastily pushed her glasses up her nose and peered up at me, her eyes magnified to look like large walnuts.

“Yes sir, how may I help you?” her voice was scratchy.

“I am here to see Holly Masen.” I told her.

“Oh yes, I spoke to you on the phone earlier. I will call for her.” she picked up the phone and dialed a short number. “Yes, can you have them send down Holly Masen. There's a young man here to see her.” she told the person on the other end. “Okay thank you.” She hung up and looked at us. “She'll be right down. Feel free to sit and make yourself at home. You can hang your coats up over there if you like.” I Nodded.

“Thank you ma'am.” I helped Bella out of her coat, and hung it on the coat rack, then did the same with mine. The lady at the desk went back to reading her book, hunched over in her chair. I sat down on one of the chairs, pulling Bella down into the one next to me.

“I'm so excited.” she told me. I didn't reply, but I did smile. We sat there, each doing our own impatient dance. Bella tapped her feet on the floor at a speed I was sure would make the women at the desk curious about, but the only thing she noticed was the book in front of her, and I twirled my thumbs around and around each other, until they were almost invisible.

Soon I heard foot steps on the stairs, and a familiar voice.

“Don't forget to use your manners, and don't start talking nonsense, I'm sure the gentle man here to see you won't particularly like it if you ask him what color underwear he is wearing, and if he likes the color you are wearing.” I tried to suppress a laugh, and Bella did the same next to me. A few seconds later, Mrs. Foster came in guiding Holly. Her eyes were shocked, frozen like that when she saw it was me. I was guessing Mrs. Foster didn't expect to see me here, then again, I don't blame her. Holly was the first to move. Her mouth dropped wide open and she jumped up and down with her arms flapping beside her. After a few seconds of jumping she lunged forward to me.

“You came!” she squealed. She stopped not even a foot in front of me with a broad smile and shinning eyes.

“Holly.” Mrs. Foster warned. I looked up at her before she could continue.

“Thank you Mrs. Foster. Bella and I can take it from here.” I told her politely. She looked stunned, before muttering.

“Yes, your welcome.” and leaving the room. I looked down at Holly and smiled. I couldn't believe I was so resistible to wanting to adopt her. She was adorable, everything about her made me want to smile.

“I knew you'd come.” she told me hopping up and down. “I had a feeling.” I heard Bella give a small chuckle. Holly looked over at her, seeing her for the first time. She stopped hopping and gave her a questioning wife.

“Holly, this is Bella, she's my wife.” I told her. Holly looked at me with her mouth open.

“You have a wife?” she asked. I nodded. “Does that mean that you are like a mommy and a daddy?”

“Well, sort of. We don't have any kids.” Bella told her, clearly memorized by the little girl.

“Neither do I.” Holly told her.

“Well that's a very good thing.” I told her. “Your too young.” It came out before I could stop it.

“Why?” she asked, tilting her head to one side. Oh dear. What was I suppose to say, and how did we get into this discussion. I looked helplessly at Bella who raised her eyebrows in amusement.

“Um, I don't know, but hey, we should do something fun.” I told her, changing the subject quickly and taking her hands in mine, looking directly into her eyes.

“Okay!” she agreed happily. “D'ya wanna play candy land? I beated everyone at it during play time yesterday.” she announced proudly.

“You did?” I gasped, looking over at Bella. “Do you believe that Bella? She beated everyone!”

“I know! I guess we'll just have to see if she can beat us too.” she challenged. Holly smiled wider.

“Come on! It's in the closet!” she took Bella's hand, trying to pull us out of the office. I let her pull me, and Bella followed suit. She pulled us into a room behind the stair case. It was a large room with toys and small slides. She let go of our hands and ran over to the closet, pulling out the game. She sat down on the floor. “Come on!” she motioned for us to go over to her.

I went over and sat cross legged next to her with Bella to my right. Holly threw the top of the box off and immediately began setting it up.

“I wanna be the green!” she told us, taking out the little green person.

“Is that your favorite color?” Bella asked, taking out two more for us. Holly nodded.

“Green and brown.” she told us.

“Really? You have two favorite colors?” I asked, placing my little person on the board.

“Yup. You wanna know why?” she asked excitedly.


“Cause it's the color of tree's, my eyes, my old room, and mint chocate chip ice cream.” she told us like they were all very important.

“Really? Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream? Is that your favorite ice cream?” I asked her as she picked up the first card.

“Yeah! I useded to eat it with my daddy. We'd go out and get it. But I don't getta eat it anymore cause they don't give us ice cream 'cept on birthdays, and only when it's yours.” she told us, moving forward with her green person. “Do you like ice cream?” she asked.

“well, we don't really eat ice cream.” Bella told her.

“You don't eat ice cream?!” her voice was high and her eyes widened, making her eyes brows disappear under her bangs. The look was priceless! I wanted to take a picture of it so I could keep it forever. “What's wrong with you?” she asked. “Everyone eats ice cream!” she turned her gaze from Bella to me. “Why don't you eat Ice cream?!” she asked.

“Well, it's a long story. We'll tell you some other time.” I promised. Her eyebrows came back down and pulled together.

“You mean you'll come visit me again?” I looked at Bella, silently asking her if we should tell her our plans. She nodded ever so slightly.

“Well, Holly, This may seem sudden, but Bella and I were actually thinking of adopting you. Would you like that?” I asked her. Her face was emotionless for a few seconds. Oh no, did we go into this too soon. I knew we should have gotten to know her better.

“Would that mean I'd live with you?” she asked. Bella nodded before I could respond.

“Yes. You would live with us, Dr. Cullen, and our mother Esme, along with our siblings.” she told her.

“Really?” her voice was hopeful and her eyes widened even more.

“Yes. If that's what you want.” I assured her.

“I do! I wanna live with you!” she told me, looking directly into my eyes. “Will I get my own room? Can I eat chocate Ice cream? Could we get a puppy? Will I getta stay up late and watch movies wit you?”

“Sure, why not.” Bella laughed. Holly squealed and stood up, running over to me and throwing her tiny arms around my neck. She squeezed me tight, before moving over to Bella and doing the same. Bella hugged her back, having a look of joy on her face. She looked proudly at me as if saying 'she likes me'.

“Can we go right now?” she asked. I shook my head.

“We have to sign the adoption papers first, and I'm sure Alice would want to get your room ready first.” I told her. Her smile faded and a slight pout came to her lips.

“But I wanna go now.” she said quietly.

“I know you do sweety, but we will be back tomorrow, I promise.” Bella told her, giving her a small pat on the arm.

“Promise?” she asked.

“I promise.” she told her. Holly turned to me.

“Pinky promise?” she stuck her pink out for me, and I stuck mine out, being careful not to break her frail one in my strong one.

She sat back down and we continued our game, asking her questions like what her favorite food was, and what her favorite animal was or what kind of clothes she liked to wear. She would occasionally say things that made me and Bella laugh. Her vocabulary was quiet big for a girl her age.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX

Around three, Holly was getting tired, and started yawning, so Bella and I told her that we would be back tomorrow to pick her up hopefully around five. She was reluctant to see us go, but I knew that as a young child, she had to sleep, and if we didn't leave soon, she was bound to fall asleep in the middle of a game of candy land . . . that we played for three and a half hours straight.

“She was so adorable.” Bella told me as we climbed into my car. “I can't believe you didn't want to adopt her.”

“Yeah, neither can I.” I answered. I started the car and pulled away from the orphanage. “You know, were going to have to buy clothes for her, along with food, furniture, and sooner or later, let her know we are vampires.” Bella sighed.

“I know. The shopping part will be easy, we have Alice. She could get the clothes and furniture shopping done in two hours if she had to. Plus, I'm sure she'll love Alice and Emmett. The only thing I'm worried about is how Rosalie will treat her.”

“I don't think Rosalie will treat her badly. She may take a while to warm up to her, but she won't be bad to her or anything.” I assured her as I sped down the highway. We stayed quiet for a while, enjoying the quiet. Holly talked constantly. If she wasn't answering on of our questions, she was asking us one.

“You know Edward, I'm really glad you found her. It feels like our life will be complete you know, we had all the little things, and now we have one of the more important things.” I looked over at Bella. She had a warm smile on her face that I've only seen on Esme before. “I honestly think this will be a new beginning for all of us. It's been nice just having us, but now we can have a child. You can be a father, and I can be a mother.” I looked back at the road.

“Have wanted to be a mother long?” I asked. I could see her shrug out of the corner of my eye.

“Well, I guess you could say that. I've just been thinking about it, not really wanting. But now that we have the chance, I'm really excited to take it.” I turned to look at her. She had a shine in her eyes, as she smiled back at me.

“Yeah, me too.” I told her.

sooo? I know the scene with Holly was kinda short, but you'll see more of her in the next chap. Even a little shopping scene with Alice!! Yay! Review! Review! I have a good amount of hits, but the reviews could be up!!! I just ask for one small thing, in exchange for me taking my time to do this.

I have an answer to the question from someone named, me-haveproblematicissues.

In the later years of her life, you'll see what the vampire thing has to do with her. I'll put up a preview of it so you guys can read if you choose to, let you know where it's going.

Oh, sorry if him telling her about wanting to adopt her came out suddenly and to fast.

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