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The Little Things In Life

Edward finds out that he has a great-great-great-great-great-great niece. He tells Bella, who wants Edward to adopt her. Will Edward adopt her? Or will he choose not to?


5. Getting Ready

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Chapter Five:

Getting Ready

Amazingly, Alice and I managed to buy all of the furniture and clothes for Holly in less than five hours. We started planning Holly's room right away when we got home, both ecstatic to decorate it for the little girl. I told Alice that we should plan it around her favorite things, so we decided the colors would be green and brown. We chose a nice light green color, almost pale green, along with a soft brown. We used our laptops and looked on all the different furniture store sights. We had Rosalie help us find the paints and go buy them. Even thought she wasn't very happy about the adopting yet, she was still glad to help out and redecorate my room.

Edward called the Orphanage right when we got back, telling them we would like to adopt Holly. He told me that they would get the papers ready and that we would go sign them at three. Everyone seemed like they wanted to help. Jasper and Emmett went out to buy her a swing set. Edward insisted that they didn't need to, but Emmett really wanted to, I wonder if he wants it for her, or for himself. Jasper only went along with him because he had nothing better to do, and staying home with all us girls in the house redecorating wasn't going to help him any.

Carlisle was at the hospital working, so he couldn't help. Esme asked me this morning if she could be in charge of feeding Holly, preparing and buying food for her. We had no problem obliging to that. We knew Esme wanted to have a special job, and cooking was an easy thing to let go of.

Edward was now helping us more Holly's furniture into her room. It was harder than we thought it would be. We thought that it wouldn't really matter where anything went at first, but then we realized it had to be just right. Of course, she had my room, which was pretty big, and she didn't have much, which gave us a lot of room to move things around and have too much space. My closet was also big, a walk in closet, just like Alice's and Rosalie's. We decided to keep my clothes there, because Edward's closet was full of his clothes and other little things. Her bathroom was small, not as big as Alice's. It had a nice sized bath with two jets on each side, and a one person shower stall. The toilet was in the same room, as opposed to being in a separate room like Edward's, but then again, we didn't use our toilets so it didn't really matter. The sink was three counter tops worth of space, with a sink in the middle and a full length mirror. The walls were painted a light green, and we got new brown fuzzy carpets, and seat cover Alice insisted on buying.

“I really think the bed should go over to there by the bathroom door, except facing out towards the room.” Edward said. I looked over at the wall near the bathroom door.

“No, i disagree, it would look a little to awkward sticking out like that. I think it should go over by the window.” Alice told us. I looked at where she was pointing to.

“Uh-uh!” I objected. “It should go over by that window. It'll look much better, and we can put her nightstands on either side then.” I reasoned.

It went on like that forever. We would agree, than disagree, than rethink it and move everything all over again. Eventually we got it just right.

We placed her twin bed by the right wall, with the night stands on either side of it like I originally wanted. The comforter was a pale green, along with the head board. The pillow case was a soft brown, and Rosalie had written Holly's name in block letters on the head board in the same color. Her wall was painted a creamy white, and we got a new carpet to match it. The curtains for the windows were also soft brown, unlike the rest of the furniture which matched the comforter and head board. We placed her toy box at the end of the bed, so it would be out of the way when she wanted to play with the toys. Rosalie also painted little flowers on that too, along with on her nightstands and dresser. She bought stencils when she was out buying the paint, and we couldn't refuse to let her paint it, it was such a cute idea. Alice put a small kiddie table against the wall in between both windows, with a small stack of books on them for her to look at. The only other thing we put in there was a shag rug that was brown.

“Wow, that took much longer than I expected.” Alice said, sighing as she sat down on one of the tiny chairs. I nodded, sitting down in the other chair. We finally had everything in place, and it was two o'clock. “An to think we started this all last night.” Alice went on. Rosalie nodded as she sat down on the short dresser.

“Well, to be honest, I thought we would have more planning and arranging to do.” Edward said from where he sat on the bed. I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Really?” I asked, “Like, what other planning or arranging?” Edward shrugged.

“Well, I didn't think the family would be as willing to help, so I thought we would have to do most of the work.”

“Oh, and speaking of helping out, I wonder how Emmett and Jasper are doing with the swing set.” Rosalie wondered.

“Oh yeah! I forgot they were building that. Maybe we should go see if they need any help.” Alice suggested. I looked at Edward who shrugged.

“Sure why not?” he answered. We jumped up and ran down stairs. Edward almost collided with Esme who was carrying an arm load of grocery bags. “Would you like help with that Esme?” Edward asked once he realized what she was carrying. Esme smiled warmly at him. Curse Edward for showing us up.

“Why thank you Edward, I would.” she allowed Edward to grab a few of the bags without letting them fall to the ground.

“You guys can go ahead, I'll be out in a second.” Edward told us as he followed Esme into the kitchen.

“Kay,” I said, grabbing Alice and Rosalie's arm pulling them out of the house. The day was warm, but not sunny. The clouds were fluffy and gray, as usual. We could hear Emmett and Jasper talking out back before we reached them.

“No, I think that she should call you Uncle Teddy, as in my fluffy wuffy teddy,” Jasper said in a voice that sounded like Rosalie's. I instantly knew what they were talking about, and what Jasper meant. I couldn't help but stifle a giggle at Rosalie's indignant face.

“Excuse me Jasper, but I don't think what I call my husband is any of your business!” she snapped, causing both the boys to jump in surprise (if they do that). Jasper looked wide eyed at her for a moment before smiling.

“On the contrary, I think it is. Especially when you moan it for the whole house to hear.” Rosalie shook with anger.

“Well maybe some people shouldn't listen so hard to other peoples personal lives!”

“yeah, well-”

“Okay,” I interjected. “I thought I was going to look after one kid, not three.” Jasper turned to look at me.

“But you know it's true Bella.” he chuckled. I tried to look stern and not laugh for Rosalie's sake.

“Well just because it's true doesn't mean its right.” Alice said, “You should be ashamed Jazz, don't you remember what I call you?” Alice got a wicked smile on her face and Jasper's eyes went wide.

“I don't know what your talking about?” he said airily.

“Well maybe I should remind you? Right here, right now?.”

“Alice, I'm warning you. If you tell them what you call me, I'll-”

“Oh save it Jazz, I'm not really going to tell them.” she giggled. Before anyone knew what happened, there was a snarl, then a flash as Jasper lunged at Alice. They were air born instantly. Alice in Jasper's arms as they flew to the ground. They landed with a loud thud! But they didn't stay there long. Alice had started to fight back and they were rolling around on the ground, snarling and hissing at each other.

“What's going on?” Edward asked as he appeared next to me.

“Uh, I don't really know.” I hadn't taken my eyes off the dueling pair. Alice had gotten Jasper on his back and was holding his hands above his head. She leaned down and gently bit his neck.

“I think you lost, dear husband.” she whispered. Even though Alice was small, she was fast. Almost as fast as Edward. Jasper smiled, leaning his face up and gently kissing her.

“I'd have to agree.” I interjected. “But, we came to see if you needed any help on the swing set, and it looks like your almost done, so?” I asked, leaving the end open.

“Yeah, were almost done, just gotta put the swings on the hooks.” Emmett told us. “we placed the wood in the ground so it won't tip over.”

“Smart thinking teddy.” Rosalie cooed. Jasper made a face and rolled his eyes.

“And you say it's not our business what you call him, but here you are, saying it right in front of us.” her mumbled.

“Just get over it Jasper. Your jealous that my wife actually loves me.” Emmett teased.

“I love Jasper! But our love isn't always about being intimate.” Alice said, waving it off like it was nothing. She walked over to the swing set, running her hand along the wood. “Nice wood, smooth, strong. Good pick guys.” she praised.

“Thanks. I knew I could do it.” Emmett said, smiling.

“Yes Emmett, it was all you.” Jasper said in a monotone. “You rock.” I rolled my eyes.

“Seriously guys.” I scolded. “we'll be getting a little girl tonight, you wouldn't want her to show you up with her matureness.”

“Matureness?” Edward asked.

“Yes, so far, she seems more mature then these two over here.”

“Oh come on Bells, where's your sense of humor?” Emmett asked.

“It ran away when I started living with you two.” I replied.

“Well! I've never been so insulted in my life!” Emmett snapped, sticking his nose in the air and stomping away, although I could have sworn I saw a small smirk take over his face before he could stop it. I chuckled without meaning to then turned to Edward.

“How much longer till we have to leave?” I asked. He looked down at his watch.

“about another forty five minutes.” he told me. I groaned. That was going to be a long time.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX


Bella almost jumped out of her skin when it was time to go. She'd been chomping at the bit ever since we finished the room, and was getting on everyones nerves. She ran into the garage and brought out a booster seat. Apparently, it was the law that children under seven, or a certain weight, had to sit in a booster seat. Bella had gotten her the kind that looks like a car seat, but are big enough for some one fifty pounds and under. That would last a while for Holly, she couldn't be more than thirty or thirty five, maybe not even.

“Why'd you get that one?” I asked. “Why not the regular one?”

“Because, her body's not used to being in a car that goes as fast as we do, and if we stop short, she might slice her body in half with a seat belt that only goes around her waist. Besides, it's more safe.” she told me as she buckled it in place behind the passenger side. I started the car, waiting for her to get in. She flipped the seat back and sat down. “Ready?” she asked excitedly. I nodded.

“I guess.” Bella cocked her head to the side.

“You guess? Aren't you excited?” she asked as I pulled out of the driveway.

“Yeah, but what if when we tell her what we are, she wont want to live with us, and what if she doesn't like the rest of the family?” I asked.

“Well, I guess I didn't think of that.” she said. “But she loved you right away, so why wouldn't she like the rest of the family?”

“She said I reminded her of her dad, that may be the only reason she likes me, so that she can feel close to him again.” I reasoned.

“no, I'm sure she also likes you for you. Besides, if it bothers you that much, we can tell her tomorrow. We'll bring her to the meadow, pack a lunch for her, then tell her there.” she suggested. That sounded okay, but what if she didn't like us, what would we tell the people at the orphanage when she wanted to go back. “I'm sure she won't mind. Anyway, she's too young to know that we are dangerous.”

“We aren't dangerous.” I told her.

“I mean that we're suppose to be dangerous. Of course we aren't.” she said exasperated. “really Edward, you need to stop thinking so much. Everything will be fine. Alice said so, and you won't catch me betting against Alice, after all, if I did, I wouldn't be here.”

“Yeah,” i agreed. I Could feel her place her hand over mine on my leg.

“I promise Edward, it'll work out perfectly.” And you know what, I believed her. Everything would be fine.