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The Little Things In Life

Edward finds out that he has a great-great-great-great-great-great niece. He tells Bella, who wants Edward to adopt her. Will Edward adopt her? Or will he choose not to?


8. Bonding

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Chapter Eight:


Holly ended up not finding Rosalie. She gave me another pouty face, wanting only 'two more seconds'. I wanted to say yes, because it made her so happy last time. But I did tell her only two more minutes, so I said,

“Sorry Holly, I let you have two extra minutes, so now it's time to eat, okay? Maybe if Rosalie is still hiding after you finish eating, you can find her.”

“Promise?” she asked.

“I promise, now lets go get some food in you.” She took my hand in hers and skipped down the hall. She didn't seemed bother at all that I wouldn't give her 'two more seconds'. It was easy to keep up with her because her legs were so tiny and each step was about half of mine. Bella and everyone else had gone back down stairs and were talking about the next hunting trip. Holly was completely oblivious to what they were saying as she skipped through the living room and into the kitchen. Rosalie was a good hider, and she was still hiding. Maybe she would stay there long enough for Holly to finish eating.

“About time.” Esme said, smiling warmly when we entered the kitchen. “I was beginning to think you would skip out.”

“Well, I wanted to find Roselie, but I couldn't, so Edward said that I had to eat, and then if she still was hiding, I could goes and find her.” Esme put a small bowl of pasta and meatballs in front of her. “Mmm!” Holly said when she saw it. “I like basghetti.”

“Uh, spaghetti?” I asked, confused.

“yeah, basghetti.” I turned to go out into the living room, but Holly stopped me. “Wait! Don't leave me alone!” I turned to look at her. She had he fork held above her plate with pasta hanging off it. I walked back over and sat across from her. She smiled and lifted to fork to her mouth. Most of the pasta missed and fell back onto the plate, and some fell into her lap. “why isn't anyone else eating?” she asked.

“Um, because we aren't hungry.” she tilted her head to the side.

“Then why do I have to eat if I'm not hungry?” she asked.

“Because you are a growing girl, and if you don't eat, you wont grow.” I told her.

“does that mean I'll be short?” she asked.

“No, that just means that your body will have a hard time helping you grow, like your brain, and-” i stopped. She had her eyebrows furrowed together and had the look of utmost confusion on her face. “Just eat, it's good for you.” I told her, trying not to laugh. She shrugged and stuffed another mouthful of pasta in.

She didn't talk much while she was eating. I watched her eat. Most of the pasta sauce, ended up on her face, and shirt. I don't think Esme should make that again for a while. She was about to get down from the chair when I stopped her.

“Whoa, where do you think you're going little lady?” I asked her.

“I'm done! See!” she held her plate up to show me, and got sauce on her hands in the process. I wanted to laugh. Most of the food ended up on her, rather than in her stomach.

“Good for you. But, I think more of your food is on you than in you.” I told her. She looked down at her shirt and smiled.

“Oops.” I chuckled, stood up, placed her plate back on the table, then turned to her. I picked her up and held her out far enough so she wouldn't get any sauce on me, and set her on the counter. I grabbed a hand towel off the towel rack, and wet it in the sink. When I turned back around and she saw it her eyes went wide. I stood in front of her with her legs on either side of me so she couldn't escape. When I brought the rag up to her face, she turned it away. “No don't!' she squealed. I took the rag away and looked at her. She peered at me through one open eye, and seeing that I took away the offending rag, turned to look at me. “Don't” she said again.

“Why? You have sauce all over you face.”

“But you'll be mean. It'll hurt.” she told me.

“No, I'll be gentle.” Of course. Little kids hated it when you wiped there faces. Especially because the parents were so rough. I saw so many kids screeching at the mall when parents tried to do that. Always the same thing. The mom has to practically hold the kid down while he screams with displeasure. Therefore, developing an irrational fear of—rags.

“Promise?” she asked. “Cause the people at the orphanage always do it fast and hard. It makes my face hurt.” she told me with a little pout.

“I promise.” I slowly raised the rag up to her face, and gently wiped away the sauce. She watched me carefully as I did it. When I finished with her face, I took one of her hands and wiped that off, then did the other. “There, squeaky clean” I told her, placing the rag bag on the rack. I put my hands on either side of her. “That wasn't so bad was it?” I asked, my face a few inches from hers. She shook her head.

“No. I like how you do it. It doesn't hurt.” she told me.

“Well, its good to know I'm good at wiping faces.” i said smiling. She smiled to, showing me all her teeth. I just looked at her. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck then said,

“My daddy was right. I did find a nice family.” If I had a heart, it surely would have stopped beating and melt. Right then I vowed to do anything in my power to keep this little girl safe and to give her the best life possible. I wrapped my arms around her tiny little frame, holding her close to me. My only blood family left, was now my daughter. I lifted her from the table and carried her out into the living room.

Esme was sitting with Carlisle on the love seat, and Rosalie was sitting on Emmett's lap in the arm chair. I guess Holly wouldn't get to look for her. Alice and Jasper occupied the other arm chair. Bella sat on the couch, with two open spots for me and Holly. I set Holly down in the middle, before sitting down myself. Everyone looked at us for a few seconds, before Esme said.

“So, what shall we do now?” I shrugged, wondering why they were asking me this.

“can we watch a movie?” Holly asked excitedly. I looked around at everyone, checking their reaction.

“Sure.” Carlisle said. “What movie would you like to watch?”

“Um.” she paused with her mouth open as she thought. “Ooh! Can we watch Ice Age?” she asked.

“Sure.” Carlisle said. He went to movies on demand, and scrolled through until he found Ice Age. Holly gathered her blanket into a small bundle and held it close, her eyes shinning with excitement. Alice got up and turned off the lights so the room was dark except the light from the TV. I looked over at Bella, who was looking at me. Normally we would be cuddling while we watch a movie, but Holly was in between us. I pulled her onto my lap the motioned for Bella to scoot over. Bella obliged and scooted close, leaning against me. I put my arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer, as Holly leaned back against my chest. The two most important people in my life right next to me.

Emmett was the only one beside Holly who laughed the most at this movie. Carlisle would occasionally laugh, and Esme would Ooh and Ah. Jasper would just chuckle quietly. Alice, Bella and I were the only ones who laughed normally at normal places. When Holly laughed, I could feel her tiny frame shake. She was so small.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX

When the movie was over Holly was sound asleep. Her breathing was quiet and steady. I looked at Esme, not sure what I should do. I didn't want to move her in case she would wake up.

“Bring her up to her room and get her into her pajamas.” She told me. “It'll be much more comfortable for her.” I nodded, maneuvering so that I could lift her in my arms without waking her. She sighed and clung to her blanket, still in a deep slumber. Bella followed me as I brought her up stairs. I managed to catch a glimpse of my watch. It was ten o'clock.

Bella opened her door for me, and I walked into the dark room. I placed her on the bed, the pulled down the covers, without stirring her. Bella came over with a pair of purple feety pajamas. She offered the pajamas to me, but I shook my head holding my hands up, as I backed away from the bed. She gave me a 'oh come on'. Look, but I shook my head again.

“Fine.” she whispered. She sat down on the edge of the bed and began pulling off Holly's clothes. I averted my eyes, feeling a bit awkward. “Oh seriously Edward. She is our daughter now. You don't need to be so immature. What are you going to do when you might have to change her or something and no one is around?” she asked, slightly amused.

“That's different. And besides, I don't think I'm ready for that duty just yet.” I told her, only loud enough for her to hear. She didn't answer, instead, she pulled the covers up over Holly, and tucked them in on the side. She swept the misplaced hair out of her face with such care and passion, that it looked like she had been doing this for years.

“Sleep well, Angel.” she whispered, barely audible for even me to hear, before leaning down and kissing her forehead, gently. Bella stood up and walked over to me, placing Holly's dirty clothes on the small table. Her arms wrapped around my waist, and she rested her head on my chest. “It's nice to have a daughter Edward.” she told me. We just stayed like this for a while, before Bella let go. “Now it's your turn to say good night. I'm going to go back down stairs okay?” I knew she was leaving on purpose, to give me alone time. She turned and shot out the door. I didn't move for a moment. I just watched her, listening to the sound of her heart as it beat steadily, her chest rising and falling ever so gently as she breathed in and out.

Finally, I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge as Bella had done. Holly had a look of peace on her face, and her head was tilted to the side. I placed my hand over hers, and traced little circles with my thumb. Bella was right, it felt great to have a daughter. Someone to look after, love, and protect. Not that I didn't feel that way about Bella, but being able to do that for a little girl, that was a whole other thing. Holly stirred, and her eye lids rose open. I froze, praying that I hadn't woken her up. She blinked blearily at me a few times, before her lids drooped back down and closed. I let out a breath. Before I could stay to see if she would wake up again, I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, before standing up and leaving the room. I closed the door behind me and made sure the light was off.

To my surprise, I found Bella waiting beside the door. She had a large smile on her face, and I knew right away she had never actually gone down stairs, but had been watching me. She placed her arms around my waist and looked up, smiling at me. I looked back down into her eyes.

“Did you find that entertaining, Mrs. Cullen?” I asked softly, placing my lips at her hair. She chuckled lightly.

“should it have been, Mr. Cullen?” she countered. I shrugged, tracing my finger up her spine.

“I can think of other things that would be more entertaining at the moment.” I whispered. Bella pulled away and looked into my eyes, smiling mischievously.

“To our room?” she asked. I nodded,

“Race you.” and we were off, a mere flash as we ran to our room.