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The Little Things In Life

Edward finds out that he has a great-great-great-great-great-great niece. He tells Bella, who wants Edward to adopt her. Will Edward adopt her? Or will he choose not to?


9. Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine:

Fuzzy Cadipillar

I checked on Holly every so often during the night, standing outside her door and listening to her heart beat, slow and rhythmically like it was when I left her. It wasn't until around eight in the morning when I was sitting in the living room discussing the days plans with Bella, when I heard muffled movement up stairs. Bella seemed to have heard it too, because her eyes glanced up at the ceiling, before back to me. Esme jumped up from where she was sitting, reading a book on cooking.

“Time to get breakfast ready!” she sang, disappearing into the kitchen. Bella smiled, shaking her head at Esme enthusiasm.

“I remember cooking for Charlie, that's probably the most vivid memory I have of being human.” she chuckled. “I had to cook every night, I remember that it didn't bother me most of the time, but it was just pathetic how he couldn't even make pasta.”

“Cooking isn't for everyone.” I told her nonchalantly.

“Yeah, it didn't seem to be your thing either. Did you see how most of the things you made came out?” Emmett asked. “They hardly looked at all appetizing.” Bella glared at him, before he cringed in pain.

“Ow, okay, I give!!” Emmett said, twitching on the couch. Bella smiled satisfied. “Jeez Bell, I thought you said you wouldn't use your power on us anymore?”

“Well, I made an exception. Besides, I didn't hurt you too bad. That was the equivalent of a human breaking his arm, so I think you overreacted.” she said, waving it off.

“It still hurt . . . a little.” he insisted, before adding “Okay I did overreact, it just surprised me.” he admitted. Bella smiled. Just then the sound of slow foot steps could be heard on the stairs. I focused my gaze on the top of the stairs, and after a few moments, Holly trudged around the corner. Her eyes were blinking sleepily, and they were glazed over from sleep. She had her white blanket trailing behind her, a corner of it clutched in her left hand. When she walked down the stairs, she walked slowly,each foot landing on the same step before moving down more. Her right hand was clutching the railing, keeping her from falling forward as she swayed with drowsiness.

When she reached the bottom, she paused and looked around the room, her eyes not quite focused.

“Hey sleeping beauty!” Emmett said, laughing when she just blinked at him.

“How was sleeping in your new room?” Alice asked her gently. Holly stuck her right fist out, giving Alice a thumbs up. “It was good?” Alice confirmed, smiling when the little girl nodded in response. Holly came over to where I was sitting. She placed her blanket on my lap, before grabbing my hand that was resting by my side, and heaving herself up onto my lap. She gathered her blanket and hugged it close, sitting with her side to me, leaning against me.

I smiled at the unexpected gesture, pausing before wrapping my arms around her.

“Good morning.” I murmured into her ear quietly. She yawned and mumbled something that sounded like,

“whens the picnic?” I felt my lips unconsciously pull up into a smile.

“We'll go later, once you have breakfast and get cleaned up.” I told her.

“You're going on a picnic today?” Rosalie asked her, although she already knew. Holly nodded, bringing a small hand up to her eyes and rubbing some of the sleep out of them. “Where are you going?” she asked. Holly shrugged.

“I dun remember.” she told her. She turned her face to look at me. “Where are we going?” she asked me.

“We're going to a meadow, not to far from here.” Holly turned her attention back to Rosalie.

“Were goin' to a meadow.” she told Rosalie. “Are you gonna come?” Rosalie shook her head.

“No, I'm going to pick up my new car today. It's a purple Lamborghini.”

“Cool.” Holly said, even though she had no idea what a Lamborghini looked like. “Is it like Edwards car? Edward's car is cool too.”

“Well not really. I think it looks cooler. It's much—slimmer than Edward's car, and the doors rise upwards, instead of out, plus, it's purple.” She said that as if it was the reason why her car was 'cooler' than mine.

“Well, my car is a dark sky blue, and it's a Jaguar XK, which goes a womping one seventy, thanks to yours truly.” she added, throwing Rosalie a smile.

“I still don't think it is better than my Lamborghini. Lamborghini's are the hottest cars right now, and admit it Alice, you're jealous my car goes faster than yours.” Rosalie challenged. Alice scoffed, looking at Jasper wide eyed, as if wondering how Rosalie dared accuse her of being jealous.

“Yeah, a whole three miles faster.” she said.

“It's still faster.” Rosalie taunted, a wide playful smile on her flawless face. Alice opened her mouth to say something, but then she got this goofy smile on her face and a dreamy look in her eyes. I saw her turn her dreamy gaze to Jasper. Rosalie chuckled when she realized what had happened.

“You're next.” Jasper told her, smiling slyly. Rosalie's smile turned into a grimace.

“Thanks, but I think I'll pass.” she said.

“Jasper.” Alice said in a dreamy like voice. “You have no idea what I dream of doing to you right now.” Her expression changed abruptly, back to normal and she glared at Jasper. “I could have won that argument.” she accused. Jasper shrugged.

“Yes, but I'm sure Holly doesn't really want to listen to you two fight.” he told her, before turning his head off to the side and muttering, “I know I don't want to.”

“Edward.” Esme's voice sounded from the kitchen. “Holly's breakfast is ready.”

“Okay Esme, I'm coming.” I moved to get up, but Bella placed her hand on my shoulder.

“I'll bring her. You sat with her last night.” She stood up and offered her hand to Holly, who in return, held out both her arms. Bella looked at her confused for a moment, before muttering 'oh!' and picking Holly up and hoisting her on her hip.


I was surprised when Holly held out both her arms to me. At first I didn't realize what she wanted, but then it dawned on me that she wanted me to pick her up. I put my hands under her arms and lifted her up, resting her on my hip. She left her blanket on Edward, and used her now free hand to grab onto a fistful of my shirt.

Esme was cutting up a small plate of pancakes when we walked in. She looked up and smiled at Holly, in her motherly way.

“Good morning dear,” she said in a soft voice.

“morning.” Holly almost whispered back.

“Do you like pancakes, Holly?” Esme asked. Holly nodded.

“Uh-huh. They maked them at the orphanage.” she told her. Esme brought the plate over to the table and set it down, I followed, placing Holly on her chair. She immediately grabbed the fork and speared a piece of pancake, popping it into her mouth. I took the seat next to her, and Esme stood a little ways off.

“Bella, do you want me to pack Holly's lunch for her?” she asked me after a few minutes of watching the little girl eat.

“Uh, sure, if you don't mind.” I answered. Esme smiled and made a motion with her hand as if she was waving off my comment.

“Of course I don't mind. You have no idea how it feels to be needed for something.” she assured me.

“You're needed! Just not for cooking, but we still need you.” I told her. Esme smiled warmly at me, her eyes twinkling.

“I know you need me for other things, but it feels good all the same.” she clarified. “I'll start it now.” I watched her turn to the fridge and pull out lunch meat and bread.

“When are we going?” Holly asked me, her voice stronger now.

“I think Edward said after you eat and once we get you cleaned up. Alice wants to pick out your outfit today, and I want to get you in the bath. I don't think you had one yesterday.” Holly shook her head.

“The six and seven year olds were allowed to take baths on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday.” she told me.

“Well, than I think it's definitely time for you to take a bath.” I told her.

“do you have any bath toys?” she asked me. “cause we had some toys, but not many cause we weren't allowed to be in more than eight minutes.”

“Well, I don't think we have any right now, but we can certainly go buy some.” I answered. She smiled and stuck another piece of pancake in her mouth. The syrup often drizzled down into her lap. We were going to have to get her a lap napkin for later meals. Apparently, she still doesn't know that most of her food should end up in her stomach, instead of her lap (lol).

“Okay, Bella. Her lunch is in the brown paper bag, and I packed two juice boxes, and a cookie for when she's done eating. I'll go get a quilt for you.” she told me, placing a small fabric cooler in front of me on the table.

“Okay, but you really don't have to, Edward can get it.” I told her. She just smiled and left the room, no doubt to go and get the quilt.

“I'm going to go start your bath okay?” I told Holly getting up. “I'll send Edward in.” She nodded, chewing a mouthful of pancakes.

Edward was still sitting on the couch when I walked in.

“Hey Edward,” I asked. He turned around and looked at me.

“Yeah Bells?” he asked.

“I'm going to go get Holly's bath ready, can you go stay with her?” His brows furrowed together for a moment.

“Bath? Why now?” he asked. “Won't she just get dirty when we're at the meadow.” I thought about that. It did make sense.

“I thought you wanted to get her cleaned up?” I asked.

“Well, I meant change her clothes and make sure she doesn't have any food on her face. She's not the neatest eater in the world.” he chuckled. I smiled at that. It was true, but hey, she was only six.

“Okay then.” I turned to Alice. “You can choose her outfit if you want now.” she jumped up and squealed with excitement.

“Awesome!! You have to come with me Bella.” she told me, running over and grabbing my hand, pulling me up the stairs before I could even react.

“Go Edward!” I called down to him before I was at the top.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX


About an hour later, and three attempts to get syrup out of Holly's hair, we had finally managed to make it out of the house. Bella had Holly strapped in, and I was bringing out the quilt and lunch box. Holly was now fully awake, talking non stop about the meadow. She asked Bella how big it was, and what it looked like, and where it was. When I got in the car and started it, she giggled excitedly. I smiled at Bella, before backing out of the driveway.

When we had gotten to the trail, Holly was jumping out of her skin with excitement. Bella was trying not to laugh when Holly said,

“Is this the meadow? Is it is it is it? It's so cool!” Bella threw her head back, laughing hard.

“No, we have to walk to the meadow.” I told her, eying Bella with worry. “Are you okay Bella?” I asked. She nodded, resting her head against the seat and taking a few deep breaths.

“I'm sorry,” she said after a few moments. “She's just too cute for her own good.” I silently agreed with that. I turned the car off and opened my door, sliding out before slipping the seat forward and grabbing the quilt and lunch box out of the back, while Bella helped Holly out of her prison like seat.

We started through the trail instantly, not wanting to waste anytime. Bella had Holly on her hip, which was a safe action, seeing as Holly would trip over all the roots and rocks sticking out of the ground. It was a slow walk, seeming to take forever because we were so used to running there in five minutes.

Holly was looking around wide eyed.

“It's so green!” she screeched. “And brown!!” I looked around for the first time, realizing that it was, not that I didn't know that already, I just realized that it was her two favorite colors.

“You're right, it is. Isn't it pretty?” Bella asked, bouncing Holly a bit on her hip. Holly nodded her head snapping around to look behind her.

“It's everywhere!” she exclaimed, her eyes searching every place around her. All of the sudden she gasped, and her knuckles went white where they were holding onto Bella's shirt.

“What?” I asked instantly. Her eyes were wide and she was staring off somewhere to the left of me. I whirled around just in time to see a large brown animal disappear into the woods. My eyes flew to Bella's, and they locked onto mine.

“What was it?” she whimpered. I looked at Bella. I knew she could handle this better than I could.

“It was nothing, love.” I told her. “Bella, would you . . .” I hinted. She nodded, peeling Holly from her. I placed the objects in my hands on the ground, taking Holly from Bella, before she took off at a run. I held Holly close, scanning the woods for anymore, breathing in the air to see if I could smell one. The air was going down wind, directly to where Holly saw him.

It angered me that he dared to come here. He knew that it was our place, and not his, and what made him decide to come today of all days? How long had he been coming for?


I full out sprinted when I was out of sight from Holly, gaining ground quickly. It wasn't long, barely even a minute, when I caught up with him. He tried to keep running, but I grabbed into his fur, slowing down gently, as not to pull any hair out. I felt him growl under my touch, but I didn't let go. When we had come to a complete stop, I looked him over. It was Jacob. I knew it right when I saw him.

“Jacob, what are you doing here?” I asked. He answered with a low growl. I sighed exasperatedly. “Jake, I can't understand you.” I told him. I could see him roll his eyes, but he bounded away, and soon returned, the human Jacob, wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts, no shirt, and no shoes. “What are you doing here?” I asked again. He didn't answer right away. “Jake,” I pressed.

“I was just running Bells.” he told me, a slight edge to his voice.

“You have no right to run here Jacob.” I reminded him. “We don't trespass on your land, it's only fair you stay off ours.”

“I wasn't on your land. I was near it.”

“Near enough Jake. You can't keep doing this.” I told him. It was now or never, “I can't keep seeing you.”

“What? I just saw you last week, and you didn't seem to care!” I remembered last week, when we met up in the woods, hanging out for a little, talking and running. Everything was fine. But even last week, us seeing each other was wrong. His pack didn't approve, and neither did mine. Of course no one knew about it, and Edward would have a cow if he heard. It was hard for me to let him go, but now I have to. Not only is it putting our new treaty in danger, but it was also putting Holly in danger now, and having her involved in anyway with it, would just kill me.

“It's time to move on Jake.” I told him. “I've moved on, and now it's your turn.” his eyes flashed.

“moved on? Bella, how could you have moved on in less than a week? Why? Why would you want to move on?” he asked. He wasn't going to let this go easy. He needed to know every detail, and he wouldn't stop asking questions unless I gave him the cold hard facts.

“I just can Jake. This isn't easy, but it's got to be this way.”

“What way Bella?” he asked, his voice raising. “Is this because of your bloodsucker? Is it because he doesn't approve of us?” I glared at him, using all my might to keep me from using my power on him.

“Watch your mouth Jake!” I scolded. “No, it's not because of Edward! It's because of me!! I made this choice, and you need to accept that. Believe me, as much as I want to be able to see you Jake, I just can't. This conversation shouldn't even be happening! We all agreed that we would stay away from each other, only seeking contact when in need of back up or help.” I reminded him.

“Well than why did you even agree to see me in the first place, huh?” he demanded.

“Because at the time I wasn't responsible, and I didn't have a six year old daughter to look after!” I told him, with an edge in my voice. His face went into shock. His black eyes widened, and he let out gasp. I bit my bottom lip, as he began to shake.

“How?” he asked, his voice hard.

“We adopted her.” I told him.

“We?” he asked.

“Yes Jacob we! Haven't you figured it out by now that most everything that involves me, involves Edward?” it came out more sharp than I intended.

“That's it? That's all?” he asked. “You can't see me because you have a six year old daughter?”

“Yes Jake, that's it exactly, and I'm not going to do anything that might put her in danger.” I informed him. “I'm sorry Jake-”

“No, no no no no!” he shouted, turning furious eyes on me. “Don't say it Bella. At least let me walk away thinking I have some hope that someday you might come to your senses!” and before I could say anything else, he was off, running through the woods. I just watched him, feeling a sense of loss and anger.


We've been waiting for a while, and Bella was out of range of my hearing, so I had no clue what was going on. I was getting anxious, and I wanted to go and see what was happening, but that would mean I'd either have to leave Holly here and bring her with me, and there was absolutely no way I was going to do either of those.

Holly was fingering the seam of my jacket, humming quietly to herself. Suddenly, Bella was behind us, and Holly had smile form on her face. Bella looked distressed, but when I opened my mouth to speak, she shook her head.

“Hey!” she said to Holly. “Ready to go?” she asked her, taking her back into her arms, holding her closer then needed. I gathered the stuff off the ground and followed her as she began walking. Apparently, something happened, but I guess she wasn't going to talk about it, not now anyway. Right now, she was just talking happily to Holly.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX

When we got to the meadow, Holly had practically jumped out of Bella's arms, racing through to where our worn out patch was. She giggled, looking around, then running back to us. Her green eyes were shinning, and a huge smile was plastered across her face.

“Come on come on come on!” she said, grabbing mine and Bella's hand, trying to pull us to the middle of the meadow. I allowed her to pull me into a jog, Bella doing the same. When we reached the worn out patch, I placed the lunch box on the ground, then spread out the blanket. Holly was jumping up and down with excitement. “Can we play tag?” she asked. I smiled and looked at Bella. We would have to go extra slow, to make the game fair.

“Sure, why not.” I said. “Bella, do you want to be it first?” I asked, getting an idea. She nodded. “Okay, you have to count to ten.” I instructed. She nodded again, and started counting. Holly started running, but I ran up behind her, and scooped her into my arms, running fast to the other side of the meadow. I didn't run fast enough to scare her. I ran, using her laughter as my gas pedal (if that makes sense). The more she laughed, the faster I went. She didn't even seem to notice we were running faster than a normal human being.

“Ten!” Bella called, and I heard the laughter in her voice. She ran, not as fast as we had, but she gained ground pretty quickly. Holly giggled as I cradled her to my chest, moving away from Bella. She moved with me, mirroring my movements. Now it was a dance, like when I fought with Victoria. I'd watch her body language, and matched mine to hers, or she'd match to mine. Holly had stopped laughing, as it was now just moving a few steps at a time. I decided to make a run for it, sprinting past Bella when she least expected it. Holly gasped at the unexpected rush, but her laughter returned seconds later. I felt something clasp around my arm, making me stop. Bella was smiling widely at me, her hair blown back from her face. I let Holly down, and said,

“run Holly!” she began running, running as fast as she could, her auburn hair trailing behind her.

“I have to get her too?” Bella asked. I nodded, watching as Holly's little legs carried her away. Bella took off, keeping several feet behind her, giving Holly the Illusion that she was faster. Holly looked behind her, and two things happened at once. Holly's right foot caught behind her left, sending her flying through the air. Her eyes widened in shock, as her hands flew out in front of her instinctively. It seemed to take forever and a day, before she hit the ground. Her arms hit first, softening the fall slightly, before she was rolling violently. Bella didn't have much time to react, and had to leap over her, landing a dozen or so feet away.

I stared, shocked at what happened, before sprinting over to her, not caring if she noticed.

“Holly?” I asked, crouching next to her. Her body was shaking. “Holly, are you okay?” I asked.

I heard a muffled noise, and thinking she was crying, I started to panic. Bella appeared next to me, worry etched into her face. Holly rolled over onto her back, and I prepared myself for blood, or bruises, and crying . . . but instead, she was laughing. Bella let out a relived sigh and brought her hand up to her face.

“That . . . was fun!” she breathed. I looked at her, waiting for her to realize what had just happened, and to start crying. But the crying didn't come, and it looked like it wasn't going to at all. “Did you see me?”

I nodded stiffly, disbelievingly. Holly stopped laughing and tilted her head to the side.

“Did I do something bad?” she asked, her voice soft.

“No, you didn't do anything bad.” I told her. “That was a pretty big fall, and I thought you hurt yourself.” It came out as a question. I was sure she would have at least cried or done something else, but definitely not laugh.

“But I'm not hurt!” she insisted. “See!” she leapt to her feet and did some jumping jacks. Bella had taken her hand away from her face and let out a small laugh. Holly smiled widely at Bella, than looked at me, as if waiting for me to laugh too. I managed to get a small smile on my face.

“Okay, I see.” I assured her. She stopped jumping and looked at Bella for a moment, before turning on her heal and running.

Bella let out a loud laugh before getting up and running after Holly. I stayed sitting, smiling to myself as I watched Bella gain on Holly more quickly than last time. Bella stayed a few feet behind her for a few seconds before getting right behind her and scooping her up into her arms. Holly let our a shrill, playful scream. The scene unfolding before me, was like a scene you would see in a movie or something. They both had wide smiles on their faces, and Bella cradled Holly to her chest, spinning around. Their laughter was like music to my ears

I stood up and walked slowly over to them. My steps were slow and by the time I got to them, Bella had stopped spinning and looked around for me. She smiled and lowed Holly to the ground, who ran at me, tapped me on the leg and said,

“You're it Edward!” Before running away. Bella laughed at how easily she got me. I raised an eye brow at her, before lunging at her. She let out another shout of laughter, before running away from me.

I trailed her closely, gaining speed when she did. I didn't let it go on for too long though, because I knew Holly would get bored of it, so after about a minute, I reached out and grabbed her arm, only pausing to say,

“Gotcha.” before turning around and heading afrer Holly. She was pretty far away, watching me until she realized I was going after her and began running again. I kept my pace at a job, which was enough to get me closer every few seconds.

Her tiny Legs worked furiously as she ran as fast as they allowed, and her arms pumped back and forth. I grinned and sped up a bit. She glanced over her shoulder, and I held my breath, thinking she was going to fall again, but she didn't, and I let my breath out.

I decided I was going to end this before she could get hurt . . . again. I gathered speed, and did the same thing Bella had, and scooped her into my arms.

“I got you!” I sang.

“No you didn't!” she giggled, shaking her head. Her tiny arms wrapped around me. “I got you!”

“Oh really?” I asked, cocking an eye brow at her.

“Uh-huh!” she laughed. I started tickling her sides, and her laughing grew louder.

“I thin it is I who have you now.” I told her, as she writhed and shrieked in my arms.

“stop!' she gasped, but I continued to tickle her. “P-please! St-stop! Daddy p-please!” I almost dropped her, but I managed to right my hold on her. I stared wide eyed at her,and could feel Bella's eyes on the back of my head. Holly's breathing returned to normal,and she smiled up at me, but the smile disappeared when she took in my reactions. “I'm sorry.” she said suddenly. I shook off the shock quickly.

“What, no, it's okay. I just wasn't expecting it.”

“So you're not mad at me?” she asked. I smiled down at her and heard Bella walk up behind me.

“Of course not. Why would I be mad at you?” Holly shrugged.

“I thought you were mad because I called you daddy.”

“But I'm not. I'm very happy.” I assured her.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX

Holly really surprised me when she called me 'daddy'. I wasn't expecting her to call me that so soon, if she was going to at all.

I sat on the quilt, watching Holly play in the grass a few dozen feet away. She was squatting down, resting on the balls of her feet. Her jean skirt was pushed up past her belly button, leaving the hem of her skirt several inches shorter than normal. She was humming quietly to herself, inspecting something in the grass.

“She really is something, huh?” Bella asked softly next tome. I nodded, snaking my arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me.

“Mm, yeah.” I agreed, still watching her.

“It's amazing how carefree she is. I've never seen a little girl in her position so trust in and open.” she mused. Holly stood up and ran over to us, cupping something her in tiny hands.

“Guess what I found!” she yelled

“What did you find?” I asked, sitting up so I could look.

“A cadipillar!” she opened her hand and held it a few inches under my nose.

“Wow, what a big caterpillar.” I admired. “Let Bella see.” she carefully moved her hand over in front of Bella's face.

“Wow, it's a very fuzzy.” she observed.

“Yeah! You wanna hold it mommy?” she asked.

“No thank you, sweety.” Bella answered.

“Do you wanna hold it daddy?” She asked, turning to me slowly.

“No thanks love, why don't you put it back and then come get some lunch. It's almost eleven.”

“Can I play with it for a few more minutes? I might not find it again.”

“Sure, just a few more minutes.” she smiled and jumped up, before running back to where she was stationed a few minutes ago.

Xx xx xx xx xx xX

About a half an hour later, she came skipping back over to us, her knees dirty from the ground.

“Are you ready for lunch?” I asked her. She nodded in return, plopping down on the quilt in between me and Bella. I reached over next to me and opened the lunch box. I pulled out her sandwich and a juice box. Holly took the sandwich and bit into it hungrily. While she ate, she looked around, occasionally looking at me or Bella.

“Do you like your sandwich?” Bella asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Uh-huh.” she nodded, before taking another bite. She paused, swallowed then asked, “Why aren't you eating?” I looked at Bella, silently agreeing that now was the time we would tell her what we were.

“Well, I'm going to tell you something, something very secret, so secret you can't tell anyone ever. Can we trust you?” I asked.

“Uh-huh.” she nodded.

“Do you promise you won't tell anyone?” I pressed

“I Promise!” she said, sticking out her pinky to me.