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Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I know enough of hate to say, that for destruction, ice is also great and would suffice. There's nothing more potent than fire and ice. *Written Pre-Breaking Dawn Release. *To Be Whole is the same story from Bella's perspective. It doesn't matter which you read first. please review!


1. Limits

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I held onto Bella’s hand as I drove from the reception area back to the house. I absentmindedly played with the ring on her finger, keeping my eyes fixed, for the most part, on her. I hadn’t thought she would enjoy herself as thoroughly as she did, and I was extremely pleased at that fact. I was also very sure that if I did have a heartbeat, it would have stopped when she walked down that aisle to my side.

I cut the engine and walked out of the car and opened her door. We were married. As much as I knew Bella hated it, and I hated whatever made her uneasy, I couldn’t help but be elated at the fact that she was now all mine. I smiled as I took her hand and helped her out the car.

She had been uncharacteristically graceful all evening, and as I took her hand, I realized I spoke too soon. She tripped and blushed, and I could not help feeling amused as I grabbed onto her and shifted her upright. She gave me what was supposed to be an annoyed face. This just made me smile more.

We walked into the house, where Carlisle and the family were already waiting. They hadn’t wasted any time on getting ready, I noted. Emmett had suggested, in less than a civilized manner, that they leave for the weekend; nowhere too far, just up to Denali to visit Tanya.

I held back a chuckle as Alice began to bombard Bella with questions.“Bella,” she all but sang, “How did everything turn out to you? Did I go completely overboard? Are you happy?”

Of course she’s happy, I thought, giving Alice a bemused look.

She smiled to herself, and I knew her well enough to know that she was happily indulging in the fact that I actually had no idea if Bella did have a good time.

She could see her reaction far more clearly than I could. I sighed lowly and resisted the urge to roll my eyes. She really bothered me sometimes.

I looked at Bella as we waited for her response. It took her the length of about five human heartbeats—but I was used to her slow responses now. They didn’t seem to drag out as much anymore.She looked bemused, like she was enjoying some sort of private joke with herself, and I felt that familiar pang of annoyance that I couldn’t be in on it too.

“Everything was amazing Alice,” she gushed, as her entire face lit up, a pale pink. The sweetest pink I’d ever seen. “And yes, of course you went completely overboard, and I can’t thank you enough. For once.”

I nodded slightly to Rosalie as she contemplated giving Bella her wedding present. She had such a simple mind at times, it bothered me. She walked agonizingly slowly toward Bella to give her the unwrapped silver box. I raised my eyebrow at her, questioning its lack of decorating. Do you want Jasper to snap off again, she thought to me. I looked at her appraisingly. She liked Bella so much more than she would ever admit.

“I didn’t think you would want wrapping paper on it; we don’t want anything like…before,” she finished, smiling slightly.

I looked at Bella out the corner of my eye, and heard her heart speed up slightly. I saw confusion, then almost instantly, gratification flash across her face as she smiled back at Rosalie, laughing uneasily.“Thanks, Rosalie,” she smiled.

She looked like heaven. My eyes roamed her face, and I knew that if I had a heart, it would be leaping around in my chest for the adoration I held for her. Bella. My Bella.

God, you’re so bad at hiding emotions when it comes to her, I heard Emmett’s thoughts. I looked at him, narrowing my eyes.

Just tell us to get the hell out already, and do her like you want to, he thought again, challenging me.I just growled low enough for him to hear me. A warning. I heard him laugh to himself.

“Welcome to the family, Bella,” Carlisle smiled as he came forward to hug Bella.

“We’re so glad you’re finally a Cullen,” Esme beamed at her. Esme always had a soft spot for Bella. She knew I would be with Bella before I wanted to accept it.

I couldn’t help smiling as Bella’s face rose with elation. She stepped back slightly to look at all of them, admiringly.

Yes, love, I thought to myself. This is your family now.

“Me too,” she assured Esme. “But can I please get out of this dress and shower. It’s getting hard for me to breathe.”

That’s not the only thing that makes it hard for her to breathe, eh Edward, Emmett laughed in my head. I would not give him the satisfaction tonight. Tonight was about Bella.

“Oh, Bella! I forgot, your clothes are upstairs in Edward’s room,” Alice said to her. She came forward and gave Bella a hug. As did Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie and Jasper.

“We probably won’t be here when you get out of the shower, so I figure we should say goodbye now,” explained Alice.

“Where are you going?” Bella demanded, her voice hitching slightly; enough for us to notice.

“We,” Alice said, indicating herself, and everyone else except for the two of us, “are going to visit Tanya in Denali for a weekend.”

“Oh,” she said. “Have fun.”

“Don’t worry so much, Bella,” Carlisle added, smiling at her. “We’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” she said slowly, looking at me for the first time since we entered the house. I was already looking at her as she turned her head to face me, and I was floored by her beauty. Her eyes were a creamy milk chocolate; I wondered if I told her that enough. Her skin was flushed slightly, and I could smell her delicious scent as she looked at me with what I could only call adoration. I returned that look willingly. She frowned, and I immediately closed the small space between us and put my arm around her warm side. She was so soft.

“Everything is going to be fine, Bella,” I reassured her, though I knew she didn’t really need reassuring.

“Okay,” she said back simply, still looking at me.

In that time, the rest of the family had gotten their belongings and were waiting to leave.

“Well, we’re off,” smiled Carlisle, as he put his backpack on. The rest of the family followed. “Have fun you two,” he added, sounding a lot like Charlie.They walked out the door and into the night.

Bella turned to me and eyed the gift in her hand, as if she expected it to bite her.

“Open it,” I said to her, smiling.

She slid off the bow and opened the box. Inside there was a long, thin golden chain, and a locket. It was small, and intricately made, with two roses intertwined with one thorn in the middle. The middle of each rose had a small gemstone in it, one a topaz and one a sapphire. One for her and one for me. Us, our lives and fates intertwined by one thorn—one choice.

I heard her gasp as she opened the locket and found a picture of the family that she was now a part of on one side, and a picture of us on the other. It had been taken tonight. I could tell she was trying to think back to when someone from the family had taken a picture of us, coming up blank.

“Do you like it,” I whispered to her.

“I love it,” she half sobbed. She amazed me. “Will you put it on,” she asked.

“Of course, Mrs. Cullen,” I replied lithely. I would do anything for her, although I noted to myself, as I undid the clasp and fastened it around her neck, this wasn’t really much of the anything I constituted. I placed a kiss on her neck at its warmest spot, and felt her chill. In return, it gave me small goosebumps. Bella always did things to me that I did not anticipate.She turned to me and rotated till her face was buried in my shirt. She wrapped her arms around my waist, and I knew if I wasn’t so hard, I would melt.

I was fully aware that I was surrounded by Bella, and it was beautiful. She was warm and soft, and smelled so intoxicating. I felt my head swim at the potency of it. I wrapped my arms around her waist in return, and buried my face in her hair, blowing cool air onto the top of her scalp, causing her to shiver. I could feel my eyes burning irritably, and I realized that I was as close to crying as I would ever get.

Pure venomous tears of joy. If only.

I blinked, and lifted my head as she looked up at me, smiling stupidly. I looked at her with the only warning I could give her, that this was her last chance, she could run, and also that I wanted her more than anything I had ever had in my existence, and before I knew what I was doing, I crashed my lips against her in the only way I knew how. With pure need.

I was so irresponsible.It took her a few moments, then her lips were pressing right back into mine, her hands roaming up my back; it was all I could do not to groan into her mouth, as my own hands found their way into her silky tresses. No, I definitely did not tell her how much I appreciated her enough.

Her lips were so warm and soft. I could feel her blood pulsing, rushing up to her lips and her face, consuming us both, and I found no desire for that; only for her, for this. She dipped her tongue onto my bottom lip and swept it across in a line, feeling the smooth surface. So she was planning on killing me tonight. She tasted so wonderful, I didn’t understand it, and I could feel myself begin to lose the already limited amount of oxygen I possessed. Not that I needed oxygen, technically. But with Bella, I needed a lot of things I usually went without.

Then I did it. I tugged on her tongue and slid it into my mouth, in a pull that demanded she not pull away. I had never done this before, we had never done this. Under all other circumstances, save for one, a few months ago, I was always the one to end things, and control myself. Never Bella. She never pushed me too far past my limits.

Tonight, I wanted all of her, in every way. She physically tasted so far better than I'd imagined. Smelling her scent, no, that was no comparison to the feel of her tongue against mine, mixing our flavors together in a frenzy of scent. It was too much. I couldn’t think.She gasped, and jerked her head back, finally running out of air.

My eyes snapped open as I saw her curse herself silently. I tried to gain back some of my senses as I watched her argue with herself, wonder whether that had actually just happened, or if she was yet again, imagining things.

No, it definitely happened. Why had I done that? Put us both in danger that way? Was my want for her that great? I thought over that possibility for a full second as I came to my very solid conclusion. Of course it was.

My face visibly hardened in frustration at her, for pulling away and at myself for allowing it in the first place. She pulled back a little to look at my face better, and I held fast to my grip on her. I didn’t want to let her go. Not now, not ever.

She looked at me with wide eyes, and I turned my head, narrowing my eyes at the wall as I tried to regain my thoughts.

“What,” she started, but I stopped her.

“I’m sorry,” I said, slightly agonized. “I should have controlled myself better.”

“I don’t mind,” she said, sounding dazed.

"Oh, Bella." I gave her a hard look, even though I wasn’t really into it, and smiled slightly. “I know,” I said. “That’s the problem.”

She nuzzled her face into my shirt and sighed. I breathed in her air and was instantly dazed. I could get used to this.

“Go shower, Bella” I said suddenly, releasing my grip on her.

“Why?” she asked, confused.

I needed to clear my head, and gear myself to be able to restrain from devouring her in full on throes of passion. I didn’t tell her this.

“You said less than ten minutes ago that you wanted to get out of this gown and shower,” I pointed out.

“Oh, I guess I …forgot,” she replied shyly.

I smiled at her again, and lifted her up into my arms in the same moment. I all but ran to my room, sitting her down at the foot of my king sized bed.

“I could have walked,” she scolded me.

I chuckled to myself as I said, “You could have. But I decided to take a more convenient mode of transportation,” locking my eyes on her four inch heels.

She looked down and smiled wryly. She was an angel.

“Alice left your things over there,” I motioned to the black couch that she indignantly took to sleeping on when I went hunting and Alice “kidnapped” her for a weekend.She took off her shoes, and walked over to it, rummaging around for pajamas and toothbrush. What she found, I knew were definitely not her pajamas, but they still looked incredibly sexy, and I felt that familiar tug near my center as I watched her bend over the clothes looking frustrated. She pulled out a silk powder blue camisole with matching shorts, and underwear. I could tell she was silently cursing Alice, but she would thank her in the end. Alice knew what her brother liked. Although, I liked anything if it was on Bella.

I walked over to the stereo and played a favorite CD of Bella’s. The Once Soundtrack, which was undoubtedly a favorite in my century’s time. She loved this song. I crossed the room back to the bed and closed my eyes, shifting my focus between Glen Hansard’s voice and Bella’s steady heartbeat. I opened my mouth slightly, and I could barely breathe in her scent. She was heroin, and I was so far past addiction.

I heard her heart jump, and I could tell she was looking at me. I could feel her eyes searing into me, like fire. She smiled as I opened my eyes to look at her, bemused and slightly frustrated as to what she was thinking as she just stood there, staring.She smiled sheepishly as she walked out the room and to the shower.