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Scarred Wrists, Scarred Hearts

Edward never actually left in New Moon. He just left Bella. He still goes to her school, still sees her, and it seems to cause her much more pain.

First series ever.

1. Chapter 1

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He's gone. He practically ripped my heart out of my chest, threw it to the ground, and then stomped all over it, killing the memories that we shared.

He had said some non-sense about him not existing. How is that going to be possible when he still goes to the same school as me? When we still see each other every single day?

I think of this now while i pull the tear shaped piece of broken glass; curved as the moon on one end, sharp as a dagger on the other, across the inside of my left wrist. It carries over the veins, splitting them open.

A perfect cut, blood rises to my skin, turning red from the oxygen of the air.

This doesn't hurt. I do not even feel it. Nothing hurts anymore. Any more than the huge, wretched hole in my chest. The hole that refuses to go away. The hole that keeps me awake at night.

The tears that fall from my eyes fall to my open, self-inflicted wound. It washes away the exposed blood, running a pinkish/reddish line down to the crease of my elbow before falling to the floor.

I look at my wrist.

I've carved a perfect broken heart.


I arrive at school with about two minutes to spare. I park my car in the exact same spot I do everyday. Alice, as she does everyday, gets out of the car without saying a word and slams the door, putting another dent into the side. That's the seventh one this week....

I hear the deafening roar of a certain someone's truck engine. I see her face and a sudden pain shoots thru my non-beating heart. I cannot stand to see Bella in pain. Not my Bella.

No. Exactly that. Not my Bella.

I have the usual urge to run over to her and wrap her in my arms. I just want to hug her, hold her, kiss her, talk to her. I just want her.

It doesn't seem fair that we both must suffer this pain for something I did. Bella should be able to move on.

But I can see it in her eyes. Even if I cannot read her thoughts, I know that the subject of her moving on is an impossibility.

But I still hope...

The day she does, if ever, I will envy that man, that human man, with my entire existence. Who knows, I might even hate him....

The bell rings, and I must hurry off to class.


Edward is already in his seat before I make it to biology. He tried to change the schedule. But it jsut couldn't be done.

Not even for Edward Cullen.

So, here it is that I sit everyday and envy whichever girl he is seeing now. It is here I sit and try to act like I'm perfectly fine.

But he must know it is a mask.

I trip over a chair leg, dropping my books on my foot in the process. I bend down to get a book, my hand already out reached.

But a pair of white hands beat me there.

And then my sleeve comes up.

Edward gasps. He goes still so suddenly. Then he, very gently, reached for my wrists.

I can feel the tears rising already.

His ice cold hands trace the punctures I've made with knives, glass, mirror, scissors, and needles. I can see the guilt and agony on his face.

And then he's gone.

Gone for real.

Gone for good.

But mostly...

Gone again.

Because of me.........