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You're Gone

Poem!!! Set throughout New Moon. Just little two-liners (mainly) I wrote at work on Sunday night. Bella's POV


1. Chapter 1

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Can you see my pain?
No you can't; you're gone.

Can you hear my screams?
Of course not; you're gone.

I cry, I scream, I thrash
But in the end, you're gone.

It hurts me, now and then
No, all the time; you're gone.

I wish to hear your voice
To touch you but, you're gone.

I hear you, so close, but
It's not real; you're gone.

I think you're there after
My fall, but you're gone.

It's the sound of her voice
It reminds me, but you're gone.

I'm running, stumbling, trying
To reach you in time - don't go.

Your arms around me
Your lips on mine
You're finally here
You're not gone