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Emmetts Idea

Emmett and Amber are getting Revenge on an old friend of Ambers. so when he goes out of town for the weekend, that gives them a chance for payback. this is mainly a funny story, and has only a very few serious parts

Emmett feels the need to get revenge on the person who broke Ambers heart.

1. the Plan

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Emmett’s POV:

Finally, it was time. Finally, I could stop waiting. Finally my most awesome –est idea would fall in to place. All my months of careful planing will finally be worth something. All the weeks of Edward and Jasper whining at me, and now, it will finally pay off.

My little sister Amber and I were all ready to go. Eggs, shaving creme, bubble gum, toilet paper... hmmm, wait a minute.. I’m missing some--. "EMMETT!!!" the shrill voice of Amber screamed, interrupting my count off of important things. "Emmett, are you ready? Have we gots everything?" she whispered into my ear, as she suddenly appeared at my side.

Amber is not really my little sister; I just found her one night when I was in Seattle. She was being attacked by another vampire and was badly hurt, so I took care of the vampire responsible, then I drove her all the way back home and had Carlisle change her. He did not want to though, since she is only 13.

I guess I just love her so much ‘cause she looks like me, acts like me, and talks like me when I was her age. And I was right there by her side the whole time. But he finally gave in and changed her. Edward told me did cause he saw the pain and pleading in my eyes.

But after Carlisle changed her, he found some she was different. She sleeps, cry’s, and eats normal food. None of us know how. But we are all glad to have her around.

But anyway, back to what I’m missing. What in the world could I be-- OH!!... Silly String and Bubble Wrap!

"Amber, be a nice girl and- (I lowered my voice to a whisper here) and get, the BUBBLE WRAP." She looked into my eyes, all lit with excitement. She giggled and ran off down the hall to her and Rosalie’s bedroom.

Yeah, I know. Rosalie. But actually it was her idea to shear a room with her. So she moved out of our room and moved into their room. Ever since what happened, Amber has been scared of the dark, even though she is a vampire. And Rose, I guess, just feels sorry for her. And she loves to go shopping with Amber, and she and Alice love to give her makeovers.

I heard a faint sound of rustling and next thing I knew, she was holding my hand and grinning my grin. I told her to go get in the jeep and wait for me while I got one last thing. So with a peck on my cheek and one last giggle, she was gone.

I went to my room and dug out from under my bed a BIG box that was filled with...oh, about 20 cans of silly string. Amber is going to LOVE this.

As I got closer to the garage, I herd faint singing. But I didn’t know that it was Amber till my hand was on the doorknob. She was singing her favorite song. It really was not a song, just something her mum used to hum to her when she was little. Her mum passed away when she was little and that’s really all she remembers about her.

I opened the door to the garage and walked to the back of my shiny red jeep. I opened the ‘trunk’ and put the box beside our other destruction items. When I climbed into the front of the jeep, She was still humming the angel-ish tune. But now she was playing with her long black curly hair, pulling it back so she could put her ski mask on.

She told me what the address was, and then we were off. We were headed to her old friend, Caleb Bullen’s house.

She said he used to be a really close friend, but then one-day he started to just ignore her for no gosh-darn reason. So I came up with this awesome idea. For her to get revenge and for me to see to it that he gets some payback for hurting MY little ‘sister’.

As we got closer, she was getting more and more excited. I was grinning too, just from her expression. She was now bouncing up and down in her seat. (Since she refused to wear the harness.) She looked at me, grinned wildly, and then started laughing maniacally. I could not hold it in any longer! I exploded with laughter along with her.

She suddenly looked out the window and gasped. There were still people at his house! We could hear them. His birthday party wasn’t over yet. Wait a minuet--birthday party?

I looked down to see my innocent little Amber bearing her teeth, and hear a growl building up in her chest.

I put an arm on her shoulder as to warn her. She shook off the look of pain and anger that was on her face but only changed it to an evil and sheepish grin. I didn’t even want to know what mischief she was planning.

She told me to park a block away. When we were parked and the doors were locked, we snuck and hid behind some tall trees that were close to his house. But luck was with us. They were all getting ready to leave for the night. And the rest of ‘Caleb’s’ family was gone for the weekend! So, as soon as ‘Caleb’ and his friends were out of there, we are home free.

We peeked around the tree to see everyone leaving the house. When Caleb came out, he had his arm around some really scary girls’ waist. I heard Amber make a soft cry of pain. I pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear to remember to tell Rosalie about it.

We peeked back around the tree just in time to see ‘Caleb’ (I always sneered his name) lock the door and hide the key under the eaves, like Bella always does.

As soon as everyone’s taillights disappeared, we looked at each other, grinned, and then raced back to the jeep. It was good that most everyone on the rest of the block was out of town also.

We quickly unloaded our "weapons of mass destruction", and as quickly as we got everything unloaded, is as quickly as we got started our destruction.