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Emmetts Idea

Emmett and Amber are getting Revenge on an old friend of Ambers. so when he goes out of town for the weekend, that gives them a chance for payback. this is mainly a funny story, and has only a very few serious parts

Emmett feels the need to get revenge on the person who broke Ambers heart.

2. Chapter 2

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Amber’s POV

I really couldn’t believe that my big bro had thought of all this by himself. I’m sure that Ed had helped him. But then again it was like Emmett to have planed something like this. Edwardo is always soo boring anyway, just like Bella. And yet Alice is really fun to hang around, just like my favorite sister in the whole world, Rosalie!

I watched from behind the big tree, just waiting for all those people to hurry up and leave. When they all finally started leaving, I recognized a few of the people. I didn’t really know them, but I knew their names. Amy Alishari, Ryan Lewis, Jeff Anderson, Veronica Clark, Eric Morgan, Margaret and Carol Peterson, Lindsey and Blaze Henderson. Yes, The last two and the two before them are siblings.

The last two people to come out were Caleb and—Elizabeth!?. OMG! HE has his ARM, around HER WAIST!! I made an almost silent cry. Emmett must have heard the pain in it, ‘cause as soon as I did that, he pulled me into his arms and whispered: "If you tell Rose about it, I’m sure that she will think of some kind ‘revenge’. Just remember to."

I just nodded my head. I sure as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks wouldn’t forget!

We waited behind the tree until we were sure they were gone. As soon as the last car was gone, I looked up at him. He was grinning so big; it looked like he didn’t have a head! Just a giant grin!

As soon as I busted out laughing, we took off to the jeep. I got two of the bags while Emmett got the other one and a strange looking box. Hmmm.... I wondered what was in it.

Emmett saw me looking at it, and lifted the lid to show me. I had to cover my mouth to keep the squeal from coming out. I really don’t the other people on the block would be happy to come home and find their windows all shattered.

(I had such a high pitched scream/squeal, Esme had to special order some shatter proof windows for mine and Rose’s room. she probably did the same for the whole house.)

I don’t think there is anything else in the world that we could have added to make this prank any better. I mean we have EVERYTHING! Shaving creme, Bubble gum, Eggs, Toilet Paper, Bubble wrap and now, Silly string!

I mean what vampire girl and her ‘brother’ would be as so crazy to prank a humans house, and then, more than likely, get away with it?

Um, let me see--Emmett and me? I laughed out loud to myself.

The house wasn’t real big. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an O.K. sized family room, and a tiny kitchen. Wasn’t much to look at, but I guess he and his family liked it all right

We had everything set up inside. "OK Amb’s, where do we start?" Emmett asked, looking like if we didn’t start now he’d go crazy.

We ended up only doing the family room and doing Caleb’s room. We decided to leave the kitchen and bathrooms alone.

We egged and shaving creme the furniture, then bubble gummed and silly stringed the shinny hardwood floor and the soft ‘clean’ rugs.

As soon as we thought we did enough damage to that area of the house, we moved to the last part on the interior of the house--Caleb’s room.

We did the same thing to the furniture in his room as we did to the family room. But as an extra, we then used some of the bubble wrap to wrap the eggs and shaving creme to the bed, just to make the clean up worse!

I was giggling the whole time we were doing his room. We then used everything (sides’ the bubble wrap and toilet paper) for the floor, which, I might add, had really expensive carpeting.

As soon as we got everything together, we left the house, being careful of where we stepped. We didn’t want to mess up any of our beautiful work.

For the outside, we started by toilet papering the trees, bushes, and front lawn. Then we egged what we just had toilet papered. We used silly string and bubble gum on TOP of that. And for our finishing touch, we bubble wrapped the whole house, then used the shaving creme on top of the bubble wrap, for an extra messy clean up.

This, sure as heck would be a holloween no one will forget!

We stood in front of the house and admired our wonderful work. I looked at Emmett; he was looking back at me with the same expression on his face.

We gathered all of what was left over and loaded it into the jeep. We were grinning all the way home, trying not to laugh ‘till we got there.

And as soon as we pulled into the garage, I saw Alice sitting on a barstool by Emmett’s work. When we got out, she marched over to Em and me.

"Why did you not invite me to come with!? Emmett you know how I love to do those kinds of things!"

" Alice, I can’t believe you didn’t see it coming! If you had been home and not forcing Bella on a shopping trip, of course we would have let you come!" I really couldn’t believe she didn’t see this!

"I didn’t see it cause Edward has me watching out for Bella, to see if the Volturi are coming any time soon! But... since you are back, I get to take you on a shopping trip!"

"Didn’t you just get back from one?" I sighed "Oh well...Yeah I’ll come. But first, I have to talk to Rose."

With that I ran to the house to find Rosalie, leaving Alice with a confused expression, and Emmett, a huge grin.