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What Next?

What if Reneesme didn't love Jacob Black?... takes places IN THE FUTURE... so I had to be creative.... Please read.

This story is my first and might just be my last on twilightarchives if NO ONE REVIEWS! Review and I'll read one of your stories, art or poems-- and review either one! Just email me at crazypeez@ymail.com to let me know... or in your review. I will respond to every review... unless you don't want me to respond. But why would you want that? Hehe :) Anywho, I won't keep you hear long! READ!!PS. If I deside not to post anymore stories on this site, visit www.twilighters219.piczo.com --even if I do post more here... still visit my twilight fan club! THANK-YOU

1. 1. Love

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Renesmee's POV

It was my seventeenth Christmas-- it's not like I was seventeen...I stopped growing after a while-- now I was immortal. It was just my seventeenth year alive.

Seventeen is a big number for my mother-- the reason, I have no idea. I never asked.

Since it was Christmas, she told me there would be more than just our family, Jake, Seth and Quil with Claire. They arrived early. My father told me that I had seen them-- but when it was only my first year alive. Nahuel and Zafrina had come. Apparently Nahuel's mother was human-- like my mom was when she gave birth to me.

Nahuel walked into the room-- he was beautiful. I know I shouldn't be overwhelmed by his beauty-- everyone here was beautiful (I mean the mythical creatures-- I mean suppose to be mythical).

But he was very beautiful-- like I needed to see his face everyone second of the rest of my eternity. Make him smile... forever. After all, we did have forever.

I stared at him while he followed Zafrina to the seat next to me. She sat in between us though. I don't think it would of been healthy for me to sit next to him. Even though I wanted to so bad.

I guess seventeen would be a good year for me as well. Jake saw me staring so I shifted my gaze to smile at him. But my gaze just couldn't leave him for too long. My eyes always returned.

Jacob shifted in his seat. He probably felt very-- strange. Watching the—freak-of-nature he had imprinted on stare at another freak-of-nature. But how could I ever possibly call him a freak? He was much too beautiful. And I know Jake never thought of me as a freak.

It was silent for a while, then I realized why. Everyone was staring at me. Except for Nahuel who was confused as I was before. They were silent because I was starring at Nahuel. Jacob looked horrified and drowned in pain—as well my mother. My father looked happy-- in his eyes, he was probably putting on this façade for mom. Zafrina realized their change of mood and wondered why that was. Rosalie and Emmet were smiling widely; my dad would have the same expression if it wasn't for his façade. Alice's face was blank like how it normally is when she's seeing the future, and Jasper had mixed emotions-- happy because of Emmet and Rosalie, sad because of Jake and my mother-- I wonder what my dad's emotion inside was. Probably a mix-- he felt pain for my mother feeling pain for the pain Jacob was feeling but happy because of-- well, I honestly didn't know... but that's what his eyes said.

Alice's vision finished, and my father’s façade disappeared, my mother saw the confusion on my face, and looked at my father. Suddenly his façade reappeared and I looked at Alice for a sign or something. All she did was smile at me and I made a confused expression at her. Then she spoke, "Hey! Nessie, can I talk to you?"

Then suddenly everyones whose eyes weren't already one me looked at me as well as everyone who was already reading my expression.

"Yeah, sure, Alice."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me through the back door. We ran through the forest until all the others couldn't hear me. I could almost see my father’s frown when he couldn't read my mind, in my mind. He would want to know my thoughts no doubt when Alice told me what she had seen. Of course he had already known what it was, which was obviously why his façade disappeared for that short moment.

"Reneesme, do you want to know something that could possibly change you whole entire LIFE?!"


"But FIRST... do you want Nahuel?"

"I haven't even spoken to him yet!"

"Yes, but you were staring at him!"

"Alice, I don't even know what falling in love feels like!"

She hugged me and I cried into her shoulder. "You mean you don't love Jacob?"

"Only like... like a brother."

She was silent for a while. She stepped back, "Oh-no. Why didn't you tell him?"

"Would you ever want to hurt your brother?"

"Guess not... I mean Edward reads minds."

"What about Emett?"

"Well I guess not. But I didn't know him when he didn't have Rosalie. ‘kinda hard to imagine myself in her position, I mean, I love Jasper!"

"I never knew Jake before I was born!" That came out to loud.

"Don't yell, Nessie. They can hear you if you do that, I didn't want to go too far."

"Can dad hear my thoughts?"

"Well, it's very likely. We're only about five miles away."

"Let's go further." So we ran ten more miles to be sure they weren't anywhere near to hear, mom probably wanted to know what was happening... so dad read it out for her-- I'd bet anyone who would doubt me. Bet them my life. Bet them forever. "What was your vision?"

"Wait... so you like Jacob only like a friend right?"

"A brother-- friendships break."

"But he's not your brother. He won't stick around if you don’t love him."