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What Next?

What if Reneesme didn't love Jacob Black?... takes places IN THE FUTURE... so I had to be creative.... Please read.

This story is my first and might just be my last on twilightarchives if NO ONE REVIEWS! Review and I'll read one of your stories, art or poems-- and review either one! Just email me at crazypeez@ymail.com to let me know... or in your review. I will respond to every review... unless you don't want me to respond. But why would you want that? Hehe :) Anywho, I won't keep you hear long! READ!!PS. If I deside not to post anymore stories on this site, visit www.twilighters219.piczo.com --even if I do post more here... still visit my twilight fan club! THANK-YOU

2. Cross- Contenant

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"But I do love him!"

"You just said as a brother!" She threw her hands up.

"Well, yes. And it wasn't a lie."

"But he wants you... not as his sister!"

"What about friend?"


"So... what was your vision?"

"Well, I suppose I'll tell you-- since you're not going to answer my question..." she frowned and looked at her feet.

Alice was my best friend even thought my invisibility annoyed her. It was a good thing Jacob was always around. But why did she have to be so emotional? It was like mood swings-- only thing was, was that she was a vampire... they don't get mood swings.

She continued "...I don't know how to put this... but, your future isn't totally blank any more. It's... more like two blank spots. One blank spot is obviously you-- as always. But the second... only possibly could be Nahuel. Un-less there's another half human half vampire, that just decided your the one the exact same second you "fell in love" with Nahuel"

I opened my mouth to say something but she continued, "sorry. I meant maybe fell in love with him. Sorry. My mistake, Nessie."

"So it's most likely Nahuel?"

"99.9%. Last time I saw him, he had told me he was most likely the only living male of his kind. So I would say 110% chance I'm right. When am I not! Oh right, when you're blank blobs. That's true. Sorry again, Ness."

"Okay, cool. I guess."

"I guess?! We ran 20 miles for an I guess after I tell you the guy you love--"

I cut her off to correct her again. But she continued again, "I know you love him. You do. You just don't know it yet."

"But I completely emberessed myself! What do I do now?" I started crying again. Why couldn't I just be full vampire? Then I wouldn't have tear stains running down my face when I got depressed.

"Don't pretend nothing happened-- but don't worry too much about it. You're stronger than to let that bother you to not show your face while we have visitors over. Or are you? Kidding! I know you better than that. I watched you grow-- literally. I mean, you were growing like a foot a day, Nessie!" She was getting off track now.

"The point?"

"Let's go. We don't want them worrying!"

"They lived for 100 years at least... ten minutes wouldn't feel long to them."

"We should still go! It's Christmas, Ness!"

So we ran our 20 miles back.

When we arrived everyone was starring at me. I was imbarresed and I blushed. For some reason that always made my father smile-- to see me blush. Again, I don't know why-- I never will-- because I never asked, and I never will. Even though never wasn't such a strong word when you had forever, I still meant it. Jake looked surprised to see us back so soon. I felt like saying told you so! to Alice but I didn't want toimberres myself any further. So I just touched Alice's face and made her see us standing 20 miles away in the forest, and me disagreeing with her on how 10 minutes wasn't much silence for those who have forever, since she was still right beside me.

Nahuel smiled at me, and I smiled back politely. Jacob got extremely uncomfortable. He started to get up, then he grabbed my arm and started pulling me back outside. "My turn" he said. Then we walked out of the back door, hand in hand.

We ran, this time North instead of East and 70miles instead of 20. After a few miles I started to get worried. "Jake, where are we going?"

He didn't answer until we got 70miles.

"Your dad could hear you when you were only 20 miles away. I think he can still hear us! We should run more." So we ran another 40 miles.

"And why don't you want him to hear our thoughts?"

"Why would you want him to hear our thoughts?"

"You've made your point. So why are we here?"

"You know, Edward made your mother guess what he was. So guess."


"Guess why we're here, Nessie."

"You need to tell me-- or ask me something."

"Tell or ask?"

"Ask. No, tell. Tell. Right?"

"Yeah, tell. Well, first. I need to ask you something. But after... only after."

"What is it you need to tell me?"

"You're breaking my heart. And maybe I shouldn't of waited until seventeen-- maybe sixteen. But your mother told me to wait... so I did." He looked down.

"Wait for what?"

"Let me finish first. 'kay, Nessa?"

"Yeah sure."

"Maybe I should wait till eighteen, 'cause I'm not ready to ask you this. But I'm only 16. You're already older than me. I blame Bella-- you mom... but she wanted me to wait, and how could I say no to someone who is like my sister. She's my bestfriend."

"Umm... Jake?" He looked up as I spoke, "you're kinda scrarin me. Get to the point. Please."

"I'm never able to build up on things. Can I ask you something before my ultamit question?" He didn't wait for my answer. "Do you love me?"

"Yes of course! What kind of question is that?"

"Stupid I guess... but I meant to phrase it differently-- in what way do you love me?"

I hesitated for a second, "what?!"

"Do you love me as your brother-- or a friend? Or the way I love you?"

"Friendships break over a long time period-- like forever. And I don't love you in the since you love me."

He didn't let me finish but he ran into the woods. "Wait!"

Then I ran after him. He phased into a wolf and I saw his clothes rip and his shoes get ruined. That was his last pair. We ran until we reached the border and crossed over into British Colombia. At that point I yelled for him to stop again. We ran a few more minutes and we got to Yukon. I was still right behind him, so he went East to North West Territories. Soon after we got to Nunavut. I was still right behind him when he reached Hudson Bay, and since neither of us could hold our breath to go through the bay, we went South to Manitoba. He probably didn't want to go back anywhere near home, so we stayed in the beautiful country of Canada. He made another turn East and now we were in Ontario. He didn't change directions yet so we got to Quebec. We ran till we got into Quebec.

Then he stopped in on the Kahnawake reserve (right between Montreal and Chateauguay) in the woods. Then he phased back."Why are you following me?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"You're hurting me."

"Okay, you know what? Everything I said... was to satisfy Alice. I don't like Nahuel. I love you. Like how you love me. I'm sorry." I took a step towards him. He put his hands as if to tell me to stay where I was. I planted my feet in my ground.

"Why did you tell me you don't love like how I love you half an hour ago-- back in Washington?"

"Where are we now anyway?"

"We're on a Canadian reserve. Kahnawake. There are a lot of reserves in Canada. Especially in Quebec. They have the most reserves compared to all the other provinces."

"So why'd you stop here?"

"I figured it was the best place to stop. We're on a reserve. You're not supposed to be here. And you still didn't answer my question."

"Wasn't my father reading my thoughts out loud to you guys?"

"Only up till when you were hearing yourself say "only like...like--" then he stopped and looked at me. So I just had to ask."

"So I said it to make you not think of me as a-- a liar. But now you're the only one who knows... as long as you don't think of it around my father."

"Why can't Edward know?"

"No reason I guess."

"Can you do me a favor?"


"Get me some close in Chateauguay. I'll lead you to their mall. It's called Centre Tachereau. I think. But most of them speak French there. Do you know French?"

"No. Only a little. I can ask for directions I guess."

"I thought you did know French. I'm the one that read the whole dictionary and Bescherelle to you."

"It's been a while since I've practiced."

"Okay, well hopefully you know enough."

"Where will you be?"

"I need to go get something. I'll be back. I left it back at your house. Meet me back here in like-- 15 minutes. I'll be right back!" Then he turned around and phased into his wolf form.

I walked out of the forest and onto the highway. There were allot of drug stores on the way back. But only on the reserve.

I found Centre Taschereau pretty easily. Chateauguay is a small town. They only had one mall. And it was extremely small. Only a few stores. Dollar Store, Ardene, a Foot Locker, a few girl stores, a grocery store and a few stores for men. But it was Christmas so most of them were closed. I walked into one called Pentagon. It was a store for both genders. I picked up the first pair of pants I saw and then picked up a t-shirt. I made sure there weren't any buttons. That wouldn't be to convenient for a werewolf.

I paid for the clothes then walked back to the woods. I started to get hungry, but figured it would be better if I would wait for Jacob.

I got to the woods to find that Jake had beat me there. "That was fast."

"I was hoping I wasn't late." I handed him the bag.

"Are you hungry?"

"Yeah. But I think I'll wait till we get home. Unless you want to hunt now."

"Either way your going to end up eating some animal you hunt down and me some animal I kill and drain their blood. So, maybe we should wait." He stuck on the clothes quickly.

"Let's go!" He said and I took his hand and this time we ran together. Much nicer instead of me chasing him all a cross the continent.

In reality I did love him like he loved me-- I just realized that Jacob wasn't the only. I kinda liked Nahuel. But why couldn't I just forget about him?