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Broken Piano Keys

BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS! Over 6 years after the Volturi's coming. Renesmee is now a very desirable young woman, but is having trouble getting Jacob to admit his feelings. She finds that other men realize just how desirable she is...


1. The Broken Keys

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(Approximately Six years after Breaking Dawn…)

The sound flowing through the house was pulling me, driving me to where it was emanating from. I didn’t know the piece, but I knew that she’d played it many times before. A single note on the piano could not possibly be played more or less beautifully. I made my way down to the lower level of the home, the stairs barely touch my feet. That’s when I saw her.

Her gorgeous slender body was positioned perfectly about the black baby grand piano. Her face could not be seen beneath the mass of her curly brown hair, which almost touched the keys as her head swayed back and forth. The graceful and dramatic movements of her arms and wrists were truly like a form choreography. Her angelic fingers touched the keys so lightly that it seemed as though she barely touched them at all. I stood there watching this otherworldly beauty before me. The tone in the room became more and more depressing and then she hit the final cord and her head tilted to the side. The ringing filled the whole space of her practice room and then finally Renesmee tilted her head back to look at me,


I took a few deep breaths as her chocolate eyes took me in. I shifted slightly realizing that I didn’t have my shirt on. I had just phased before I’d entered the Cullen’s home and I was starting to feel self-conscious of wearing only torn shorts. I glanced at the shirt in my hand and tossed it on quickly. When I pulled the shirt over my head I noticed her eyes lingering on the flesh that had been exposed only moments ago. She glanced at my face quickly and looked away. She might’ve been blushing but that veil of hair was back again. She played some chords mindlessly and then spoke,

“So, how’s your pack doing?”I shrugged,

“Alright, I guess. I only checked in for a minute. Sam’s usually in charge when I’m gone, so I know they’re doin’ fine.”

She nodded a few times and then she began playing that same mellow song. I just stood and watched as her body relaxed into the flow of the music and her head tilted all the way back. Her eyes were shut and for a moment my eyes trailed over her body. Her long lashes were shut tightly and her full lips were slightly parted. Her breasts were full and thrust outward due to her leaning back. I felt my face flush from looking at her there, but my eyes continued down her body. She was wearing jeans that would’ve looked too plain on anyone else, but accented every muscle in her slender legs. Finally my eyes rested on her feet which were pushing the pedals of the piano rhythmically, somehow even her feet seemed flawless.

When I looked back up at her face, her eyes were open and staring widely at me. I bit my lower lip in embarrassment. Had she seen my looking at her like that? Her hands slid off the piano and onto her lap. Her eyes never left my face, and then she said something I didn’t expect,

“Jacob. How come you’ve never asked me out?”

My face flushed again. Darn it! I never blush! How can she make me so vulnerable to my usually dormant emotions? I rocked back on my feet and looked away,

“Nessie, let’s not talk about this.”

“It‘s Ness.”

I sighed. Ever since she turned five she wanted everyone to stop calling her Nessie. She thought it made her seem too young. I’m sure the change had a lot to do with me. I decided to avoid her question,

“So, um, what was that song you were playing a minute ago?”

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven." Her eyes softened for a minute as she glanced over at the piano, but they became rock hard as the bore into me again, "You didn’t answer my question, Jake.”

Her face had that same stubborn look as Bella’s, when she wasn’t going to sit back and be told what to do. I tore my eyes away from her and looked at the floor. I wasn’t ready to have this conversation. Nessie-Ness sure was though. I heard her body turn on the black stainless bench,

“What’s wrong with me, Jacob? Ever since I’ve been getting older, you’ve started treating me more and more like…like a child!”

I still didn’t looked at her. I concentrated on flexing my arm muscles. She sighed and spoke again,“I’m going to be seven years old in two days. Does that mean anything to you?”

I turned to face her,

“Why are you asking me this? You want to know the truth? You’re just…”

Her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed,

“Too young?”

I thought she was going to shout at me, but she just closed her eyes for a moment. Then all at once her hand slammed down on the piano. The noise rang hard in my ears. She didn't flinch. After a second, she got up from the bench and raced up the stairs. Augh! I’m so stupid. I hit myself in the head, which actually hurt pretty bad. I walked over to the piano and sat down. I could only imagine how I looked compared to Nessie when she was sitting here. Where as she was petite and slender, I was hulking and huge. She was graceful and gorgeous, and I was a brute. Maybe the only thing we had in common physically was our strength. I exhaled slowly and poked at the seven broken piano keys.