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When Edward left Bella was broken. Then she was changed, and slowly she's recovering with her new family, her ten brothers and sisters. The Volturi are after Alice and Edward again. Carlisle finds a coven that has been hiding from them for years. Now its either join forces...or die. Major Changes! Read Pervious chapters to understand!Also I must again point out that the pictures in this story and all my other stories, do not belong to me. I have no claim on them I want no claim. Please don't sue me.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03 AND I NEED A NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I've said in my previous stories, any characters you recongnize from the amazing Twilight Saga is the property of Stephine Meyer. However the rest of them are in my head.

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 (Edward’s POV)

These were my worst years, worse even, then my years of rebellion. I was severely depressed and I knew it. But I couldn’t do anything about it, not for family, or for me. No matter how much I wished to relive the years a complete bliss my short time with her. I couldn’t.

"Edward?" Alice called over the rain.

"What do you want Alice?" I asked annoyed, couldn’t she leave me alone. I loved Alice but there were just times I couldn’t take being talked at. They knew I listened, but I never responded. I barely talk anymore.

If there were anyone in as much pain as me it was Alice. She’d lost her best friend. She had Jasper though.

"We’re leaving in a little while, I saw us moving so Carlisle decided to act on it," She said not mentioning the name of the town. She knew I wouldn’t care. I just got up and walked to the porch, I would wait there till we left.

I had just recently come home to my family from an attic in South America. Emmett literally, dragged me home. Alice had gone back to Forks, to check on, Bella. She died. Something about a cliff, but no one was sure what had happened, they don’t know if she fell, was pushed, or…jumped.

So Emmett dragged me back saying that I could at least go to her funeral. I tried to leave to go to the Volturi so many times I lost count. But Alice would stop me. And take me back to the family, saying that Bella wouldn’t want me to die. I listened to that if not anything else.

I’ve been numb ever since, there was no reason for me to live is gone. I would never forgive myself for leaving her, I could have saved her. She might not have even been near that cliff if I stayed.

"Come on bro’ we’re leaving," Emmett said coming out of the house. Followed by Jasper who stayed as far away from me as possible. I felt bad for him, the depression coming off of me was probably similar to torture for him. Another reason to pull myself out of depression, but I didn’t know how I could.

I walked to the Volvo and got in. I followed Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle and Esme were suffering as well, Esme used to cry to herself every night, before Carlisle convinced her that it wasn’t helping me. They were both overly concerned for me. I wish they wouldn’t be, it makes everything worse knowing I caused them pain for being in pain.

Where ever we were going, it was definitely wet. It looked like a swap. Not like the other places we’ve lived this place had water on the ground that wouldn’t evaporate, from the last time it rained. It looked like we were somewhere in Mississippi.

We stopped at a house I’m sure we already owned. I would already be in my room but Carlisle held me back. "Okay, everyone there’s another coven of vampires here that I’ve wanted to meet. They’re large, even larger then us so unpack quickly and we’ll go see them." He said looking around.

"What’s so special about them other then they’re big?" Emmett asked. He wanted to check out the game here. He was day-dreaming about what Alligators would taste like.

"Nearly all of them have gifts," Carlisle said a little apprehensive eleven vampires all with powers? That’s a walking disaster," Apparently the Volturi are after them all." Even worse.

"What you think Edward and Alice could hide with them if Aro acts on his fantasies?" Jasper asked worried about Alice’s well being. If it meant keeping the Volturi from getting her, he would cheerfully walk into hell.

"Maybe, or we might be able to join forces. It’s all a maybe right now. But it should be interesting to meet them." Carlisle said.

About an hour later we were in Emmett’s jeep I wasn’t paying attention. But then we had to get on a ferry. We needed up going to an island twenty minutes off the coast. It was absolutely covered in trees, but you could just see the top of a very large house. I stared out at the water, not thinking, not anything.

As we got to the dock you could see the road leading up to the house. Emmett drove the Jeep off the ferry and onto the road where we got in. (If you have no idea of what I’m talking about watch "Scooby Do on Zombie Island". They go to an island on a ferry in the movie.) We drove up to the huge house; well I guess it had to be huge to fit eleven people.

Carlisle knocked on the door and we waited for someone to answer, we heard beeping on the other side of the door, and what looked like a metal hand on wheels opened it. Then a guy with black hair looked up from by the stairs. "Sorry," he said reading our shocked faces, "It’s a robot I’m just testing it out. I’m Techno." He said shaking Carlisle’s hand.