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When Edward left Bella was broken. Then she was changed, and slowly she's recovering with her new family, her ten brothers and sisters. The Volturi are after Alice and Edward again. Carlisle finds a coven that has been hiding from them for years. Now its either join forces...or die. Major Changes! Read Pervious chapters to understand!Also I must again point out that the pictures in this story and all my other stories, do not belong to me. I have no claim on them I want no claim. Please don't sue me.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03 AND I NEED A NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I've said in my previous stories, any characters you recongnize from the amazing Twilight Saga is the property of Stephine Meyer. However the rest of them are in my head.

13. Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 (Lucy POV)

"I personally think Bec, has the worst past, but then I haven’t heard yours yet." I said, leaning back to the rails of the porch.

"Can I get this over with?" Becca asked, running a hand through her hair in frustration. "Well, I was very much a library geek. I went there everyday after school, and didn’t go home until it closed, around eight-ish. This normally wasn’t a problem, but my car broke down that week. So I was walking. Again not usually a problem, but the library wasn’t in the best neighborhood. Actually it was probably in the worst.

"As I was walking past a gas station I was grabbed and dragged behind the store." Becca took a deep breath and said, "I was raped, and left to die." Alice gasped, but Becca held up a hand and continued. Determined to get the story over with. "A hungry vampire came around about a hour later, and bit me. When I woke up three days later, I just curled up in a ball and stayed there.

"Bella and Lucy came by two or so days later and they picked me up. As we were leaving I caught a whiff of my first human, and attacked him. He’s still with us today." She finished smiling.

Will came up behind her, and hugged her around the waist, his face pained. Becca put a hand on his face and smiled softly.

We all looked around to see most of the rest of the family. Waiting by the door. "How much did you guys hear?" Bella asked, mostly looking at Edward.

"Only a quarter of the way through yours." Techno said, knowing her concern.

"Alright," she sighed, closing her eyes. Probably going over thoughts in her head. I rubbed my eyes trying to get that annoying tingling that meant you wanted to cry out of my eyes.

"You alright?" Tracey asked me concerned. I nodded, then yawned as Tracey sent a wave of sleep over us. "I think what we all need is good night’s sleep." She said, as she and Timmy herded us inside. All of us dividing into our separate rooms at once. And quickly falling asleep with Timmy, and Tracey’s influence.

I crawled into bed quickly, barely taking the time to change into pajamas. And slept soundlessly, that was until I started to here Bella sleep talking in the room next to mine.

"Edward, no don’t-" she mumbled. Loud enough for me to here but not anyone else. Or I thought so, until I heard footsteps out in the hall.

I heard Edward mutter something, and shot from my bed, quickly looking into the key hole watching as Edward stopped in front of Bella’s door as she muttered in her sleep again.

"Don’t… go." She said.

Edward looked at the door, rubbing his eyes. But it seemed like he was too tired to figure out just what was so familiar about the situation.

Becca would love this

I thought to myself, Its all lovey dovey heart wrenching shit.