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When Edward left Bella was broken. Then she was changed, and slowly she's recovering with her new family, her ten brothers and sisters. The Volturi are after Alice and Edward again. Carlisle finds a coven that has been hiding from them for years. Now its either join forces...or die. Major Changes! Read Pervious chapters to understand!Also I must again point out that the pictures in this story and all my other stories, do not belong to me. I have no claim on them I want no claim. Please don't sue me.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03 AND I NEED A NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I've said in my previous stories, any characters you recongnize from the amazing Twilight Saga is the property of Stephine Meyer. However the rest of them are in my head.

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 (Lucy’s POV)

Man we switch from one topic to another I thought as I watched my family settled down again.

That’s what happens, with eleven people in a house Lucy, Bella thought to me. I glared at her from across the room.

"Right well the reason we’re here," Carlisle the Cullen’s leader started. "Is because we’re having a bit of trouble with the Volturi."

Our whole family sat up a little straighter.

"Go on," Bella said.

"Well they are after, Edward, and Alice, for their powers. He’s been entertaining the idea, of forcing them to join for a while now, and we need a place to hide. As it was I have heard that your family are very good at hiding from them, and we need your help."

"What kind of help exactly, we’ll help as much as we can sure. But what do you want us to do?" Becca asked.

"We could just travel with you for a few years, until Aro forgets it." Carlisle said looking hopeful.

We all looked at Bella, a long time in close contact with the Cullens was not exactly what she needed at the moment.

She returned our stares, with one of her own then thought they were and will always be part of my family, same as you two and the rest of the family, we’ll help them. We have extra room too.

"That’d be fine," Bella said to them. All of the Cullens smiled relived.

"You could stay here if you like even, we have a lot of extra rooms, even with the eleven of us." Becca said smiling. She loved it when we got new family members and she already considered the Cullens family.

"It‘s the kid‘s choice if they want to or not. We‘ve bought a house, a few miles from the river, so Esme and I will probably stay there to avoid suspicion," Carlisle said.

"Jasper and I are supposed to stay," Alice said, after staring into space, for a minute. I think Bella said she had visions of the future. Maybe that was it!

"Where do you want to stay Rosie?" Emmett asked Rosalie.

"Do you think we could get our own apartment? We’ll fake like we’re going home, then just go there." Rosalie said.

"That would work," Carlisle said. "Will you do the same thing Alice? Jasper? It’s probably better."

"You don’t have to go to that length, unless one of you get a stalker." I said laughing. But the Cullens looked grave.

"It’s happened before," Emmett said with a shudder.

"Psychos," Will said with a laugh. "Will you stay Edward?" Everyone looked at him to see if he would actually talk. I don’t even know if he talked while he was chasing Bella with Techno, and Carter.

"Sure I don’t see why not," he said.

"Now that that‘s settled, " Techno said standing up, " time for training."

Both Bella and Becca screamed "No!" and I said, "You just want to show off your room."

"Maybe…" he said.

"Not tonight we have guests." Bella said smiling. She knew I was trying to get out of Training. I mean technically we don’t need it! The whole deal with training is that we can find new ways to use our powers everyday, so Techno makes us train sometimes, to work out the kinks in the new methods. It’s really stupid and we hate it.
"Well it’s getting late, would you like to stay tonight or do you want to get your stuff?" Becca asked the Cullens.

"We’ll do it tomorrow," Alice said getting up. "Shall we go?"

They all left all of us shouting goodbyes. As soon as they were gone Becca, and I stood up at the same time and grabbed one of Bella’s arms each.

We dragged her upstairs, and put her on her bed. "Spill," I said. "We need the whole story now. We know Edward and you broke up a long time ago…but there has to be more. Then that."

So we sat threw the story, of Edward & Bella again, in more detail. I hated him by the time the story was over.

"That Bastard!" I said storming around the room, "What an asshole!"

"He looked so sad today though," Becca said, always the romantic.

"Are you kidding?" I asked her a little upset.

"I couldn’t read his mind, well I could read it but it was empty." Bella said.

"You know what were going to do?" Becca asked, "We are going to go with the flow, see how it plays out."

"Whatever." Bella and I said.