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Love at First Sight

Just a little one-shot that came to me during English 10 while we were discussing 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

So we were discussing love at first sight, and someone said it wasn't real, and my friend turned to me and said 'for werewolves it is'. And we found that really funny for some reason.

1. Chapter 1

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“All right class, settle down.” Mr. Hudson walked to the front of the class and erased the chalkboard. He grabbed a piece of chalk and began writing on the board as he spoke to us. “Now, we’re going to start reading ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ soon, so today we’re going to talk about some of the themes that Shakespeare incorporates into the text.”

I internally groaned. Another love story that I had to read, and just like every other love story that we’d read this semester, it was going to rub in my face the fact that Bella would never love me.

“So the first one we’re going to discuss is parental authority. We will also discuss love, courtship, marriage, servitude, loyalty, and a few more. The question for this topic that I want you to answer on your paper before we start is ‘when is the appropriate age when you should be given personal freedom?’ Please take a few moments to answer.”

I scribbled my answer down quickly and then tuned out. Billy had given me personal freedom as soon as I had transformed the first time, all the pack’s parents had… well except Embry, even though Sam gave him permission to tell his mom but he refused to, claiming that because she wasn’t an elder she wasn’t allowed to know. We all knew he was just scared that she would be horrified of him and kick him out of the house or disown him. We all thought he was crazy.

“Okay, now onto the next topic.” The class had finished discussing parental authority. “Love, the question we are going to discuss is ‘Do you believe in love at first site?’ Take a moment to answer.” I heard a muffled laugh from next to me. I glanced over to see Embry burying his head in his crumbled up sweatshirt on the desk trying not to draw attention to him. Jared, Quil and Paul, who were sitting behind us, were also trying to muffle their laughter. Kim’s cheeks were bright red.

I knew what they were laughing at. Love at first sight was imprinting for us. You took one look at the person after you transformed and you were instantly in love with them.

“Okay, now who would like to read their response?” Mr. Hudson scanned the classroom for raised hands, when he saw none he took it upon himself to volunteer us. “Kim how about you read yours?”

“Um, okay…” She took a deep breath before reading. “Well, I believe in love at first sight because I think that when you’re really supposed to be with someone, you’ll know the second you see them.” She looked at Embry and gave him a small smile and blushed a little when he returned it.

“Good, anyone have a response to that?” Mr. Hudson pointed at a girl on the other side of the room.

“Well, I don’t believe in love at first sight, I don’t know why anyone would. It’s cheesy, how are you supposed to know who your soul mate is by just looking at them?” Her voice was so nasally, how could anyone stand listening to her?

“That’s an interesting point. Anyone else?” Jared raised his hand. “Yes Jared?”

“Well, I’m sorry to say I have to disagree. Love at first sight does exist. I know plenty of people who have experienced it, and plenty of other people who would back me up on that.”

“That’s stupid. How could you even know that it’s true?” Nasal girl asked.

“Because, I’ve experienced it! I’ve seen it happen to other people! It’s called imprint-“ Paul slapped a hand over Jared’s mouth.

“What he’s trying to say is that you just have to believe it, if you don’t, then you can’t see it. You just have to believe.” That was the first insightful thing I had ever heard come out of Paul’s mouth.

Nasal girl had just started responding with what sounded like an extremely rude remark when the bell rang.

“Alright class, tomorrow we’ll be discussing servitude and loyalty, start thinking about the question ‘Is there such a thing as being forced into loyalty and servitude?’” Mr. Hudson wrote it on the board. I joined in the laughter from my pack this time, we knew what that felt like.

“Of course not,” Nasal girl exclaimed from across the room. We all shared a look. Tomorrow was going to be fun.