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After Him

Renesmee is walking through the forest filled with grief, guilt and anger. "Think, remember, forget." she tells herself as she looks back on the desatsterous week before. A week that changed her life for ever. The week that her Jakey died. rated teen coz i dont know what going to happen next.


2. Chapter 2- Nahuel

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[nessie's POV]-

After the Volturi left, Nahuel and Huilen stayed with our family for almost over a year. Nahuel said he wanted to try our way of life and so of course Huilen agreed to stay with him. Over that short period of time Nahuel and I became firm friends, after all, we were, as far as we knew, the only of our kind that weren’t related in some way.

Although I looked no older than a five year old he followed me around like a puppy dog, seemingly entranced at my every move, hanging onto my every word. I started to spend even more time with him than I did with Jakey I knew this irritated Jake, but to be honest, Nahuel was so much more interesting. He told me stories of his life, about his father, his sisters and his beloved jungle were he grew up and had lived for almost all his long existence. He was so good at describing the atmosphere and the people that you could almost believe you were there with him. Carlisle said that he had a gift for making people believe and feel what he told them. To make them believe what he wanted them to believe. I didn’t agree with Carlisle and thought it was just his amazing skill of story telling. We would play together for hour on end. He would brush my long bronze ringlets then race me around the Cullen’s massive estate. He would always do what I wanted to do, even when Carlisle or Dad were giving me lessons he would sit there and watch. I loved his presence. I grew so used to seeing his rich brown hair, dark skin and black eyes that I took that he would always be there for me. That was how we spent that year, together with Jake lagging behind, always second on my list of priorities. I can not describe how guilty I feel about all of that now. I could see how much it hurt Jacob yet I ignored it. I suppose I could give myself the excuse "I was young, I didn’t realise." but I did realise, and that is what was so bad.

When a year was up Huilen wanted to leave. She said that she missed her home land and wanted to go back. Naturally Nahuel agreed and with a hug and a promise visit me soon, he left.

When they had gone, everyone except me was relived. No one was a bit sympathetic that I had lost one of my closest friends and proberly wouldn’t see him again for at least two years. In fact, Jake was so overjoyed; he threw me up in the air before kissing me on the forehead. This surprised me but instead of showing it I kissed him back, right on the tip of his long brown nose.


I sit down now on a bed of leaves. It is not that I feel tired. I feel wide awake. I have been running and my blood is pending through my head kike a herd of elephants. I smile at the thought of elephants. When I was young Jacob would tell me the classic joke:
"How do you tell if there are elephants in your fridge?"
And I would yell out
"'Coz of the foot prints in the butter!"
Then I would burst out into a fit of helpless giggles while he tried to tickle me in any point he could find. I don’t know how many times we repeated this act, but it was always funny, even now.

I am crying again. The tears are overpowering. It feels like someone is tearing my heart out.

Oh Jacob I am so sorry.

It is my entire fault but...

No. Nessie stop. Forget that. Forget. Think, Remember, Forget