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Steady Sun (not finalized)

The Cullen's life after Breaking Dawn. My first attempt at fan fiction. Its not very far in, but I'm thinking about giving Rosalie and Emmett bigger storylines. Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Constructive Criticism is all I ask for.

2. Two.

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As we pulled up to the Cullen family house, Edward's expression changed from content to almost nervous. I looked at him more carefully. "What-"

I heard Alice's graceful steps flying down the stairs. The front door slammed open. "EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN!" Her face was terrifying.

"Alice! What are you doing!?" Jasper yelled from inside. Waves of calm surrounded us, and Alice turned towards her husband's voice.

"Jazz, I'm still mad at you. You can't keep me calm forever." She flew up the stairs.

Jasper kissed her on the cheek. "Try me."

I headed into the house, Edward following me warily. "Don't let her get too far away, Jasper," he murmured.

"Bella!" Alice gave me a hug. I smiled down at her tiny frame. I gave Jasper a thumbs up. He smiled, drawing attention to the thousands of scars on his face. It was hard to reconcile my sweet brother-in-law with his violent past.

Carlisle stood up. "Is everyone ready?" We all nodded and took our unnecessary seats around the room. "Good. Now, Bella, can you remember a few things we've taught you to do in class?"

I squirmed in my seat a bit. "Fidget." Carlisle smiled approvingly. "Make minor mistakes in my answers. Don't sit near a window. Stare off into space after a few minutes."

"Very good. Does anyone else have a few pointers?" Carlisle didn't need to ask. The Cullens had been through the high school and college charades dozens of times. "Edward?"

"Don't write too fast. Rember that, Rosalie?"

"That was decades ago, buffoon," she snapped. "Bella, just try not to catch too much attention."

Emmett started laughing. "I really wish you could still blush, lil' sis." Edward shot him a warning look. Emmett ignored him. "One thing Rose and I know from experience, uh," he laughed, "keep the PDA to a minimum."

Esme sighed. "It's true. I've gotten more than a few phone calls over the years."

"That doesn't sound too difficult," I said. "Will it be really obvious if I'm holding my breath?" As a newborn vampire, it was very difficult to be around humans and their delicous smelling blood. I had done better than most, but an hour or two in a crowded room would be a challenge.

"Just move your shoulders a bit," Alice spoke up. She got a far off look in her eyes for a second. "Don't worry, you'll be fine," she declared. I'd never bet against Alice and her visions of the future.

I took a deep breath. The smells of my vampire family and daughter calmed me. "Alright, lets go."

"Bye, Mama!" Nessie hurtled towards me and jumped into my arms.

I hugged her gently, my newborn strength was no joke. "I'll see you later, baby."

* * * * *

Edward, Alice, Japser and I pulled up into the student parking lot at Dartmouth. "Its beautiful," I said. I could feel my excitement starting to affect Jasper. "Sorry, Jazz. So this is degree number-"

"Fifteen." Edward answered.

"Ten!" Alice and Jasper chorused from the backseat.

"So why do you guys even bother with college?" If I could teach the courses I was taking, I wouldn't even bother going to school.

I could almost feel them thinking. "I don't know, really," Edward said thoughtfully. "Its amusing, for one. And theres not much to do during the day."

"And its an excuse for a new wardrobe!" Oh, Alice. "Come on, guys, lets go!"

The four of us stepped out of the car, and looked around for Emmett and Rosalie. The entire crowd of students gasped in amazement as they pulled up in Rose's BMW. "Drawing attention to us already," Edward hissed under his breath. They gracefully climbed out of the car and met us on the sidewalk. Edward glared at Rosalie. "I told you to take the Mercedes."

She rolled her eyes. "Who died and made you Carlisle?" Everyone but Edward giggled. "Ready everyone?" I grabbed Edward's hand for support. We all held our breath and headed for our classes.

It was impossible to miss the stares we attracted. The looks in the eyes of our peers were equally amazed and terrified. I remembered my first Cullen sighting through my dim human eyes. The shock of the five, inhumanely gorgeous teens in the Forks High cafeteria was an unforgettable sight. Even though I was caught off guard by their looks, I still had felt a slight feeling of fear. I saw my old emotions reflected in their eyes.

A pressure on my hand snapped me out of my thoughts. Edward had tightened his grip on my hand. There was no doubt he was overhearing our male classmate's thoughts. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he unclenched a bit. "I can't blame you darling, I would feel the same way." I thanked my lucky stars that I couldn't hear the girl's thoughts about Edward. Nobody wanted a newborn-jealousy attack on their first day at Dartmouth.

We kept walking towards our buildings, and I began picking up bits of the gossip surrounding us.

"Who are THEY?"

"God, each girl is hotter than the last."

"Which one is the cutest? The blond emo looking one, the big muscely one, or the bronze haired one?"

"I'd like a piece of that one."

I started laughing quietly. Edward was not as amused. He whispered, "that's just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine whats going on inside their heads." I shuddered and giggled at the same time.

Finally. We reached a shaded area between the two buildings our little family would scatter to. "Rosalie, what do you have first?" Alice asked. I could tell she was desperately trying to see what would happen today.

"Family Dynamics," Rosalie replied. "Esme suggested that Emmett and I take it and learn to mature and respect each other better."

"Aw, Rose. Don't worry, we'll have fun after class," Emmett boomed. He couldn't exactly help it, he was just a loud, obnoxious, crazy vampire.

She rolled her eyes. "Lets go, Em." She tugged him off to class.

Alice looked at her new designer watch. "Jasper! We're going to be late for our American History class!"

"I could teach the thing myself, Alice," Jasper sighed.

She poked him. "Okay, Mr. Confederate Soldier Sir. Kindly march into the building." He rolled his eyes at Edward and me. "See you two when you're done with Shakespeare and Love!"

"Remind me why I decided to come to college?" I teased.

Edward laughed. "Because we get to take all the fun, pointless classes. Come on, Mrs. Cullen, we've got to get good seats." I gave him a smile. He could definitely still dazzle me.