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Steady Sun (not finalized)

The Cullen's life after Breaking Dawn. My first attempt at fan fiction. Its not very far in, but I'm thinking about giving Rosalie and Emmett bigger storylines. Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Constructive Criticism is all I ask for.

3. Three.

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Edward and I strolled happily out of the building, his arm around my shoulders. I noticed the gossip start about us again, but I didn't care. I was too happy.

Shakespeare and Love was my new favorite class ever. We discussed Romeo and Juliet, and somehow every point hit something in our lives. The romantic mood blissed both of us out.

Alice and Jasper met up with us by a few benches. I saw Jasper's face as he picked up on my mood. His eyebrows shot up. "Enjoing college, Bella?"

"You could say that." I leaned my head against Edward's shoulder. "How many more minutes until they're done, Alice?"

She glanced over at the building where Emmett and Rosalie were learning to love each other in a more civilized fashion. "A minute. The professor is feeling nice." She looked alarmed. "Though I can't say the same for Rosalie."

As if on cue, Rosalie burst out of the building, Emmett trailing behind her, desperately trying to calm her down. Jasper immediately tried to help, but even his gift couldn't help her.

I could tell Edward had read Rose's angry thoughts because he tensed. He spoke in a tense, low voice. "We have two hours before our next class. We are going home before Rosalie snaps. Emmett, see you in a few minutes." With that, Emmett began almost dragging Rose to the car. She was shaking with anger, too upset to even resist.

The four of us started quickly- to humans at least- to the Volvo. Once safely inside, Edward backed out and we started rapidly heading back to the house.

"That is anger like I've never felt from Rosalie before," Jasper quietly spoke. "What's wrong with her, Edward?"

Edward spoke tiredly. "I suppose you should all be prepared. Instead of Family Dynamics, the teacher- who is newly pregnant I might add- decided to make it a two-hour long tribute to the miracle of life."

Realization dawned on Alice, Jasper and I. There was nothing Rosalie wanted more than to have a child. It was a sore subject in the Cullen family, and one that had caused Rosalie and Emmett alot of pain. We pulled up to the drive. This was not going to be pretty.

Our advanced hearing picked the noise up long before a human would. It was a rhythmic cycle of smashes, cracks, and crashes. As we pulled up the house, we realized what it was. Rosalie, punching down trees, one by one. Emmett was pleading with her, begging her to come back inside.

The rest of us silently went into the house. Carlisle and Esme were watching her through the huge window, Renesmee in Carlisle's arms. Esme looked at us with a stricken expression. "I've never seen her so upset," she whispered. We all watched out the window as Emmett finally was able to pick her up and bring her back into the house. Her lack of resistance was shocking; the Rosalie I knew would have ripped his arm off.

Emmett sat down on the couch, still holding onto his unmoving wife. I sat in the cradle of Edward's arms, grateful for the comfort.

Carlisle spoke first. "Emmett, what's wrong?"

The pain in his voice shocked me. "Well, first off, the professor is about six months pregnant, glowing, and looking ecstatic." I saw Alice shoot Rose a sympathetic look. She didn't notice. "Then all she talked about was the miracle of life, and how great it was to be pregnant and bring a child into the world." Rosalie's fists clenched. Emmett strained to continue. "You know, any of that would have been bad, but-" he swallowed, "then she had to go and say-"

"SAY WHAT?" Rosalie screamed, jumping onto her feet. "THE PART WHERE SHE SAID SHE FELT TRULY, DEEPLY SORRY FOR ANY WOMAN WHO COULDN'T HAVE A CHILD?" She was out of control. I was terrified. She whirled around and continued to scream at Emmett. "OR MAYBE IT WAS WHEN SHE SAID THAT WOMEN THAT COULDN'T OR WOULDN'T HAVE CHILDREN MUST HAVE THE CARING, MOTHERING GENE MISSING?" Esme was on the verge of sobbing. Emmett reached his hand out to her.

Rosalie looked around at the horrorstruck faces of our family. She quieted, and began to sob, as much as a vampire could. "No," she whispered. "I think it was when she stopped Emmett and I on the way out and said-and-and-said-'You two will have beautiful children someday.'" With that final confession, she collapsed to the floor and cried.

I couldn't watch. It was the most heartbreaking moment I had ever seen. I grabbed Renesmee and flew out of the room.

I held onto my daughter like I was holding onto my sanity. In a way, I was. The raw pain and angst in Rosalie's eyes chilled me to the bone. My breath started to come in gasps. Renesmee stroked my hair.

The sounds of the living room drifted towards us. Rosalie sobbing, Esme choking back her cries, and the other's breathing. I recognized Edward's footsteps starting down the hall. They paused. "Don't," Carlisle murmured. "Give her a few minutes." Relief flooded me. Thank God for Carlisle.

A hot little hand pressed insistently against my cheek. Nessie's sad and inquisitve thoughts accompanied a picture of Rosalie. "Mama, why can't she have a baby? Why is she so sad?" I started to answer her, but I couldn't get the words out. "Mama?"

Edward's footsteps flew down the hall, and then the heat spot that was my daughter disappeared. Her clear voice softly asked Edward the same questions. "Daddy, what's wrong with Aunt Rose?"

He swallowed. "Well, sweetie, not everyone can have a child like Mama and I did. People like us can't have babies. You're our little miracle, because you were made before Mama was a vampire. Aunt Rose is sad because she wants a little girl or boy just like you."

"That teacher made her upset when she talked about babies?" she asked. Edward nodded, and a light went on in Renesmee's eyes. She leapt down from Edward's arms and headed towards the living room.

"No, Renesmee!" I cried. The sight of our little girl would be sure to send Rosalie over the edge.

Before anyone could reach her, Renesmee had gone straight up to Rosalie and had wrapped her little arms around Rose's shaking form. Miraculously, the child's touch seemed to calm her. She opened her arms and pulled Nessie to her. They sat there holding eachother.

Carlisle stood up and beckoned us all upstairs. We cleared out the room, leaving Rosalie and Renesmee alone. The family met in Carlisle's office. He gently closed the door, and then he spoke.

"What are your thoughts?"

Esme answered first. "We have to do something. She can adopt."

"No, that won't work." Alice shook her head. "That would invlove too many people knowing."

I looked at Emmett. He looked into the faces of his family, one by one. "There has to be a way. I don't care what it takes. It's killing her." He took a deep breath. "Carlisle, you have to figure out something. There's a way- I know there has to be a way." He buried his face in his hands. It was the most upset I had ever seen my usually silly brother in law.

"We can't. It's not possible." Edward said in a low voice. "Even if we could get an egg or two from her, how would the baby grow? We would have to use a surrogate, and it would end up killing her."

Carlisle sat down and stared out the window for a long moment. He looked at us with eyes full of thought. "I- I don't know," he admitted. "But I know I'm going to try."

Edward jumped to his feet. "It's too dangerous! There is no possible way this can work!" He was furious.

Quiet Jasper spoke up. "Edward, look at Rosalie. I know you felt her pain through me. Is there honestly any way you could refuse to help her?"

"Edward, we have to at least try," I whispered. "Imagine life without Renesmee, now that we have her. Imagine never being able to feel that joy, but watching someone else have it. We have to."

Esme stared into my eyes. "Bella," she said forcefully. "This is not your fault. She wanted a child before Renesmee was born. You are not moving, you are not apologizing to Rosalie for having a child." Esme's mothering side strikes again.

"Alice, Jasper, Edward, and Bella. We all desperately need to talk, but you have a second class. Appearances are crucial today. Go." Carlisle ordered gently.

Alice hesitated. "Come on, Alice," Jasper said softly. He grabbed her hand, and the four of us headed downstairs. We silently passed Rosalie and Renesmee. Nessie had fallen asleep in Rose's arms. Rosalie was combing through her hair gently with her fingers. Her face was filled with sadness, love, and pain. It was all I could do to turn away from her and walk out the door.