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Steady Sun (not finalized)

The Cullen's life after Breaking Dawn. My first attempt at fan fiction. Its not very far in, but I'm thinking about giving Rosalie and Emmett bigger storylines. Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Constructive Criticism is all I ask for.

4. Four.

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Chapter Four

We returned to the house after a long day of sleepwalking through our classes. Renesmee napped on the couch in Jacob's arms. Carlisle must have called him. "Hey, guys," he murmured.

When we moved to New Hampshire, one thing we knew was that Jacob was a necessity. One, because Renesmee couldn't be without him. He was her rock, her best friend, her Jacob. All the things he had once been to me. Two, because she was his imprint. The pain we would cause him by taking her away would shatter him. And my third, private reason. It was my way of apologizing for all the pain I caused him.

"Hello, Jacob. How's my daughter?" Edward asked quietly. Instead of driving a wedge further between them, Jake's love for Renesmee had brought Edward and Jacob closer. Thank God for small miracles.

"She's fine, I guess. Real broken up about Rosalie." Jacob looked uncomfortable. There was certainly no love lost between him and Rose. "We ate and then she fell asleep a few minutes ago." He shifted his weight. "I have her all day tomorrow, right?"

I nodded. "We have back to back classes all day."

He whistled under his breath. "Damn, Bells, that sucks." I could still tell he was excited to have a full day with Nessie.

Alice and Jasper had made there way over to the loveseat and were just sitting there holding hands. Their quiet, loving relationship was adorable. Edward tugged me over to the couch with Jake and Nessie. We all sat there for a while, absorbed in our thoughts.

The sound of Rosalie crying reached us downstairs. The comfortable atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense. It only took about five minutes before we were hightailing it out of there. "We'll be back soon," Edward called over his shoulder.

I tore off running into the woods, sprinting away from the pain and angst of the house. Alice and Jasper headed south, where I knew they had found a special spot. Edward and I kept running. I didn't know what else to do.

I didn't know how far we had gone when we came to a stop. We were very still for a moment, and then Edward pulled me into a tight embrace.

My feelings for Edward grew stronger each day. I was terrified that my transformation into a vampire would change how I felt, or worse, how Edward felt. Our bond had only grown stronger. He was my everything. It was amazing how one person could make you feel how he made me feel, and how easily he could calm me, bring me back to earth. A moment in his arms could change my entire mood. I pulled in my mental shield, as I was starting to do in moments like this. My feelings flooded my brain, showing them as I only knew how. Our formerly forbidden feelings were difficult to express.

We looked searchingly, intensely into each other's eyes for a minute. His lips touched mine softly. "Ready?" I whispered.

"After you," he replied.

We began running back towards the house, stopping to feed on a few deer.

Alice and Jazz were still out when we returned. Renesmee was awake though, helping Jacob with his literature homework. The sight was hilarious. A four year old looking girl helping a young man with his homework. Edward went upstairs to Carlisle's study and I sat next to Nessie and Jake. Renesmee giggled as she corrected Jacob, again, as she informed me. The light and laughter in her eyes was genuine, something I would have to thank Jacob for. He could always make my daughter smile.

I could just barely hear the noises from upstairs. Breathing I recognized as Emmett’s was near Rosalie’s. Esme’s footsteps were quietly winding through the rooms and tidying. I heard Carlisle pacing while Edward spoke quietly. “It might…” was all I caught.

Apparently Rosalie did too. I raced up the stairs when I heard her fly across the hall to Carlisle’s study. “What? What might work?” she demanded.

Carlisle looked stricken. “Rosalie, darling, it’s just an idea. We have no clue if it’s even possible.” He didn’t want to get her hopes up, I realized. I wholeheartedly agreed. The less pain we could cause my sister in law the better or our hearts would have to keep breaking alongside hers.

“I don’t care.” Her words were forceful. “Now, Carlisle, what. Might. Work?”