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How Jasper Came To Be

This is my story on how Jasper came to be a member of the Cullen family. (Sorry i thought i put it was AU already!!)


1. A Stranger At My Door

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So there he was. Jasper Whitlock. That’s just about all he’d managed to say from the time he stumbled upon our door to the time he was tucked up all warm in mine and Esmes bed. I don’t know where he came from or why I pitied him so much, he just looked broken. All I know was that he had somehow gotten himself into a state, probably ran away from home, came across my house and banged on the door. I opened it and saw a young, blond rather skinny man standing there, panting, out of breath. His blond hair was stuck all over his face and his features dripping wet with rain. Must be a human I thought. I sniffed and caught a whiff of him. Yes definitely human.

“Hello. Are you OK? Who are you?” I questioned the poor man.

“Ja….Jas…Jasper. Jasper Whitlock” he wheezed, and with that his eyes rolled back in his head and he started to fall backwards. I quickly got behind him and caught him, I then simply lifted him up the stairs to my bedroom. I took of his soaking wet shoes and jacket and put him in my bed. ‘Esme is going to kill me’ I thought to myself. But I couldn’t worry about that now. I was more concerned about the human being I had, who was passed out in my bed. I quickly gave him a once over, checking his pulse and what not to make sure he didn’t actually have anything wrong with him. He didn’t. But I did notice strange looking scars on his wrists and forearms. I didn’t really think much of it anyway. I put the covers over him to keep him warm and crept out shutting the door behind me.

I had barely made it half way down the stairs when I heard my front door opening and Esme and the kids steaming in.

“Uh-Oh” said Alice almost immediately with a mischievous look on her face.

‘Damn it!’ I thought she must have seen my decision to take in Jasper.

“Who’s Jasper?” Edward asked

‘Damn it!’ I thought again, I’d gotten so used to him reading my thoughts I thought I’d gotten past the stage where I’d have to hide things. I was never really one for secrets.

By this point they all had there Honey coloured eyes on me.

“oh boy” I said out loud.

I knew Alice and Edward already knew what happened as they was both eyeing up the staircase looking at my bedroom door. I gave them a pleading look begging them both not to say anything until I had explained it myself. They both nodded at me.

“Carlisle? What is it?” said my beautiful wife

“Yeah come on we’re waiting!” Emmett added

“Ok ok…erm basically while you guys were shopping we kind of had a visitor”

“A visitor?” Rosalie interrogated me

“Yes. A young man named Jasper. He was very poorly, freezing cold in the rain, he looked so tired, so hungry. I felt I had to do something to help.”

“What did you do?”

“Well actually before I had a chance to do anything he fainted.”

“Aww you didn’t eat him did you?” Emmett said pitifully

“No! no! no! I just you know…carried him…upstairs…put him in our bed….” I looked down at the floor.

“WHAT!” Esme screamed “You mean there’s some strange, wet, HUMAN in my bed! What was you thinking!”

“I wasn’t - im sorry, but if you saw the look on his face - I mean he looked so helpless, pathetic even”

“Pathetic?” came a voice from the staircase behind me

We all turned to look at him.

“Oh err im sorry. My name is Carlisle Cullen” I held out my hand for him. He took it revealing his bony forearms and again those strange looking scars.

“How did I get into your house? I mean I remember … nothing” he looked saddened

“You knocked on my door - you fainted. I’m a doctor.” I assured him

“Ok. Listen im going to go now. Thanks for taking care of me.” He very nearly smiled. “Its been a while since someone’s been this nice to me”

“Oh you’re very welcome.” I stepped aside giving him access to the door. I could sense from all the angry faces in the room that they wanted him out.

“Goodbye.” he took a step outside and shut the door.

There was this silence. I felt kind of guilty. I mean im a doctor. Vampire or human Im not supposed to just pick people up and let them walk out like that. He must of felt really awkward. I then felt angry at myself for handling the situation so poorly, I wish I could of helped him even more. I didn’t even ask why he was out here. Anyway Edward must have picked up on my thoughts because the next thing that came out of his mouth, I did not expect.