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How Jasper Came To Be

This is my story on how Jasper came to be a member of the Cullen family. (Sorry i thought i put it was AU already!!)


2. Nowhere To Go

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“He’s lying” Edward spoke

“What?” everyone said in unison

“He’s lying. He does remember why he got here. He ran away from his house.”

Edward had a look on his face that I’d never seen on him before. If he could cry then I’d bet my bottom dollar he would be right now.

“I looked in his mind while he was here. I saw what happened. He‘s so lonely. Nowhere to go. Nobody to help him”

“What is it Edward?” I asked worriedly

“Its better we hear it from him. I mean I might have not seen it clear enough. I might be wrong. I think you should go after him.”

Without thinking and without consulting the rest of my family I ran out of my door and sprinted at vampire speed down the road. Not very much time later I saw a figure sitting on the sidewalk. That was Jasper alright - I remembered the smell. I slowed myself down and walked up to him. I sat beside him.

“You ok kid?”

He turned and looked at me with his eyes. His eyes that were full of pain.

“Yeah” he unconvincingly grinned

He wasn’t going to fool me.

“Why are you sitting here. You got nowhere to go?”

He thought for a minute then sighed


“Well you do now.” I stood up.

“Excuse me?”

“Come on you heard. You can stay with us for a bit”“

Really? Why? I mean I might be a murderer or something -scratch that YOU might be a murderer or something.” he looked concerned

I just laughed and told him it was his choice. He agreed. Though I think because he was desperate. Desperate for a break.

We walked back to the house which took considerably longer now that I was walking in human pace. But never mind. We were soon back in my house.

We decided we would leave it until the morning to ask him any questions. We (well I say we, Esme) decided that he would be sleeping in Emmett’s room rather than ours, despite his protests and cries. I had to actually remind him that vampires don’t sleep. He then had to remind me that he and Rosalie use that bed at night for their private time, but tough. That was Jaspers bed for tonight and - oh god. I seem to have some sort of connection with the Human. Edward snorted a laugh at this thought. I just gave him a glare and he turned away from me.