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Bella's Naughty Idea

Bella: "It occurred to me that there was another way to let you taste my blood, without dying, and without needles. And I think I might like it too."

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, Stephenie Meyer does. Alas. Setting: Between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn I know many of you must be unsatisfied with Stephenie Meyer's response to the question about Bella's period. Here's my answer. Warning: Chapter 2 and beyond will contain adult material.

2. Chapter 2: Conversation with Alice

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Edward's Point of View

I tried to calm myself on the way home, knowing my family would be able to sense my unease. I hoped Jasper and Alice were busy, they were the most perceptive.

No such luck. Alice and Jasper were cuddling on the living room couch. I tried to sneak by and go upstairs, but Jasper called out to me, "What's up with you?"

Alice's amused smile told me she'd foreseen what had happened at Charlie's house. I glared at her. Why hadn't she warned me?

"Bella and I had an-embarrassing conversation." I explained for Jasper's benefit.

"What happened?" he prodded.

"I smelled-her blood...and I didn't think..."

"She's on her period." Alice said bluntly.

"Yes." I flinched.

"So what's the big deal?" Jasper asked.

"I questioned her about it." Jasper's gift was starting to work on me; I felt relaxed enough to tell the story. "I thought she was hurt. I kept asking her and asking her..."

Alice laughed aloud. "You didn't realize? How thick-headed are you?"

"I mean, I know it happens, and I've smelled it on her before, but today I just didn't put it together..."

Alice rolled her eyes. "You hear girls' thoughts all day at school and you can smell blood types from across the cafeteria. How can you not have the information you'd need to allow Bella to be discreet?"

"I don't know, I just had a-moment of absent-mindedness, I guess."

"If you had to pretend to use the ladies' room like Rose and I do..."

"I know, I know-"

"Did you know that they sometimes synchronize? Sometimes it's like every girl in school is on the rag at the same time. Once we hadn't been hunting in almost three weeks, and Rose went in the bathroom and it was full of girls changing pads-"

"Spare the details, please, Alice."

"She ran out of there so fast the track coach wanted to talk to her the next day!"

Jasper laughed. "You have to admit, it is funny, Edward."

"I'm sure it is for you." I sighed. Suddenly, I remembered what Bella had said just before Charlie walked in: "We'll talk more tonight." She wanted to continue this humiliating conversation! I groaned. "And the worst part is, it's not even over!"

"Actually," Alice giggled. "that might be the best part." Immediately she began reciting multiplication tables in her head.

"You-you know what she's planning! Tell me!"

Her smile was mischievous. "And let you prepare yourself, so you can be all suave when she tells you? Or so you can get some objections ready and turn her down? Of course not."

"C'mon, Alice!"

"I will promise you this: you'll like it."

"But-what about her? Will she be ok? What did you see?"

"She'll be fine! She won't be in any danger. And if you're as...attentive as you normally are, I think she'll like it too."

What was that supposed to mean? "Attentive?" I whispered.

Jasper grinned broadly and clapped me on the shoulder. "You know. Show her a good time." He seemed to have understood exactly what Alice meant, but his thoughts were full of incoherent glee.

What could they possibly mean? I racked my mind for more clues from their cryptic comments. "Why would I turn her down?" I asked Jasper.

"Cause you're stupid sometimes," he replied, chuckling. "That's why you would." He followed Alice out.

He had a point there. I remembered the mouthwatering scent that had caused my mind to go so completely blank, and groaned at the thought of lying near Bella all night surrounded by that delicious smell. How could I ever resist her?