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Fate or Coincidence?

What if Edward had never returned? Jacob stopped being friends with her, never revealing to her that he was a werewolf? So whats poor Bella to do? Try to go on with life or atleast try. So what happens when her pain goes on noticed by several others? Some who would like to cause even more of it?


1. Chapter 1

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Elaine's P.O.V

Fire seem to surround me, blocking any way of escape.Thick smoke forced its way into my mouth and throat, searing the skin as it went down. Tears streamed from my eyes from the layer of smoke in front of me. The heat was horrible as if I was in a giant oven, suffocating me in its hot embrace.

If I survive through this I will never complain about the cold again, I thought to myself as a cough wracked my already exhausted body. I could already feel my body dehydrating, feel the little bit of adrenaline left in me wasting away. I hit a wall and slumped to the ground, coughing trying to get the precious air that I needed. That's when I heard the other pair of coughing. Bella! I had found her! I crawled toward the sound of her coughing. Her face was covered with dirt but at least she was alive. But it seem hopeless now since there seem to be no way out of the burning building. But I wasn't going to give the easily.

"Bella, Bella! Wake up, come on please wake up!" I tried slapping her face to get a reaction. Her eyelids fluttered , then I saw her large brown eyes.Thank you God! I silently prayed.

" What happen?" her voice was weak.

" I'm not sure" actually I didn't even know the the dorms were on fire until the smoke was coming through the cracks of the door of our dorm room. Shows how observant I am. The first thought that had crossed my mind was my fragile room mate Bella.

It was three months into our freshman year of college.When I found out I was roomed with a Isabella Swan, I was a little eager to meet my new room mate then I was a little scared when she looked half dead. Her eyes vacant of all life, broken from the inside out. At first I felt like giving her space, but I had a nagging feeling that giving her space was not a good idea. My maternal instincts kicked in and I began taking care of her; in little ways making her bed, having her side of the room clean. She would always mumble a thank you.

And one night after my night class I found her curled up on her bed. Tremors shaking her practically into pieces. Tears flooding from her eyes onto her already soaked blouse. Between her clenched fingers was what looked like the remains of a blue shirt, torn to pieces. Which would explain the sicssors on the floor, but what heighten my concern was the drops of blood on the sicssors. I immediately got into action grabbing a first aid kit from the closet of our room. She had cut her hand while shredding the shirt, well it was bound to happen she was a little of a klutz.But why she wanted to rip that shirt was beyond me.

Once I had her cut hand bandaged I tried to comfort her in any way I could. I'm not sure how long I spent with Bella in my lap. I stayed silent comforting her by holding her and rocking her slowly until her sobs quieted and her eyes had dried. All the while she was repeating,almost chanting , "He left,He left me!" I shhed and calmed her but did not question her, only comforted, she didn't need to be bombarded with questions. Those could wait till later. Even though we spoke very little I could feel a bond forming between us.

In my head a swirl of chaotic thoughts were giving me a headache. What could of gotten this girl like this? What or who hurt her like this? What had killed this girl? All the while anger was buliding. Anger at whoever made her become a shell of a human, hurt her beyond repair. At that moment I had decided to protect her as if she was my own family, since I had none of my own left. I swore to protect her.

When she could finally speak I gave her a bottle of water. Bella then told me about how her boyfriend stole her heart then ripped it apart.To see that pain visible in her eyes hurt me, that it couldn't be possible for someone to have that much pain inside of them. Once she fell asleep I carefully made sure to dispose of all the pieces of the blue shirt. From that night on we took care of each other. I never sought any more information to as what happened to her. Though sometimes we would stay up at night and talk to each other. About the family I no longer had and the whole other entire family she had lost. To me it seemed that talking about it helped her get a sense of closure but I wasn't always sure.

We became best friends in a short amount of time, sisters, twins, almost practically attached at the hip. Where ever we went, we went together. We protected each other, like she was defense and I was offense. I had even gotten her to smile and laugh. I knew her father Charlie appreciated it because he called everyday and even thanked me about how I was helping his little girl.

A round of coughing brought me back to reality and the danger me and Bella were in. I put my arm around Bellas waste and tried to help her stand. One way or another I was going to try to get us out of here.

" C'mon Bella we have to get out of here." We staggered forward a few steps.

" Elaine why didn't you save yourself when you had the chance?"

" Well I couldn't leave my room mate behind. Plus I didn't know the building was on fire until smoke came through the crack of the door in our room" Bella chuckled at me, she knew that when I was daydreaming I hardly noticed anything.

Suddenly I heard Bella gasp," oh no" she whispered.

"Whats wrong?" But Bella wasn't looking at me. Her eyes full of fear were looking straight ahead. I followed her gaze and thats when I saw a woman standing a few feet away from us.

I flinched back at the sight of her murderous stare. She wasn't even looking at me only at Bella. Even in the thick smoke I could see her red hair, as if it was part of the wild flames around us. Her eyes pitch black like an abyss and full of pure undying hatred. Who was this woman who was glaring daggers at my room mate? I angled myself to be in front of Bella to protect her from the womans crazed stare. She didn't seem to like that and turned her gaze onto me. No way was I going to let her scare me.

" Victoria" whimpered Bella. The woman named Victoria turned back to Bella at the sound of her name, a absolute wicked grin on her face. I gulped this could not be good.