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How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Warning! Contains spoilers to Breaking Dawn! Nessie is grown up, and still very much in love with Jacob. When Jacob proposes, how will the Cullen family react?


3. Chapter 3

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Renesmee’s POV

“Jacob, are you healed yet?” I asked the love of my life.

“Yes, Ness, why do you ask?” I heard the huskiness in his voice; he knew what I wanted. I decided I would play hard to get at my own game.

“I was just wondering. I feel really bad about my dad putting you through the wall. And my mom putting you through another wall…”

“Ness, please don’t worry, you know that I heal fast, and I’m perfectly fine now. None of that’s your fault, you know that, and I know that.” he told me. Of course he wouldn’t blame me. I could do no wrong in his eyes.

“Jake… I wan-”

“Nessie!” came a voice from the hall.

“Damn! I thought everyone was out hunting,” I told Jacob quietly. No sooner were the words out of my mouth did Rosalie come waltzing in the room.

She was wearing tight hip-hugger jeans with a tight red halter top on. Her and Emmett must have been playing dress up or something. I snickered at the turn my thoughts had taken.

“Yes Rose?” I asked innocently.

“I’m going to change into some more appropriate clothes and you and I are going shopping. You’re not invited dog.” she practically spat at Jacob, “Go change into some better clothes.” she commanded me.

Rosalie and Alice had been dressing me from day one of my life. I was never allowed to wear the same thing twice. I had a whole closet filled with clothes that I hadn’t worn yet. The clothes that I had already worn, were in a bag destined for the Goodwill.

“Rosalie! I wanted to spend the day with Jake!” I whined.

“Yea, well that’s just too bad isn’t it? Edward told me to get you out of the house for the day. We’re going to the mall, and that’s that.” she told me stubbornly, “Or, I can call your father back to the house, and you can spend the day with him,” she gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

“Jake, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to deal with my father right now, and it looks like it’s either go with Rose, or have a day long talk with my father,”

“Ness, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Go with Blondie and have fun,” he told me. He sounded sad though.

“I’ll be back soon,” I promised him.

I ran upstairs to my room in record time. The sooner we left, the sooner we could get back home. I tore off my present clothes and ran to my closet and threw the doors open. The closet was actually bigger than my room. I sniffed. I didn’t want to wear jeans today; it was too warm out, so I headed away from the smell of denim. I found a blue silk dress with straps and was slim fitting. When she went down stairs, she wanted Jake’s eyes to pop. I threw on some blue shoes that matched the dress and ran to the stair case. I heard Jacob’s heart, so I knew that he was still in the living room, where I had left him. I walked slowly down the steps so I could make my entrance even more pronounced. I knew that I didn’t have to try to impress my Jacob, but the extra efforts were worth it. I reached the step that would reveal me to Jacob. I peeked around the corner. He kept turning his head towards the staircase waiting for me to come down. I stepped into his view.

He turned his head once more towards the staircase impatiently looking and waiting for me. He saw me as I stepped into his view, and his jaw suddenly dropped and his eyes bugged out, he swallowed heavily.

“Close your mouth, dog. She’s not a piece of meat!” Rosalie yelled at Jacob. She didn’t need to be able to read his mind too know what was going through it. Neither did I. I walked into the living room gracefully, watching Jake’s every move as I did. He looked stunned. I did good; I laughed inwardly.

“Rosalie, do not yell at my Jacob. It’s not his fault I decided to dress like this,” I said; the venom that wasn’t in my body was certainly in my voice. I was being overprotective, but Rose and Jacob’s relationship wasn’t exactly in the best shape. “So, are we going shopping, or what?” I asked, my interest in shopping was slowly returning.

“Ness, don’t worry, you can go. My feelings won’t be hurt. Maybe I’ll go and hang out will Quil and Embry…” he looked at me wistfully as he said this. A few seconds later the wistful look on his face disappeared and a look of anxiousness came about. “Yea, Ness, go ahead, I just remembered something that I should get around to, and I can do that!” he said exuberantly.

“If you’re sure,” I told him as Rosalie was dragging me out of the house. I waved and blew him a kiss as I was dragged out the door. Rosalie wanted to take my car today apparently, cause she hopped in the passenger seat of my midnight blue mustang. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and jumped into the driver’s seat.

“Why are we taking my car Rose?” I asked her as I put the key into the ignition and started my car. It purred, and snarled as I revved the engine. I preferred American made cars to the foreign ones, unlike the rest of my family. I merged onto the highway and headed for the mall. My family had endless amounts of money so we went shopping at only the best stores about every other day.

I pulled onto the exit ramp that led to the mall. It took me all of about five minutes to get there. I pulled my purse out of the back seat and threw it over my shoulder. Another exciting experience shopping in the mall. As Rosalie and I walked through the front doors of the Seattle mall, I smiled to myself a little. I did get some fun out of trying on new things. I loved to shop, and my worry about Jacob was soon replaced with a longing for him. He would be fine. He’ll love what I’m planning to buy. I had to somehow ditch Rosalie for a little while so I could make a secret stop at Victoria’s Secret. If not, then she’ll just have to go with me and deal with the unpleasant images that will surely go through her mind. I laughed inwardly at her discomfort. I could be very vindictive when I wanted to be.