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How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Warning! Contains spoilers to Breaking Dawn! Nessie is grown up, and still very much in love with Jacob. When Jacob proposes, how will the Cullen family react?


5. Chapter 5

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Jacob’s POV

I was pissed, I felt horrible, and I didn’t know what I was going to tell Sam; he was gonna be furious. I didn’t know why they would even take Emily anyways. I looked over at the used to be love of my life. She was looking at Edward, her mouth was moving fast, but I could understand her.

“Edward, why would the Volturi take Emily? What use is she to them? I don’t understand,” Bella sounded sad. She got very close to Emily when she was “the werewolf girl.”

“Do you remember when they came to the clearing? They were wondering if they would be agreeable to being “guard dogs,” and Caius wanted to destroy them. He thought that they were true werewolves. But they are merely shape shifters, Caius doesn’t care. He wants them dead.” Edward explained to the small gathering in Sam’s house.

Bella caught on even before Alice or I did. “They’re hoping to lure the wolves to Volterra,”

“You need to get out of here!” I said quickly. I heard Sam’s car pulling into the long driveway that led to his house. “I’ll explain all this to Sam, he’s on his way in.”

The vampires took off through the back door just as Sam opened the front one. I looked around the corner of the wall that separated the kitchen just in time to see that the stink of his house had hit home in Sam’s mind. A growl escaped his lips, though he was not trying to hold it back. He immediately phased, his clothes shredding into small slivers of cloth. I walked slowly into the front of his house with my hands held in front of me, ready to phase if he jumped at me.

“Sam, it’s me, I’ll explain. I’m going to tell you now, it’s not going to get any better. But you need to calm down enough to phase back. Please.” I pled with him. In another second, a stark naked Sam was standing in front of me.

“What the hell is going on? Why does it REEK of vampire? … Emily! Is Emily okay?” Sam was frantic now.

“Sam, calm down please!” I begged him. “Go get some clothes on quickly, and we’ll both be a little bit more comfortable,” he ran into a room and emerged less than a second later with a pair of sweatpants on.

“What the hell is going on Jake?” he asked me looking distressed.

“Emily’s been taken…”


“No. The big coven that came to get rid of the Cullens.”


“No, she’s not dead, we’re gonna get her back Sam,”

“No, not - her. Them.” Sam only looked at me through his tortured eyes. The longing in them was not unfamiliar to me. He wanted Emily in his arms, safe and unharmed. I couldn’t promise him that. If he lost Emily, it wasn’t going to be a pretty sight for anyone. Then he looked at me with angry but curious eyes.

“What happened? I want to know Jacob.” Oh boy, here we go.

I looked at him sadly. “I called Emily and asked her if she would help me pick out a ring for Ness. She agreed. I took and went to the cottage and wrote Ness a note, and came straight here. When I got here, she wasn’t here, the place smelled of familiar vamps, but none that I could place. I called Edward, he Bella, and Alice came and figured out where Emily is.” I told him quickly.

His hands were shaking, and his face was contorted with anger. I held my hands up in front of me again.

“Sam, breathe. Calm down, Sam.” I said repeatedly, attempting to calm him down.

“Where is she at?” he hissed at me.

“Volterra, Italy.”

“Get on the phone and book ten tickets to Volterra Italy. Call Carlisle Cullen. I would be greatly much appreciated if he and his family would come with us to get her back. No doubt they would have more influence with them the we alone.”

“Yea, Sam. No problem, I’ll go there, I’m hoping Ness will be back by now.”

“Thank you Jacob. I would never be able to do this by myself - and live.”

“Sam, I may not be in your pack any longer, but you are still my brother.” I told him affectionately.


I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and hit the redial button. Before the first ring ended, I snapped the phone shut. I hit the 1 key, and hit talk. I was calling Renesmee first. By the third ring someone picked up.

“Hello?” they asked.

“Hey, Ness! Where are you at?” I asked her hurriedly.

“Actually, I’m in Victoria’s Secret trying some things on.” she chuckled under her breath. Damn her. Images ran through my mind, but I quickly got things under control.

“Ness, are you still with Rosalie?”

“Yea, I am. Want to talk to her?”

“Yes, I do. Please hurry.”

“Hold on one second Jacob. Rosalie! Here, take my cell phone. I’m still trying things on, and Jacob wants to talk to you. It sounds important.” in the back ground I could hear the blood leech sigh heavily.

“Ugh.” more noise as the phone was being handed over, “What do you want dog?” she sounded disgusted.

“Look, you and Ness need to get home as soon as you can. Emily was taken and I need to talk to all of you. So, get home as soon as you can. I don’t care if you have to drag her home, just get there!” I hung up the phone and ran out of Sam’s house.


As I reached the front door of the Cullen mansion I saw that my note that had been taped to the front door had been shredded to pieces and thrown on the porch. I walked into the house without knocking. Something that I had taken to doing since Renesmee had been born, and had become increasingly annoying to Edward.


“I’m here Jacob Black.” he answered me.

“I am here on Sam’s behalf. We would like to know if you all would consider going with us to Italy. I’m going to book a flight for ten to Italy for the next flight out. Sam and I would greatly appreciate it if some of you if not all would help us get Emily back.” I explained.

“Edward has explained the situation to me. I am very sorry for what has happened. I do not speak for the rest of my family, but, Esme and I shall accompany you to Volterra.”

“We’re coming too!” Alice piped up, motioning to herself and Jasper.

“I am so there!” Emmett said excitedly, no doubt thinking about the ensuing fight.

“And I am most definitely coming.” said a voice from behind me. I turned around at the voice that I would know anywhere - Renesmee. I looked her up and down. She still looked the same, but more radiant some how.

No you are not Renesmee Carlie Cullen” I said firmly. But there was an echo in the room or something. I turned my head; Edward was standing by my side, and he had said the exact same thing. At the exact same time; I shuddered, that was creepy.

“You are not going Ness. Baby, you can’t. It would be too dangerous for you!” I cried.

“Damn it Jacob! I don’t want to be mad at you so stay out of this!” she yelled at me. Her pretty face was contorted in anger. “I am going!” she wailed, but faced Edward as she was yelling. I laughed silently only because he had to deal with it, not me.