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How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Warning! Contains spoilers to Breaking Dawn! Nessie is grown up, and still very much in love with Jacob. When Jacob proposes, how will the Cullen family react?


6. Chapter 6

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Jacob’s POV

Edward and Renesmee decided to finally have it out. They had been arguing this point for at least ten minutes. We were all enjoying it. She would come up with a good point, and he would counter it twice as fast as she could come up with it. I didn’t want her anywhere near Italy when everything went down, but I did like this part. I just hope she doesn’t win. I thought to myself.

I looked over at Carlisle Cullen and his face was passive - as always. His eyes were glazed over, as if he was in deep thought. It was Esme however who interrupted the fighting.

“Alright children that is quite enough.” she was glaring at her son and granddaughter. “Edward, you know that Renesmee is an excellent fighter. We can bring her and someone can stay with her at a safe place if it comes to a fight.” Esme always knew a better solution than arguing. But Edward still wasn’t having it. I was less opposed to that idea, but it was still dangerous. I certainly wasn’t staying there. I had told Bella no, and I would tell her daughter no.

A little voice in the back of my head was talking to me again. You told Bella no because you knew that you wouldn’t have her in the end. But you know that Renesmee is yours. So what are you going to do now?

Edward had apparently responded to Esme, but I didn’t hear what it was, and now Esme was talking again.

“Edward, I don’t care. I’m overriding your decision. Renesmee can go, Jacob, or one of the other wolves will stay with her when we go to the castle.”

Esme looked over at me politely and told me, “Jacob, Carlisle and I will gladly pay for your family’s way to Italy. All ten of you. Please let us. It’s the least we can do.”

“We don’t want-”

Esme cut me off before I could finish. “Jacob, please, you know we have plenty of money. It won’t inconvenience us in any way.”

“Well, it’s alright I suppose. We’ll pay you back.”

“There is no need, Jacob.” said Carlisle. Alice went rigid once more.

“What did you see Alice” everyone was rushing to her side.

“I saw that the pack won’t pay us back… and we’ll be okay with it.”

“Alice!” I was slightly agitated now. She was making fun of me. “Fine, I’ll stop worrying about it…shorty.”

She gave me an exasperated look and stuck her tongue out at me, but didn’t say anything in return. Jasper however growled at me quietly. Just a warning.

“Now, Jacob, I think it’s high time that we get our alone time. So, lets go someplace!” Renesmee suggested to me. Involuntarily, of course, images swept past my mind at a blur. I heard a growl from behind me, it was loud, and was not meant to be for my ears only. I didn’t dare look behind me; instead I looked down at my fiancée who was all smiles, “Sure, Ness. Anything for you.” she smiled at me and laughed as she pulled my hand. I followed her as she bounded out the back door of the Cullen mansion. Even in my human form I could run faster than the average human, so I could keep up with Nessie. She was headed towards the forest. I didn’t know where we were going. She was leading me by the hand. We went all the way until we hit the border. Once we got there, we slowed down a little bit. We walked hand in hand through the forest. I now knew where we were going. In the forest not far from the border there was a small cottage that we used when we wanted to be alone. It was fully furnished with a bathroom, kitchen, and living room, and several bedrooms. We used it for parties when we wanted it to be just a wolf’s night in. Renesmee and I often came here just to be alone. Just to spend some time together. We watched TV, we played games, and we sometimes just sat and talked. I wasn’t stupid enough to try anything when Edward could be so close.

“So what do you want to do Jacob?” she asked me. Before I could answer her though, she cupped my cheek in her hand. The images that flew through my mind, that she was sharing with me, were a true gift. Flashes of her went through my mind. I felt her lust, but I had to ignore it. Edward could be close by. But damn it, I wanted her so bad right now that it hurt. Have fun now, possibly loose my life later. Or, live but don’t have fun.

Screw it I thought to myself. I’d rather have fun, and not live, than live, and not have fun. I looked at Renesmee’s face. My Renesmee. She looked so beautiful. I crushed her lips with mine, and her breath became ragged. My breath was becoming quick. Pretty soon, she was underneath me on the couch, and I was about to go further than I ever had before.


I was lying on the couch, and Nessie was on top of me. She was swathed in a sheet that had appeared, and I didn’t know exactly when it had come into play. Granted I had been distracted for quite some time. All I know, is that those few hours had been the best of my life. And not only had they been the best, but I had made her scream. It was one of the most incredible sounds I had ever heard in my life. Only because it wasn’t just a scream; she screamed my name. I was collecting my thoughts about my new experience, and watching my angel sleeping on my chest. That was when I heard my cell phone start ringing.