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The Jump

***SPOILER FOR NEW MOON*** Just a short drabble. Alice has a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff to her death. This is what I *think* Edward might have gone through.


1. The Jump

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I ran my hands along the smooth ivory keys of the piano silently. They were cold and buzzed slightly under my touch. I longed to play… to have the notes of the lullaby I wrote for her to come pouring from my hands. I sighed, my dead heart tightening in my chest as I allowed myself to think of her.

Her face appeared in my mind. Her long soft hair blowing gently in the wind. Her brown eyes so beautiful and deep that I could fall into them. She was beautiful…one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in the many years of my life. She was beautiful and she was mine.

Only I walked away from her. Leaving her alone in that dark and threatening forest. What the hell was wrong with me? How could I do that? I was angry at myself for doing it there and leaving her alone in the woods. Blood curdling mad for thinking I would be ok without her. That even as she lived I would be doing the right thing. I grabbed the nearest piece of furniture and hurled it at the wall, watching the wood splinter into a million pieces. I was trying to be selfless.

I knew why I left.

It had made sense…at the time.

I wanted her to live a normal life, no matter what it did to me. She was human, she was meant for human things. I was not human…I was a monster and had been for a long time. I could suffer…hell I was made for it but not her. Not my beautiful Bella who was so full of life and love.

I was the dark…the evil. She was the light. And still I wanted her in my arms. Her lips against mine, her hair in my face, her smile, her laugh.

The image changed in my mind and I saw her standing on a cliff. Her hair blowing in the wind, her eyes full of determination. I saw a shadow of bravery cross over her features before she jumped. She was even more enticing as she spread her arms and took a deep breath. I swear she smiled as her feet left the protective rock of the cliff.

“NOOOOOOOO,” I screamed as she sailed through the air into the cold and unforgiving ocean below.

The murky blue depths swallowed her whole…a predator to its prey. My phone was ringing somewhere in the distance and I barely heard it. I couldn’t…the only sound I could hear was her heart beat becoming fainter and fainter until it stopped altogether.

“Swim Bella!”

My heart shattered in my chest as the shrill ringing of my phone continued. It was Alice…I knew it was and I didn’t…I couldn’t hear what I had already seen. I dropped to my knees, my hands over my face as I yelled out my frustration.

I was already dead…how could this hurt like it does? How could she? How could she end her life?

My love…my Bella….

“I won’t live without you…”In that moment I knew what I had to do.