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Eternally Awake

I was a vampire now... Why couldn't my life just balance out? Bella has just endured her transformation, and she is excited about begining her eternity with Edward. However, fate seems to be against her happiness. Everything that was supposed to be fixed only seems to be intensified. Is there a way for her to get what she wants and keep everything she left behind safe, too?

New chapter should be up soon!

1. Waking up

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The fire was gone. The fire was finally, finally gone, and my angel was beside me. Edward. Just his name made me smile.

Thank god she’s okay.

“What?” I said.

“I didn’t say anything,” his angelic voice whispered.

“Yes you did, you said ‘Thank god she’s okay’.”

Bella, can you hear this?

“Yes,” I said.

“Okay, I think we may have found your power. You can read minds, like me,” he said, as Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and the rest of the family stepped out of the trees.

“Well, that’s very interesting. I’m not sure that’s all there is to it, though. We’ll have to find out more,” my new father told us.

Suddenly, I started to feel all different emotions, happiness, jealousy, disbelief. What on earth was going on? I started to sob, dryly.

“Bella? Bella? Bella, what’s wrong?”

“It’s too much! Too many emotions! Happiness, jealously, disbelief, all at once! It’s horrible Edward!” My sobbing continued as Edward desperately looked to Carlisle.

“Interesting, very interesting,” Carlisle said, thoughtfully.

“She’s in this pain, and all you can think is that it is interesting!?” Edward exploded.

“Edward, calm down,” I whispered. His muscles all relaxed, and so did everyone else’s.

“How very interesting,” Carlisle muttered.

She’s reading thoughts, and she seems to be controlling emotions. I wonder what that means.

“Carlisle?” I said. “You do realize that we can hear everything you are thinking, right?” I gestured at myself and Edward.

“Well, we need to head back to the house now, and get packing. The Quilettes will be on us right away,” Edward said, taking initiative.

Jake. Jake was coming, and he wouldn’t be happy. If this were to come down to a fight, I may have to hurt him, or worse…No, I didn’t want to even consider that. I must have hurt him badly. My best friend was now my worst enemy. To make matters worse, he was in love with me, and my husband would have no problem with killing him. And I was just transformed into a vampire. How complicated could my life get?

“Bella?” Edward questioned.

“Yeah,” I responded, looking up.

“We need to get back to the house now, right now, and get on our way to Denali. We really, really don’t want the werewolves attacking.” I nodded along while he spoke.

“Come on, let’s go. You haven’t even tried running yet. You’ll love it; it’s amazing,” he said, the two of us jumping up simultaneously. I took a deep breath, and then a step forward. Two steps forward. Before I new it, I was soaring on land. The speed was astounding. Faster than imaginable. Incredible. I could have kept going for hours and hours, but within seconds we were already at the house. Bummer. But I now had all of eternity to run, and I could do it. The thought of that was even more exhilarating than the run. I smiled at my true love, and he smiled back at me. We then stepped into the house for our first, and last time, as a married couple.

“Thank god you are here!” Alice exclaimed, ever-excited. “We need to leave now, the Quilettes are almost here!”

“Okay, then let’s go,” Edward replied, as he grabbed my hand and turned around to go to the car. His skin sparkled in the sun like a million diamonds, and his bronze hair shone like a star. We walked forward, only to realize that we were too late.