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Eternally Awake

I was a vampire now... Why couldn't my life just balance out? Bella has just endured her transformation, and she is excited about begining her eternity with Edward. However, fate seems to be against her happiness. Everything that was supposed to be fixed only seems to be intensified. Is there a way for her to get what she wants and keep everything she left behind safe, too?

New chapter should be up soon!

11. Monsters

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We arrived in Forks about half an hour before the town hall meeting, and I was extremely nervous. I didn’t have time to hunt, and I was about to be surrounded by humans. My feelings must have been written on my face because Edward stepped in and kissed me. I smiled, but it didn’t reach my eyes. I was extremely nervous.

The time passed quickly, and we hung out in the woods until we saw Aro and Caius walk up to Town Hall. We walked over briskly and ducked to the back of the building as soon as we entered. The scene set up exactly as it had in the vision, and that worried me. What if we couldn’t stop it? What if the Volturi killed Charlie? And everyone in this room?

The smell of blood was painfully strong; it took all I had to keep control.

I glanced around and comforted myself with the familiar faces. Mike Newton sat next to his parents, though paying no attention whatsoever to the topics being discussed. Mrs. Stanley, Jessica’s mom, sat next to Lauren’s mom, whispering about the latest gossip. Angela Weber sat next to Ben Cheney, wearing a simple but beautiful engagement ring. I wished I could go to their wedding; they were such a cute couple and Angela was a great friend, but I was supposedly dead to all of them.

And of course, there was Charlie, who clearly didn’t look healthy. He must have gained at least 20 pounds, and his eyes held not even a glimmer of sparkle. A single tear dripped down his cheek, and he wiped it away and looked up. Aro sat next to him, and he glanced back at us and smiled deviously. Borrowing Edward’s power, I read his mind.

You had your chance, Bella. You can still change your mind. I shook my head too softly for anyone but him to notice, and he sighed. “Hi, I’m Aaron,” Aro lied, the vision starting to play itself out. Déjà vu.

It was the town hall meeting, again, but something was different. The Volturi weren’t in their usual corner. They were seated in the second row, right next to Charlie. We were still standing in the back. Charlie’s body was tensed; he seemed concerned about the strangers next to him. He had reason to; if someone moved to Forks, the town would know about it. Not to mention the fact that they were bloodthirsty vampires intent on killing him to get me onto their leash.

“Hi, I’m Aaron,” Aro lied, sticking his hand out to Charlie.

“Um, I’m Charlie Swan,” responded my father, stuttering. He looked really, really bad. He put on weight, his eyes had vampire-like bags underneath them, and his eyes held no light.

“Aren’t you the police chief?” asked Aro.

“Yes, yes I am,” stated my father, blankly.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Chris,” said Caius.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Why are you so upset?” asked Aro, trying to get to what he already knew. He glanced to the corner where Edward, Alice, and I were standing and smirked. “You’ll join us eventually,” he thought.

Charlie sighed, and held back his tears. “My-my daughter just died. Only about two weeks ago, on her wedding night.” A single tear ran down his cheek.

“Really? I’m so sorry. What was her name?” Aro glanced back to us, again, his eyes showing how evil he truly was.

“Isabella. Bella. I miss her so much,” Charlie sobbed, his tears pouring down his face like a mountain river.

Aro turned up to look at the ceiling in mocking contemplation. He smiled, and mouthed ‘We warned you, Bella. You can still change this.’ He turned his head back down, and looked to Caius. Aro brushed his hand, and Caius started to speak.

“Ah. I heard about that. The newlyweds, Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. A fiery car wreck. In fact, I read about it in this newspaper. See?” Caius said. He pulled a newspaper out, seemingly from no where. On the front was a gory picture of my old truck, engulfed in flames, crushed on the side of the 101, between a couple trees. The headline read, ‘Newlyweds Killed in Car Wreck; Families Mourn.’ Charlie grabbed the newspaper.

The scene played out precisely like the vision, and Charlie slid his finger along the edge of the newspaper page, causing a small cut on his finger, from which a single drop of blood oozed …

BLOOD!!!!!!!! The smell was so sweet, so irresistibly sweet; I carried myself to it before anyone could blink. I snatched the hand of my food, and started sucking on the cut. The flow wasn’t fast enough. I thought quickly and moved to the neck, and two strong arms started pulling on me. I threw them off and focused on the sweet liquid flowing through my mouth, so satisfying. I drank, and drank, the blood tasting candy-like and slightly floral. It felt so good, warm yet cooling to the burn that ached in my throat. Who cared about abstaining? I was the hunter, humans the prey. I was superior in every way! Who cared about them anyway, they were just humans! With blood so sweet, so much better than that of animals. I kept chugging and chugging, the flow slowing as the last bits of blood dripped into my mouth, my victim making one thrash against me before going completely limp; his heart stopping, his eyes glassing over. I stepped back, satisfied, and glanced down at my meal.Charlie stared back at me, all color gone from his face. My father, my only father, lay dead in front of me, and I was the one that killed him. Inescapable guilt enveloped me, and I collapsed to the ground from the pain, throwing Edward’s hand off my shoulder when he tried to console me. I wanted this pain; I deserved it. Only monsters killed their fathers, and I was certainly a monster for doing so. Especially for something so trivial as his blood. I sobbed tearless sobs, and they echoed all around me. Screams bounced off the walls, gradually slowing to silence. I wiped my hand across my mouth, and stared down at what was left of my father’s blood. I had come to save my father from evil, and failed miserably. I was going to hell for sure. I had just taken the life of the man who had taken care of me, who had loved me, who had given me life, who had let me meet Edward. It couldn’t be forgiven.

Laughter, cruel laughter, rang from behind me, coming from the mouths of the most volatile creatures to ever walk the Earth. I flung my head around, and both Aro and Caius took deep breaths to collect themselves. I glared at them, not even letting my eyes wander away from their demonic faces for a second.“We warned you, Bella. You could have joined us earlier, and we wouldn’t have had to do this. But face it; this entire town is dead because of you!”The entire town? I had thought just Charlie, that I had killed just him. I searched around the room, listening very carefully for any sign of a heartbeat; looking for a breath. But the room was dead silent, and the only things to see were piles of dead, bloodless bodies. Bodies of people I once knew; bodies of people I had hurt not only in killing them, but in making them believe I was dead, too. The town hall meeting was only attended by about one hundred people, and there were about a thousand in Forks. At least nine hundred people survived this. But Aro had said the whole town; that didn’t add up.

“The whole town?” I asked, my voice shaky.

“Marcus, Jane, Felix, and a few other members of our guard have been making rounds throughout town since they heard the initial screams coming from here. There isn’t a living person in the entire town of Forks. Not one.” Aro smiled tauntingly at me, and I frowned, looking around me to find Edward. He had been standing behind me, keeping his distance. I looked up at him, silently begging him to comfort me. He obeyed, of course, and stepped over to hug me. I buried my face in his muscular chest, letting his arms surround me.

“It wasn’t that bad, Bella, and you know it. It’s completely natural. And it tastes much better than that nasty animal blood the Cullens make you drink. Come with us and you can have the good stuff, human blood, whenever you want. That wouldn’t be so bad,” Caius said, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“It’s horrid. These innocent people, all dead, and just because we’re too weak to resist.” I couldn’t bear the thought of killing another human the rest of my existence.

“Your choice, Bella, your choice. But we both know what you will choose in the end. No one turns down the Volturi.”