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Eternally Awake

I was a vampire now... Why couldn't my life just balance out? Bella has just endured her transformation, and she is excited about begining her eternity with Edward. However, fate seems to be against her happiness. Everything that was supposed to be fixed only seems to be intensified. Is there a way for her to get what she wants and keep everything she left behind safe, too?

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14. Chapter 14

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Everything leading up to this moment was a blur. The last thing I could remember clearly before going into this was Alice calling Carlisle. Other than that, I know we met up with the family, flew to Volterra, and got a car, though whether or not it was attained legally was unknown to me. The car, surprisingly, was a large SUV that could fit all of us comfortably, rather than a tiny, speedy sports car. Though time wasn’t an issue, I had figured that Alice would have preferred to drive faster than the one hundred forty or so the truck could handle.

The countryside passed by at a seemingly low speed. The plains just kept going, so I far that even with my intensified senses I couldn’t find a real tree line.

The car slowly came to a halt, and I starred at the haunting gates of Volterra, remembering the one other trip I had taken there, the trip that, hard as I tried, I couldn’t forget. Images of the people filing into that awful chamber, their screams hearable from all the way down the hall, flashed through my head, saddening me and reenergizing me at the same time. It was more reason to destroy the monsters that called themselves the most powerful family of vampires on earth. Where was their power? Yes, they had extraordinary physical abilities, but they gave in to their monstrous instincts over something as trivial as blood; a meal! They had no will, and that made them weak.

Determination flowed through my empty veins; I wanted to destroy them as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Volterra wasn’t having any kind of celebration that day. The female guard, quite dazzled by Edward, let us in without a problem. We drove the narrow, shadowed streets until we could see the building that was so painfully burned in my memory. Edward parked the car in the shadows, and came around to open my door before I could even unbuckle my seatbelt. Some things never changed.

The dark alley reminded me of when I had almost lost Edward, the rising sun like a clock counting down to his downfall. We had been fortunate, yes, in escaping; credit going to Aro for that. But as that made me think of how he only wanted me to be a vampire so I could join him, Anger raged inside me again.

I stepped out of the car and immediately had to stop breathing to prevent from losing control. There were only a few humans around, but it was still an issue. Panic was evident in my red eyes, and Edward, observant as he was, pulled me into the medieval building, away from all humans except the annoyingly positive receptionist, Gianna.

“Hi, can I help you with something?” She said, smiling creepily. I borrowed Edward’s power to see what was going on in her head.

He looks familiar. Was he that one, that suicidal one? Yes! Wow, he’s even hotter than I remembered! Definitely one of the most attractive vampires I’ve seen; maybe even more attractive than Felix! Imagine what I could do with him… Her already lusty thoughts turned to very explicit images of her doing things with Edward that I, thanks to Alice, hadn’t even been able to do with him yet.

“He’s mine!” I blurted out, shooting a death glance at her. “I know what you were thinking about, and he’s mine.”

“How did you know-” She started.

“She borrowed my power,” interrupted Edward. The receptionist turned to face him. Gears started turning in her head; she started to recognize me. I nodded in response.

“So-So you’re the one they’ve been talking about-The one they traveled all the way across the planet for?” She asked, things finally clicking into place.

Hmm, no wonder he’s into her. All those powers. Maybe, if Master Aro can get her to join, he’ll be into someone else…

“Won’t happen,” Edward said, before I could even open my mouth. A snarl escaped my lips anyway, and Edward continued. “She wouldn’t join a bunch of monsters like these. And I would never, ever leave her side. Never again.”

Disappointment radiated off of her, but she quickly moved on and her lusty thoughts turned to Felix. I rolled my eyes, and spoke again.

Anger had taken over me, changing my normal calm, forgiving self into someone vicious and looking for vengeance.

“So are you going to let us talk to Aro, Marcus, and Caius?” I asked, making irritation very clear in my voice. Footsteps came from behind us, and with them, the voice of someone I despised.

“That won’t be an issue,” said Aro in a large, dominating voice from just behind us. We turned to see him with Caius and Marcus forming a triangle. The eye contact between us burned, but it felt good. It was like I was warning him, and he knew he had a reason to take it seriously. I let it break, and he spoke. “Why don’t you come in here so we can discuss this more privately?” He gestured toward the large door through which we had walked the last time we were here. I glared at him once again; he chuckled. He looked around to see who had come; he hadn’t taken his eyes off me since he came up from behind us.

“Ah, Carlisle! How good to see you! How have you been?” His voice was friendly, though it bothered all of us even more that he was being so superficial. Carlisle glared at him, shook his head, and kept walking.

I stepped into the large chamber, Edward holding me the same way as he had last time. The chamber was exactly how I remembered it, its large stone walls making a large circle, its high ceilings, and the unusual coolness; chilling me even as a vampire. The room was empty, though, unlike my last memory, with all those people…

I focused on the task at hand and grabbed a strong hold of Edward. He stroked my back gently, but he was just as tense as I was.

“So, Bella, have you decided to take us up on our offer?” Said Aro, smiling in an attempt to look friendly; however, he just made himself look more menacing. I glared at him, hatred pouring out of my eyes.

“Hell. No,” I stated blankly, taking a deep breathe, faintly smelling bits of spilled blood.

“What a shame; what a damn shame. You know, you would be able to have human blood whenever you wanted, not have to worry so much about abstaining and fighting your instincts. And human blood tastes so much better than that vile animal blood; you know it does, Bella. You wouldn’t have to worry about when your next meal would be; Heidi takes care of that. You could focus on the power; oh the power! The power is fantastic, Bella, thrilling. You really should join us.” Aro sounded like a cross between a door-to-door salesman and the villain from a nineties action movie. The combination was terrifying.

“What power?” I started. “You are weak, all of you!” Aro began to pace in the other direction; I grabbed a strong hold of him and yanked him back. Borrowing his power, I searched through his memories and confirmed something that I had thought for a while.

Abstaining? Hmm, interesting idea. Wouldn’t have to kill humans, but humans are beneath us! Why should I bother to work so hard not to kill something that will die anyway? It’s too hard; there are better things I could be focusing on.

“Just as I thought,” I whispered viciously. “You chose not to abstain because it was too hard. If it wasn’t any work at all, if human blood tasted no better than animal blood, would you abstain?”

“Why does it matter?” Caius said, finally chiming in. “Humans would still be below us, they deserve to die anyway. They are of no value to us. We could control them.”

“Yes, imagine, Bella! The mythical world wouldn’t have to be under such a tight leash! With you in our coven, we could get all vampires to join, and those who refuse could merely be destroyed! Vampires could come out of hiding, and we could rule the world! Imagine, Bella, imagine what that power would be like. And when it actually happens, it’ll be ten times better.” Aro’s attempt at convincing me only repulsed me more. How they thought we were better than, above humans was beyond me. We were all humans, at some point. I could still remember my human life fairly well; parts of it haunted me! And those same, frightening memories would be burned into the minds of every human on this planet! Hell no, I wasn’t going to let it happen.

Alice’s thoughts entered my mind. Just play along with it, Bella. If you fake it, say you’ll consider joining, he’ll bring the guard in and you can use their powers as well. The thought was brilliant, and a vision came over me.

“I’ll consider it,” I said quietly.“Brilliant, Bella, brilliant! Let me bring everyone else in here for you to meet, and I’m sure you’ll join. You’ll love it Bella, you’ll just love it!” Aro exclaimed, bursting with enthusiasm.

I smiled slightly, so slightly that only Alice could see it. Being sure that Edward had heard the plan, too, I checked to see his thoughts on it.

It’s a good idea, Bells, go with it. I smiled internally at his support, support that unless this went flawlessly, I would never get to thank him for.

The nerves were starting to push up my spine; it took nearly all I had to push them back down. I could only hope that this attempt to stop those who I despised most wouldn’t kill everyone I loved.

I stared into the air in contemplation, still unsure. Aro’s gaze never left my face, and he waited with patience only an immortal could have. Slowly, I turned my head down, preparing to put the plan into action. I nodded slightly.

“I’ll consider it,” I stated, just as in the vision.

“Brilliant, Bella, Brilliant!” Aro droned on. It wasn’t even remotely interesting the second time around, excluding the fact that this conversation had the potential to kill not me, but my husband, my sisters, my brothers, my parents. The lives of my family members lied in my hands, and the responsibility was a painful pressure. Aro continued to speak until he turned and walked out the door, going to get the other members of the guard.

Bella, it’ll all work out in the end. Just remember why you’re here. Edward’s loving thoughts came into my head, full of support, as always. I smiled at him and tried my best to relax, though it was a lost cause. Thinking about why I was here was both painful and rejuvenating. I focused on the wave of energy flowing through me that wanted revenge, and pushed the nerves that had been inching back up my spine with every bit of force in my body. I was ready.

“Bella, dear! Are you ready to meet everybody? Why don’t you come out here,” Aro spoke, happiness radiating off of him in tsunami like waves. This is so fantastic! It’s like having two of everyone here! His thoughts were centered on how to use my power, and the empire he could build with it. Not a single thought had crossed his mind about a possible betrayal.Perfect.

I stepped forward and nodded, ready to go. I did my best to prevent my fear from showing in my body language, but it didn’t seem to work as Aro repeatedly whispered supposed calming words into my ear. The nerves kept building though; and they soon stopped feeling under control. I realized that it was everyone from my family worrying about me, and I tried to send a calming wave over the room. Unfortunately, it came out as more of a worry wave, and only made everyone else more nervous.

“For those of you who don’t know, this is Bella,” Aro announced to the room of vampires, all of whom had their blood red eyes narrowly fixated on me. “She’s considering joining us,” he continued. “She has the ability to borrow other powers. Now, why doesn’t everyone introduce themselves?” He gestured toward a familiar looking member of the guard to his left. She was short with brown hair, and had a rather malicious look on her face.

“I’m Jane,” she said, frowning. Jealousy radiated off of her. “I can give the illusion of pain.” I remembered back to the day I saved Edward, and the way he writhed in pain on the cold, stone floor. Jane was one of Aro’s favorites. I checked into her thoughts to make sure there weren’t any suspicions. I don’t want anyone else using my power! She’s going to steal my spot as Master Aro’s favorite! With power like that, no one else has a prayer. She was pleasant.

Next to her was her brother, whom I also remembered vaguely, though his name just wouldn’t resurface. Fortunately, he spoke. “I’m Alec. I can force people into unconsciousness.” He was much nicer than his sister, though his power wasn’t so nice. She doesn’t seem too bad. Having her on the guard would be like having two of everybody, so I suppose it would be useful. Jane doesn’t seem too happy about it, though.

Aro carried on to introducing me to everyone else, three of whom didn’t actually have powers. I carefully noted each power, just incase I would need to use them. There was tracking, of which I already knew, the ability to put thoughts into someone’s head, and even control them a little, invisibility, and illusion. The last one intrigued me most, and after reading the possessor’s mind, I learned more about it. They could make people, and vampires, for that matter, see things that weren’t really there, or see things that were there differently, or even not see things at all. It was twisted, but extremely potent. So of course the Volturi would want it.

“Well, Bella, what do you think about joining us now?” Aro asked, eager as ever.

“Not sure,” I stated blankly, though I already knew it was a definite ‘no’.

“Hmmm, well, why don’t you come into my study and we can discuss it?” His face showed strategy, but his thoughts gave nothing away.

“I’d like to speak with my family first, if you don’t mind,” I answered, determined to talk with everyone no matter what Aro told me.

“Of course, of course. And feel free to bring them to meet in my study, they are more than welcome.” He turned and walked down a long, dark hallway.

I stepped around a small coffee table and seating area and returned to the chamber in which Edward was. I ran up to him and kissed him, tensions high in nervousness. Our bodies crushed together and molded into one, two halves of souls reunited. I intertwined my fingers in his soft bronze hair; he pulled me closer and ran his hand up and down my back and around the side, under my bra, pushing its way underneath. Everything was forgotten.

“Get a room!” Exclaimed Emmett. Alice was giggling, and Carlisle was the only serious face in the group. Had I been human, I would have been about as red as a tomato right now.

“Edward, Bella, we don’t have time for this. We need to get this done,” Carlisle said, his tone low and calm; severity ripped through it. I nodded, and began to tell them everything.

“Aro introduced me to all nine members of the guard. Three of them don’t have actual powers, just extraordinary strength-” Emmett frowned, “Don’t worry Emmett, you could take him.” I continued. “Extreme beauty; chill, Rosalie, and another whom I’m guessing was just there for the strong one. She was all over him, and him her.

“The others, though. Some of them had some extreme powers. Jane can create the feeling of pain; her brother, Alec, can force people into unconsciousness; Dmitry, whom we’ve mentioned before,” I gestured to Edward, Alice, and I, “is a tracker, and there were some others who’s names I didn’t quite register, that could become invisible, slightly control the mind, though mainly just put thoughts in people’s heads, and illusion. I found the last to be the most interesting. He can make people, us included, see things that aren’t really there, see things that are there differently, and stop you from seeing some things. It’s extremely powerful.”