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Eternally Awake

I was a vampire now... Why couldn't my life just balance out? Bella has just endured her transformation, and she is excited about begining her eternity with Edward. However, fate seems to be against her happiness. Everything that was supposed to be fixed only seems to be intensified. Is there a way for her to get what she wants and keep everything she left behind safe, too?

New chapter should be up soon!

6. Tragic

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My sobbing continued for hours; Edward’s kiss couldn’t even soothe me. I had left all those people behind and hurt them so bad, and now they had to die because I refused to kill humans? It hardly seemed fair. No, it wasn’t fair at all. I cried into Edward’s shoulder, wishing that there was some way for it to be okay. Maybe, just maybe Caius wasn’t serious. Maybe, just maybe, they were only saying that to get me to join? I could hope, and I hadn’t had any visions of it happening yet, but I couldn’t bring myself to be optimistic about it. I wasn’t really close with any of the humans in Forks, but I would miss almost all of them (I would have no problem with Lauren getting a one-way ticket to Volterra, mean as it sounds). I continued to bawl dryly, wishing that I could produce tears. Edward leaned in to kiss my forehead, my nose, my cheek, and eventually my lips, causing me to forget everything that was going on.

That’s when it happened. Alice and I were enthralled in a vision; a vision we would give anything not to have.

A town hall meeting, obviously in Forks as Mayor Matthews is speaking; Charlie seated in the second row. Charlie looks distraught, as do many other people and several members of my senior class. Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Weber, and Mrs. Mallory are all sitting together in the middle. In the shadows of the back are two people in gray cloaks, smiling. Their hoods fall, and their red eyes are exposed. Marcus and Aro. Aro sprints up to the front, drinking from the mayor as slowly as possible to scare all the people of Forks. The doors are locked, so no one can escape. They run around at vampire speed, killing everyone in the room, but saving Charlie for last. The two approach him simultaneously, and Charlie’s face shows his true fear. They both lurch forward, and from each side of his neck drink agonizingly slowly. Charlie screams and screams, and they pull back for just a second before he lapses into unconscious.

“By the way, your daughter isn’t dead, she’s one of us,” says Caius, smirking, as they step forward to finish him off.

I gasped; I couldn’t let this happen.

“Edward,” I said, my eyes wide with fright. “Edward, they are serious! They will massacre the whole town! Ask Alice; she saw it, too!” I broke down sobbing again.

“Shhh,” he whispered. “It’ll be okay.” Away from me, “Alice, what could you do to disguise Bella?” I looked up at this, and borrowed Edward’s power to see what was going on in her mind. Shockingly, all she planned to do was put me in a hideous blonde wig. Wait, she couldn’t be serious, could she? I looked back into her mind.

Nice try guys, but I’m not telling!

I growled at her playfully and shot her a look. She simply smirked. I gave up on her and turned to my angel.

“So, what are we going to do?” I asked, my tone very serious, yet scared.

“We’ll go to Forks, and attend every town hall meeting until that vision goes away. But we have to build your endurance up still; you haven’t even been around humans.” Just the suggestion repulsed me. I was reminded of that poor elk I killed, no control. I couldn’t do that to a human, could I?