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Eternally Awake

I was a vampire now... Why couldn't my life just balance out? Bella has just endured her transformation, and she is excited about begining her eternity with Edward. However, fate seems to be against her happiness. Everything that was supposed to be fixed only seems to be intensified. Is there a way for her to get what she wants and keep everything she left behind safe, too?

New chapter should be up soon!

9. Ready

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I had lost all of my senses.

I had lost all thought.

I had gone completely numb.

The vision took over.

It was the town hall meeting, again, but something was different. The Volturi weren’t in their usual corner. They were seated in the second row, right next to Charlie. We were still standing in the back. Charlie’s body was tensed; he seemed concerned about the strangers next to him. He had reason to; if someone moved to Forks, the town would know about it. Not to mention the fact that they were bloodthirsty vampires intent on killing him to get me onto their leash.

“Hi, I’m Aaron,” Aro lied, sticking his hand out to Charlie.

“Um, I’m Charlie Swan,” responded my father, stuttering. He looked really, really bad. He put on weight, his eyes had vampire-like bags underneath them, and his eyes held no light.

“Aren’t you the police chief?” Asked Aro.

“Yes, yes I am,” stated my father, blankly.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Chris,” said Caius.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Why are you so upset?” Asked Aro, trying to get to what he already knew. He glanced to the corner where Edward, Alice, and I were standing and smirked. “You’ll join us eventually,” he thought.

Charlie sighed, and held back his tears. “My-my daughter just died. Only about two weeks ago, on her wedding night.” A single tear ran down his cheek.

“Really? I’m so sorry. What was her name?” Aro glanced back to us, again, his eyes showing how evil he truly was.

“Isabella. Bella. I miss her so much,” Charlie sobbed, his tears pouring down his face like a mountain river.

Aro turned up to look at the ceiling in mocking contemplation. He smiled, and mouthed ‘We warned you, Bella. You can still change this.’ He turned his head back down, and looked to Caius. Aro brushed his hand, and Caius started to speak.

“Ah. I heard about that. The newlyweds, Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. A fiery car wreck. In fact, I read about it in this newspaper. See?” Caius said. He pulled a newspaper out, seemingly from no where. On the front was a gory picture of my old truck, engulfed in flames, crushed on the side of the 101, between a couple trees. The headline read ‘Newlyweds Killed in Car Wreck; Families Mourn.’ Charlie grabbed the newspaper, and the vision ended where the others began.

Clearly Alice was back. Well, it meant that we could defeat those filthy, immature, volatile, idiots sooner. What on earth made them think that they had the right to do this! They knew I wasn’t going to give in; why couldn’t they just give up! My power wasn’t that great anyways. They were just doing this to be cruel. My eyes closed tighter; my hand formed into a fist.

I opened my eyes to see a concerned angel gazing upon me. That erased my sorrow, but it couldn’t fully dissipate. I sighed and looked down. I hated this situation.

“What’s wrong?” Edward questioned. I was pretty sure that he understood that I had another vision, but he didn’t know that it was different. Well, slightly different.

My entire body shook with the fear that consumed me. If I could have cried, I would have run out of tears by now. For a week now, I had sat in this white room with nothing but the comfort of Edward. Alice and Jasper hadn’t returned yet, but they would need to soon as we needed to put our plan into action. We needed to save Charlie.

We needed to save Charlie. We needed to save Charlie. We absolutely, positively needed to save Charlie. There was no choice here. We would save Charlie.

I looked up at Edward with a newfound determination blazing in my eyes. He gazed back at me, surprised, but understanding.

“Ready?” He asked, quietly. My breathing was heavy and slow; my eyes were pierced with hatred for those trying to kill Charlie. I couldn’t even bare to think their names. Vampires weren’t the scum of the Earth; men who killed for the sake of it were. Men who killed to get what they want. Men who killed and didn’t even fess up to it because they were cowards. The Volturi were the scum of the Earth.

I nodded at Edward and stood up for the first time in a week. I was ready to go; I was ready to save what I left behind. Without their knowing that I was there. I was ready to go, but I needed Alice to get me presentable. Where was she?

“Get Alice,” I said. Edward nodded, instantly understanding.

I wondered what she had planned for a disguise. I doubted that it would be ugly, seeing as it was Alice, but I doubted that it would be stunning as to not draw attention to us. But Alice was so unpredictable, and she would see if the disguises would draw attention to us, so you never really knew.

Edward yelled downstairs to Alice, and Alice responded in thought.

"She's watching a movie with Jasper," Edward said softly.

"Oh," I responded, gazing into his topaz eyes.

“So we have some time,” he whispered in my ear, breathing very slowly. “What would you like to do?” I had some ideas.