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Dead Zone

this is a story in poems about bella's dead zone thoses months after edwards departure

this is a story that goes into bella's life during the three months in new moon. i would love some opinions and dont be afraid to tell me if it sucks.

1. Knife

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 241   Review this Chapter

The Knife

In the kitchen I know stand.

I can hardly hold a steady hand.

My legs are weak and my heart aches,

what more could he take.

My reason for living has left,

my light has been extinguished.

Will it return,

I do not know.

My mind is not in control as I cross the room,

to that cabinet that I avoid.

I open it slowly and look at the things inside,

the things that Charlie has tried to hide.

Gleaming silver.

I hold the blade up to the light,

admiring its glow.

I twist and turn it,

the light bounces of in a joyous note,

it seems to laugh,

it invites me in calling me to it.

A wanting a can not explain.

A need I can not obtain.

I hold the knife flat in my hands,

and look at the girl.

The knife reflects a sinister me .

I see the glint of lust in her eyes,

a desire the knife shows.

Hurts shines bright in those eyes,

hurt formed from lies.

I see myself in this foreign face,

losing a vital race.

Does life hold meaning any more,

what cause is there to stay here?

I would gladly go to a place with less pain,

there is more than I can bear here.

But I could not destroy the lives of others.

I am not heart less.

I set the knife back in its place.

The temptation dies with the closing of that cabinet.

Is a happy life only lore,
what does the world have in store?