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badminton with the cullens

Just like Charmingals story- football with the cullens only mine has more moon sugar


1. Badminton with the Cullens

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It was the second sporting event that we had to do for “charity”. This time though to prepare us for it Esme had told us that we were doing badminton. What could go wrong with badminton? Football had been fun though. I had got to see Carlisle. Yum Carlisle…

“Are you ok Tash? Its just you have the same look on your face like when your thinking about Carlisle.” Dodgers face jerks me out of my little daydream.

“Carlisle?” I ask.

We’re doing badminton. Did I think or say that already? Oh well. I like badminton and apparently I’m good at it. Well bearing in mind that Looney, Dodger and Lexhen are easily distracted, Tolley doesn’t concentrate and every time I do a smash Delia just goes in to a huddle for the next half hour, I’m probably the best of the group. Well besides Alice and Rosalie. And that girl. And the other one. And the people on the badminton team. And Catkin is mysteriously “ill” today.

We all move to the sports hall. Oh there’s a crowd. How’d they get here? At least I’m not the only person freaked out by them as Delia huddles closer to me.

“Tasha. Look there’s Carlisle” Tolley whispers in my ear.

“Carlisle? Where?” I look around and, surely enough, he’s sitting on the bench at the side. Why’s he got that medical kit? He catches my eye and smiles at me. I blush.

“Come on ladies! We haven’t got all day!” Coach Clapp shouts at us. I notice him giving our general group a few looks. Tolley seems amused that his nose is still broken after she introduced him to a football. We’re all ordered to take a racket and the girls stand on one side of the court and the boys on the other. I’m against some one who I’ve never seen before. We’re not allowed to start until Coach Clapp and Esme have given a lovely little speech. Thankfully that gives me enough time to have a packet of moon sugar. The boy looks at me with absolute terror in his eyes, obviously my reputation precedes me. The speech finishes and I take this as a sign that I can start. I serve to the boy who just dodges it.

“Miss Isaacs! What are you doing?!?!” Coach Calpp shouts at me.

“Serving” I respond. I’m confused. Where am I? Who are these people? Ohhhh Carlisle.

“Now Frank, don’t scare the child. Tasha, dear, we just said that we’re playing down the courts. So you’re in the middle court so your not playing yet.” Esme explains.

“Then why are we standing here? Can’t we go sit down?” I ask. I just wasted a packet of moon sugar getting energy and by the time it comes to me I won’t be hyper anymore.

“Well then, I suggest Miss Isaacs that you get a bit more endurance” Coach Clapp snaps before turning around. I mime hitting him over the head with my racket and Looney collapses in to fits of laughter.

The games continue down the courts. Delia manages to run in to the net and then when it’s her serve she manages to get the shuttlecock to go behind her then lets go of the racket so it flies up and hits her on the head. Tolley gets a shuttlecock in the eye and Lexhen manages to get tangled up in the net and it wasn’t even the one on her court. I’m not going to even say what Looney did, seeing as it scared me it will definitely scar everyone else.

“I’m never doing anything like this again. I have never seen such a bunch of imbeciles in all my teaching career” I hear Coach Clapp muttering to Esme.

“Don’t be so harsh Frank. They’re trying their best and having fun,” Esme tells him of.

Carlisle? Is he still there? Yes he is, good. Ah the games began on the court next to me, moon sugar time! I look at the board. None of our group besides Rosalie and Alice, obviously, has got though and I’m the last one. The game next to me finishes and Esme mouths good luck at me. I turn and look at Carlisle who stops nursing Dodger for a second to smile at me. Random boy is surprising rubbish and before I know it the game’s over. The next few games go the same way. I love how time just seems to vanish when I’m high. Hang on how’d I get in the final? And why’s Emmett standing opposite me? Coach Clapp is shouting about this being the final. Gah? Is there a mistake, shouldn’t Rosalie or Alice be here. I look at the leader board. Crap Emmett beat them. I whimper under my breath.

“Don’t worry I’ll go easy on you” Emmett says to me.

“Yeah you’ll stop once you’ve pummelled me in to the ground!” I say. I don’t like this game anymore; can’t we have a kayaking competition? Just to make it even worse he has first serve. Wonder if I can faint? Then someone else will have to go against him. Actually no, knowing Coach Clapp he would still make me play. Emmett serves and as I run to return the serve I fall over and bang my head on the floor. Pretty stars cover my vision as everything slowly fades to darkness.

I wake up in a strangely familiar hospital bed. I don’t like it here, too clean. I can here people in the corridor. Carlisle? Yaysies I have moon sugar.

“Well, Tasha I see that you’re up” Carlisle walks in. Yum Carlisle. Double yum Carlisle and moon sugar. “We’re thinking about getting you your own ward”

”Can you make it less clean?” I ask “ Alternatively you could just take me home?”

“Well, you played well today though. I mean you beat Emmett,” He says. What? How’d that happen? I’m fairly sure I was unconscious for the whole game.

“Huh?” I ask. Dammit I need more moon sugar

“Yes, Emmett said that he felt so bad about knocking you out he gave up the game” Carlisle explains.

I suppose that’s good. Now where can I get some moon sugar?