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This poem is about Renesmee from Bella's pov the journey they had to take with her and the fact that she had to be changed into a vampire hope you guys like it


1. Surprise

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You were a surprise

to me when you

came you came

without knowing

my life was never

the same your

father was scared

he didnt know

what to do but

soon he learned

that he could love you

you caused danger

pain and worry

no one knew what

to do everyone

was sacared

so we wondered

and waited and leared

all we could but nothing

was normal about you

your love came and went

he saved both our lives

but he knew very soon

he would see my demise

I waited in pain

for you to finally

come but then

the surprise had just

finally come

It broke and you came

your father said strong

Welcome to the world

and soon after that

I did feel that burn

that would welcome me

strongly into a new world

so now you are mine

my sweet sweet surprise