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Amour perdu

Six years has passed. Edward hasn't come back and a lot of things has changed. Firstly, Bella has a daughter with Jacob Black, but they're not together any more. Secondly, Bella can play the piano, ballroom dance and is no longer deathly clumsy. Thirdly, she is hot, and uncommitted ;) But what happens when the Cullens suddenly appeared?


1. Fur Elise

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Bella's POV

I watched as her tiny fingers flew across the ivory keys. Her small head bobbed up and down to the melody she was playing. Her brow was furrowed in concentration

I can't believe she's mine. Maddy. I sighed.

My Maddy.

Her father Jacob and I had a little thing one year after Edward left. And that thing, well, produced Maddy.

Six months after Edward left, I knew he wasn't going to come back. He said he didn't love me.

He said he was bored of me.

I was tired of waiting, and so was Jacob. So I decided to give him a chance.

With Edward, our relationship was mental with some physical content. But merely, it was all in the mind.

However, with Jacob, there was something more he could give me.

Sex. Mind blowing sex.

The great physical pleasure drowned out all the sadness and sorrow that came when I grieved for Edward.

Of course, when you got a little carried away, you forget practical little things, like contaception...

And then Charlie, boy was Charlie mad.

But I think he was a teeny bit excited becoming a grandpa.

He helped me most of the way, glad that I no longer was focused on Edward's departure. Only, he wasn't so pleased that I resorted to sex.

Me and Jacob tried to stay together for Maddy but, it just wouldn't work. My heart wasn't set to be with him.

But, I couldn't take Jacob out of my life, so we were still in very friendly terms.

Jacob imprinted, and married Celia. They have two kids, Anthony and Louise.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Jake is a werewolf.

And so is the rest of the la Push gang.

Basically, me, Jake and Celia are very good friends. We love to take the kids out, and of course Maddy loves her step siblings.

I was out of my day dream when Madeline stopped playing.

"What do you think, mommy?" She said in her high, clear voice.

"It's wonderful honey. What is it called?"

"Fur Elise." and her hands flowed across on the piano again