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Amour perdu

Six years has passed. Edward hasn't come back and a lot of things has changed. Firstly, Bella has a daughter with Jacob Black, but they're not together any more. Secondly, Bella can play the piano, ballroom dance and is no longer deathly clumsy. Thirdly, she is hot, and uncommitted ;) But what happens when the Cullens suddenly appeared?


2. Mad Alice

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Edwards POV

Life, if you could call it a life. Was meaningless.

My heart had stopped beating over a century ago.

But why does it feel so heavy here in my frozen chest?

I remember, when I used to hold the hand that would set my throat on fire as if I was inhaling flames.

I would give anything, to touch the flesh that burned my skin.

I remember ...

"Edward ..." she sighed and hugged herself closer to me. My marble lips slid up and down her scorching throat.She would moan softly and tangle her fingers in my bronze hair.She closed her eyes when I did that. And I would look at her beautiful blushing face.I immediately pulled away, my reaction when we were getting too involved. Her deep brown eyes flashed open.
" Why do you do that?" Bella said in her low clear voice.

" I don't want to get carried away. I don't want to hurt you."

" I don't mind getting carried away."

I sighed. How easily she could underestimate my self control.

" Well, I do. Go to sleep, you have a long day tommorrow." She pouted.

I laughed " I'll be here."

" Promise? "

" PROMISE. " and I pressed my lips to her forehead.

When she was deeply asleep, I whispered

" Goodnight Bella. "

My Bella.

I was such a fool. Thinking I could live without this girl that truly did change my exsistance. She altered me in every way I could not imagine.

You blind fool Edward Cullen.

You blind, blind fool.

Suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up before the second ring finished.

" Hello? "

" Edward, I have something to tell you ..."

" Alice." I said

" Yes, you damn well know it's me. I have something to tell you. But you have to come over here."

" In Rochester? " I asked

" Stop interrupting!!!!" Alice shrieked

" Okay, okay. " There was something really scary about a mad Alice.

" As I was saying, yes. In Rochester, maybe for a month or two cause something really interesting is going to happen.!" I could hear her jumping up and down like a kid on a sugar rush.

" Why don't you just tell me? "

" It won't happen if you don't come! " She moaned

" Any ways, we haven't been together for three years now. We kinda miss you being Mr Mind Reader. And I'm sure Esme would love to see you. In fact we all would."

" So, are you coming? "

I huffed " Sure. " Anything to make Alice happy.

" Yay! I'll see you at the airport." Great, now it sounded like two kids on a sugar rush. Then she hung up on me.

I can book the tickets later. Right now, I wanted to play my piano. One of the women in my life that will always be there for me when I need them the most.

Ever since I left Bella in the meadow, I subjected my self into isolation.
My house was buried deep into the dark forest, just like the one in Forks.

I sat on the piano stool and played Bella's lullaby again and again, making every note pour out the sadness into my non beating heart for the girl that changed my life.

I played louder and louder, until my ears were drowned in the sound.

My chest heaved and heaved, as I sobbed.

Bella, My Bella. I wept.