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Amour perdu

Six years has passed. Edward hasn't come back and a lot of things has changed. Firstly, Bella has a daughter with Jacob Black, but they're not together any more. Secondly, Bella can play the piano, ballroom dance and is no longer deathly clumsy. Thirdly, she is hot, and uncommitted ;) But what happens when the Cullens suddenly appeared?


3. Very funny mommy

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Bella's POV

“Jacob…" I sighed. He kissed me hard on the lips.

I pried my self off him. He groaned" Bella."

I smiled.“No wait." I turned away and started peeling off my clothes until I had nothing left except my black and red lace lingerie. Then I turned to face him.

"Bella, you're so hot." He growled

"I know." And I pounced on him; he went on top of me, already in his boxers. He was careful, so I wouldn't feel any of his weight.

"Are you sure?" he looked me in the eye, I just pulled him tight to me." Positive."Jacob laughed.

“You’re feisty tonight."

"I want you Jake."

"I want you too Bell, just take it easy."

Then his lips met mine, I think he meant to be soft, but he was too involved and he took me in a ravenous kiss that set my head spinning.Then his lips moved to my cheek, my neck, then to my collarbone and nibbled on the skin there.

A gasp escaped my lips. A light chuckle came from him. Then he moved on to my chest, my navel.

"Jake…" I whimpered

"I know." He said. I unhooked my bra and removed my pants, the flung them to the floor. He was in a hurry to remove his. It made me happy, knowing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

"Ready?" He asked. Not even desire can make me mouth the words. I sufficed a tight nod.

He took me.

All I could feel was how our sweating bodies writhed together and wanting him to hold me tight and how my pleasure increased when he did.

My hands molded his derriere and I strained my hips to his. I arched my back to receive him better. My head tossed on the pillow.

"Reach for it Bella, and I'll give it to you." I could see how much control he was exerting to please me, putting his own need after.

Suddenly my feminine whimper was joined by his feral shout. His groan got louder and louder. He bent his lips on mine for one last time and gave sweet release.

A scream of pure ecstasy burst from my throat.

Both of us couldn't stop the convulsions that raked our bodies. He lay still for a moment, and then rolled on his side with our bodies still c onnected. I didn't need the blanket, for his huge, hot body did all the work.

I put my head against his chest and sighed.

"That was AMAZING." Jacob said

"WOW." I managed to gasp.

"Yeah. WOW."He added

Beep Beep.

I pushed the snooze button on the alarm clock.

Whoa, what a dream!

That's weird, I keep dreaming about how Maddy was created.

I didn't harbor any romantic feelings for Jacob.

We had a deep bond, best friends.

No one knew me better than Jacob, but something went wrong.

We headed into a different direction than the one that we were supposed to take.

I shoved my down quilt on the floor and dragged myself out of bed.

Weekend over. Time for work.

As I reached the door, I heard soft music flowing from the living room.

Maddy. I sighed she would get up at five in the morning just to play piano.I bet she would stay up all night for her music.

At least she's happy. I sighed again

I went to the living room and found her bent over the large, black piano.

"Madeline dear, it's six in the morning." I said she jumped up and hugged me.

“Mommy, I wanted to practice so I would get it perfect.Mr. Jones the music teacher said I have a gift."

I smiled. Maddy loved to impress people.

“Okay honey, eat some breakfast first. I don't want Mr. Jones to accuse me of malnutrition."

Maddy rolled her eyes.

“Very funny mommy." It was strange; sometimes it felt like I was talking to an adult rather than a child when it came to Madeline.

Her face, instead of the childish roundness, it was a perfect symmetrical oval. Her hair hung in waves that cascaded to her waist.

Her skin, unlike her father's russet tan was a healthy creamy ivory, with a rosy tone in her dimpled cheeks.

Her eyes, were dark. Much to be expected from the gene pool.

But, what was interesting, was that the chocolate brown colored eyes framed with dark lashes had certain intelligence to them. A deep understanding.

Maddy already tucked in to the bowl of cheerios and her face focused on some faraway image. I poured myself some special K and tucked in too.

After I finished my mouthful, I asked."Maddy are you going over Teddy's today?" She nodded.

" Yup, me and Leo have to practice the nutcracker. You're at work until five but Uncle Teddy is leaving at two thirty so he'll pick me up."

Maddy was so considerate. It made me feel bad that she went over people's houses while I went to work.

I guess I have to pay the bills somehow.

When we were finished, I washed the bowls and told her to get ready.

" Do you need any help hon?" I asked.

" I'm fine mommy." She called.

While she got ready, I decided to follow suit.I raked through my massive wardrobe filled with clothing enough to feed a third world country.

Really, my friends have to know there is a shopping limit.

I went for the black pencil skirt with the transparent stockings. My black work heels, thank god I wasn't deathly clumsy anymore.

Or else I was plainly flirting with temptation.

Then I chose the elbow sleeved, pink polo shirt, the black belt and slipped everything on.The clothes hugged my body tightly. I guess that's good since the weather in Rochester is freezing.

When I got out, Madeline was ready.I checked the time. Seven thirty, I have to be at work at eight.I grabbed Maddy's stuff and held my hand out. "

You ready?" I asked

"Yup." She said and we skipped out of the flat. We got into the car and I started the engine. The soft purr soothed my head.

The journey to the local elementary school wasn't long. After I coated Madeline in kisses, she skipped inside and I drove to the hospital.

I parked the car in my space and went in. A few heads turned in my direction, I nodded.I went into the elevator and stopped at my floor, then headed to the receptionist.The whole floor was covered in decorations.

Christmas. I sighed.

"Lucy." I smiled.

The young, frizzy redhead looked dazed then smiled back. "Dr. Swan."

Her eyes seemed wide and in shock thinking why I was talking to her.

Jeez, this has been happening for over half a year now. But I liked the girl.

"My chart?" I asked. She ducked under the desk immediately, scrambling for the chart, her frizzy head bobbing up and down.Then she slammed something on the table.

"There." Lucy said, blowing the red strands away from her face." It has your schedule, your patients…"

"Yes, thank you Lucy." I interrupted. I went to the coat hangers and retrieved my white lab coat. I put it on.

Suddenly, two large hands cupped over my eyes. "Guess who?" The husky voice asked.

"Ted!" I yanked his hands from my face and hit him with my chart.

"Okay, okay. I'll back off." He held his arms out in defense.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Very mature Ted."

"Said the girl in the playboy bunny suit." He bit back.

"That was four years ago!" I reminded him.

"We can talk about college later. Have you heard? There's a new guy here, said to be more of a movie star than a doctor. A few nurses were supposed to have lost their hearts to him already." He snickered.

I shook my head at him. " You eavesdropper."

He shrugged. " Word travels real fast here."He dropped the subject before it could turn into a debate about eavesdropping.

" So, Madds is coming over ours to practice ballet with Leo?"

"Guess so, if you don't mind."His face became surprised by the conclusion.

"Of course I don't, I just wanted to make sure you knew where your kid was.I've seen panicked mothers, and it's not pretty."

" Well duh, you have three kids. Carole isn't going to take it easy when she can't find her children." I said.

Then we stopped. I didn't realize we were at my ward. "Well, see ya Bell." He waved.

"Can I see you later?" I shouted.

“Yeah.” He said. I walked away.

" See you at break." I called over my shoulder.

" Will do." He replied.

I stared at my chart; I was going to see Mrs. Montgomery first for stomach pains.

I came in and saw a bunch of attendants hovering over something, or someone.I didn't want to attract any attention, so I decided to see Mrs. Montgomery.

"Isabella." Uh oh, too late.

" Chief Marney." I plastered a fake smile on my face.

Jeez, I don't want to make conversation right now.

" Isabella, we have a new addition to the team."

He brought out someone from the mound of attendants, his arm slung around the guys shoulder.

The man looked very familiar, his skin was so pale, even paler than mine.And his head was filled with golden hair. And he was so very beautiful that it hurt my eyes…

" I'd like you to meet Dr. Carlisle Cullen…"