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Amour perdu

Six years has passed. Edward hasn't come back and a lot of things has changed. Firstly, Bella has a daughter with Jacob Black, but they're not together any more. Secondly, Bella can play the piano, ballroom dance and is no longer deathly clumsy. Thirdly, she is hot, and uncommitted ;) But what happens when the Cullens suddenly appeared?


4. Do you still have those pink handcuffs Rose?

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Edward’s POV

The gloomy weather of Rochester was to be expected.

Just like Forks.

The plane journey was pleasant enough; the wide first class seat suited me fine.

Although I could have done without all the admiring stares and hyperventilating.

Unfortunately, the girl right next to me could not stop gawking. Her thoughts from the flight still rung in my ears.

Oh my freaking God!!! There’s a god damned hottie sitting right next to me.

No way! Ellen’s gonna freak! I should call her right now! Wait, the plane is taking off.

Idiot! Marie you idiot! Wait, how do I introduce myself?

I know, I can play the millionaires card.

Hey, no hi. Hi I’m Marie Evans, my father owns the Ever Evans clothing company.

No, that makes me sound like a spoilt brat. How about, Hi My name is Marie Evans, what’s yours?

The stewardess then came in, bringing assortments of wine and juice. Her thoughts interrupted Marie’s.

Oh my God. He is the sexiest passenger I’ve ever seen. I shouldn’t seem too interested, maybe I should serve the girl first.

She unwillingly turned to Marie. “ What will you have?” her voice dripping with false sweetness.

Marie suddenly became outraged in her mind.Ugh! That stupid stewardess is so vying for him! Interrupting my time with the hottie.

“ No thank you.” She said curtly.

The stewardess’ thoughts suddenly became menacing.

That spoilt brat thinks she’s better than me! I bet her daddy she sneered at the word paid for her new nose.

She very willingly turned to me. She fluttered her eyelashes and placed a coy smile on her lips.

“How about you?” her eyelashes fluttered again. I just shook my head.

Damn, I could have put my number right next to his drink. She replaced the disappointment on her face with a smile, more warmly than necessary.

“ Okay, just call me if you need anything. Anything at all.” I rolled my eyes of what anything meant in her mind.

My mind returned back to the present. The airport played annoying Christmas carols again and again.

Christmas. I sighed. That’s when Alice was most hyper.

Edward. The soprano voice intruded my head.

Edward, she said again. Over here!!! She trilled.

In a few long strides I reached Alice. She practically jumped into my arms.

“ Edward!” She squealed. “ I’ve missed you so much.”

Alice. No matter how annoying she was, you couldn’t help but love her. Her perkiness and forwardness always lit the room.

Now out of her moment, she towed me to her car.

Ah, Alice had a good taste in cars. I didn’t bother to bring any luggage. Knowing her, she would have probably launched into a full blown shopping spree.

She slid into the driver’s seat before I could insist on driving. I sighed inwardly and rode shotgun instead.

She fiddled with the controls on her player and cheery Christmas carols filled the car. Only, along the bass singer’s voice, Alice’s soprano was entwined with it.

“Alice…” I moaned. She held a finger up to me

“C’mon Edward. Get into the spirit!" She bounced along to the rhythm of the song, which honestly kind of scared me.

I unconsciously gripped both sides of the seat. Although vampires had perfect reflexes, I was so worried that we were going to crash.

Worried about the car and the attention it might have drawn if we turned into a Mercedes pretzel around a poor tree.

To my relief, the vehicle did not deteriorate an inch.

I pressed my lips into a tight line and tried to tune out, but it was very difficult.

In her mind, she trilled along also.

It was a very, very long ride.

The house, looked every bit of Esme’s renovation.

The colour scheme, the windows. She loved any excuse to renovate.

I heard their thoughts immediately. Cool, bro’s back. Emmett thought

Edward’s here! - Esme

Edward! - Carlisle

Edward? - Rosalie

Who’s that? - Everyone’s very excited.-Jasper

Esme came out first and held her arms out to me. I came into them and hugged her very tightly.

“Edward, how we’ve missed you! How have you been?” She coated me in kisses.

Esme. The tender, passionate, loving mother.

“ I’ve been fine.” Carlisle came to greet me next.

“Edward, son, welcome.”

“ Thank you Carlisle.” Emmett suddenly bounded into me then gripped me into a vice tight hug.

“ Bro, your back! Cool, we can wrestle again!” I laughed. Emmett was such a big kid.

Rosalie trailed after him. The same, ever beautiful.

She walked towards me. “ Edward.” She said civilly, and kissed both of my cheeks.

Jasper came out last, wary. Six years made me think he forgot that I was alert to his thoughts. Should I come out? Or stay inside? Does he still hate me? Self-loathing snaked into his words.

"Jasper." I nodded towards him. He returned it.

Esme ushered us inside.

Although I would have predicted the interior of the home, nevertheless it still surprised me.

The soft light tones of the walls, the white polished marble floors, most of all,the black grand piano that stood in the very middle of the spacious living room, proudly on its platform.

Dazed, I walked towards it and stoked the shine with the tip of my pale finger, then smiled.

"It's the Victorian piano we had three decades ago." The piano emitted memories of recognition.

Carlisle smiled too. " Yes, Esme thought that you'd like it. Since you brought the one from Italy with you."

Alice chirped in. " Edward, we haven't heard you play for years. Twiddle something for us."

Even Jasper, who rivalled with himself to keep his distance from me, hovered unnaturally close.

Emmett, who I remembered usually moaned and muttered something unintelligible with my solos seemed honestly interested.

At last, has dear Emmett learned patience?

I sighed and took my seat on the piano.

I flexed my fingers then brought them down on the ivory keys. I did something, which I would have never suspected.

I let every note pour out the sadness and sorrow that I kept encased in my impenetrable façade .

Until now.

I let the pain of my non-beating heart radiate from every chord. Every stab of despair, every flicker of hopelessness, every tear I could not shed flow out.

I kept my eyes closed, for I could not bear to look at them and let the vulnerability in my eyes show.

Bella. My mind cried. Bella, where is she now?

Did she lead the safe, normal life that I opt for her?

Did she get married? Had children?

Most important, was she happy?

I could imagine her mother. Her tender adoring eyes, a doting parent.

How she would cradle a delicate baby in her soft slender body.

The very thought wrenched my heart in the most undeniable grief.

I would never be able to see that.

How would she look like now? Would she still be the clumsy, warm, kind, trusting girl she had been?

Would she still remember me? Of our moments together?

Although it lasted barely a year, It was embedded deep into my complex, vampire mind.

How my life was centred on the one epic point.

Isabella Marie Swan.

I knew that human memory was like a sieve, time passes quickly, and memories fade for them.

But would she still remember?

The last notes of the song drifted, and hung in the air. At last, I then opened my eyes.

Esme's eyes looked like they had tears, if she could have. Carlisle looked mesmerised, his face focused on some faraway memory. Rosalie stared at me with wide eyes.Alice had a big grin on her face, knowing how the melody would turn out. Jasper and Emmett stared at me incredulously, confusion swimming in there eyes.

The silence, I could have sworn lasted forever. Even though it could have only been a few measly minutes.

Until Emmett broke it. " Wow bro, it was awesome. Only it was saturated in chords of melancholy."

Alice rolled her eyes, relieved that the tension had broken was ready with her answer. “Oooh Emmett, big word.”

That did it. Everybody loosened up and relaxed, but I think that some of jasper’s scheming might have been involved.

Emmett rolled his eyes also. “ It’s not my fault that I know a lot of big words little sis, after all, I am quite big myself.”

Alice came back again “ Oooh, now its intricate sentences. Clever big bro.”

Detaching myself from there playful banter, I scrutinized the rest of the house and surprised myself again once more.

The whole house was covered in bright tinsel and oversized Christmas décor.

Trust Alice to find these things. She recognised my examination of the room.

“ The internet is a wonderful place brother.” She said.

“It’s also a place filled with perverts and paedophiles.” I replied.

“It’s both wonderful and gruesome.”

“I guess your right.” I agreed. I wasn’t in a mood to debate on the pros and cons of the internet.

Alice, seemingly pleased with herself, jumped into her hyper mood again

“So Eddie, are you going to help me finish decorate?” I tried to make up an excuse, any excuse.

“Uh … no thanks, I’m alright.” She pursued he lips in thought,

“Well, will you at least comment on our Christmas costumes?” I shuddered as the picture of Alice and Rosalie wearing Mrs. Claus costumes that would have belonged into a burlesque house.

“Uh, Alice, I feel a little tired. Maybe later.” Later being codeword for never.

“Okay.” She gave up and sighed. Jasper walked up to console and whispered into her ear huskily

“I’m willing to see your costume, if you would like me too.” She giggled and grabbed his hand; they ran vampire speed into their rooms.

I turned to face the rest of them, suddenly aware that Rosalie was nowhere to be seen.

Only Emmett, Carlisle and Esme gaped at me.

Emmett broke the silence again. “That’s not one conversation I’d like to eavesdrop to.”

I laughed “Jesu Emmett, you’ve matured.” He was suddenly guarded

“So what if I had, does that mean you won’t wrestle me anymore?” I laughed again

“Maybe later.” And this time I meant it.

Suddenly Rosalie came out running to Emmett screaming bloody murder. Her hands locked around his neck.

Carlisle’s eyes were wide “Cristo Emmett, what did you do?”

Rosalie was wrestling him on the ground shrieking and clawing at him in every opportunity. He managed to subdue her holding her wrists above her head, him on top of her.

“Rose, babe, what in fuck’s name did I do?” he asked gently,

Rosalie was still fuming gritting her teeth she spat “You bloody well now what you did!”

Real confusion masked his face, still restraining her; he said “No gorgeous, I don’t.”

“Are you so stupid, you wrecked my whole wardrobe? All of the pieces there were from different fashion houses that don’t even exist any more!” she cried.

Awareness crossed his face, “Oh, sorry baby. You know how I love to cross dress. Your collection just seemed too good to pass up!”

I could hear Alice and Jasper laughing hysterically at this.

Rosalie was calmer now “Why does it have to be my clothes? Why couldn’t you use Alice’s? Or Esme’s?”

Alice shouted a “hey” from upstairs. Although everyone hears her they chose to ignore her, focused on the brawl between the sometimes husband and the sometimes wife.

Emmett gasped, trying to restrain his hysterical wife “Hon, I have reasons. One, I wanted to do it in the privacy of our bedroom, and two you have a curvier shape.”

Rosalie exploded and gasped “Are you telling me that you think I’m fat?” she shoved Emmett off her and he nearly bore a hole through the wall.

“No gorgeous, I don’t mean that. I meant …”

She cut him off “That’s it!” she screamed “I am going to punish you!”

A smile broke through his face “Do you still have those pink handcuffs rose?” a mischievous glint in his eyes.

She smiled a cruel, hard smile and said in a sweet voice “Oh no Emmy, it’s going to be much worse than that.”

He punched the air in victory and howled “Oh yeah, give it to me baby!”

As he came towards her, she said the five words that Emmett would have never expected.

“No sex for a month.” She said bluntly .

He froze in his tracks, Jasper and Alice upstairs howling with laughter, Carlisle trying to repress his low chuckles.

Emmett sank into his knees and begged “No Rose! It will kill me! Can’t we have a compromise? Maybe a day, twelve hours? I don’t know, please babe!”

Rosalie turned and walked away from him, smiling in satisfaction. “If I have to suffer, Emmy. So do you.”

While Rosalie walked away, thinking about her reflection, Emmett went out to hunt worried about his raging libido.

Alice glide down the stairs, towing Jasper behind her as if nothing passionate or erotic just passed in their bedroom.

Alice laughed “I sure hope Emmett doesn’t hump some poor deer in his attempt to relieve himself.”

Everyone burst into loud guffaws clutching their sides. I think we must have laughed about more than an hour.

Alice’s blurred vision broke my hysteria.

I saw a hospital, beds and patients. And a certain doctor, but her image was blurred. Before I had anytime to decipher the vision, she blocked me out of her head and started to recite the war poem dulce et decorum est in Korean.

I was confused “Alice …” I began to say .

She towed Jasper upstairs again and started mumbling something about “I’m in the mood”

His face then reflected the same confusion as mine had, wondering where all her excitement had come from.

He thought: Jeez, if it weren’t for the body, I’d think it would have been a female version of Emmett towing me.

I exploded at the comment. It looked like he would have blushed if he could. Damn our blocked pores and unmoving state.

Esme excused herself and said she had some gardening that couldn’t wait forever. Before she left, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

Carlisle sank into the white loveseat and patted the space beside him. I sat there.

“Edward, how have you been son?” he asked sincerely.

I smiled, although it took a lot of work to put it there “I think I’m just being oversensitive.”

“You can talk to me you know.” He promised

I sighed “There’s been too much focus about me. How about you, how’s the hospital?”

His face scrunched up at a peculiar expression. As if there was some sort of memory he did not want to see.

I sighed again “You can talk to me you know.” I said

He looked a little torn, trying to find a way to explain.

“No, nothing is wrong. It’s just difficult to put into words.”

I saw the image that he was trying to repress from his mind. A young woman in some sort of changing room. That must be where the surgeons change for surgery. She had shoulder length, chocolate brown hair that hung in half straight and half waves. Carlisle was changing with his peers for some open heart surgery. She changed with them, in her lingerie… her soft slim curves …

The image vanished as quickly as it came.

“Carlisle!” I hissed

“Are you having an affair with this woman?” His face became surprised by the conclusion.

“Of course not. How can you think that of me?”

“Well, what was that all about?” I asked incredulously

“I told you it would be difficult to explain…” But I interrupted.

“Carlisle, it’s too personal. I don’t want to know.” Carlisle looked relieved.

Alice suddenly leaped off the stairs and landed on my lap. “Alice.” I said in acknowledgment to the pixie resting on my lap like I was some sort of Santa Claus.

She suddenly started bouncing up and down, as if I was Santa Claus.

“Edward, I saw the exciting thing that I was talking about on the phone! It’s going to be tomorrow! We need to accompany Carlisle to the hospital …”

I put my hand on her shoulders as if to shake her. “Hold up! What is this interesting thing that is going to happen tomorrow?” I demanded

“Eddie,” she moaned as if I was hurting her “It’s a surprise!”

she trilled “You have to wait!”