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I'm Done With This Life

Bella resorts to self murder to escape the pain. POEM!

Disclaimer: Nothing but the words are mine.This one sucks really bad... But I got really bored in math class.

1. I'm Done With This Life

Rating 5/5   Word Count 94   Review this Chapter

I glare out the window

As the tears streak down my cheeks

Like the rain on the glass

I grab tightly to my chest

Praying hard that the pain will melt

And I will again be numb

I sing his lullaby

Tearing the whole even bigger

But it doesn’t matter

I fall asleep

His memories are all around

The ferns in the forest

I wake up at six

My morning routine no longer

Even hold distraction

I cry out in pain

As his voice floods into my head

And the velvet covers me

I grab the knife

It time to finally end this pain

Once and for all

…… I’m done with this life