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My Bones

Bella thinking about a waterfall, Edward, and immortality.

This is something I thought of while hiking with my family on a Saturday afternoon.

1. Chapter 1

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Edward and I sat on two old, rustic, wood benches covered in wet Autumn leaves, looking at the fall’s cascading water dash the jagged rocks far below. You could just see this sight through the dark trees. It was quite picturesque.

Alice and Jasper had found this trail while out for a romantic run during one of their date nights two weeks ago, and had shown it to Edward in their thoughts. He would not rest until we had seen it as well. In fact that was all he had been able to talk about for the past week and a half!

We drove for five hours to North Bend, and parked in a gravel lot at the Twin Falls trail head. It was a rather unused trail, but well kept. We saw a few runners and dog walkers here and there, but on the whole, we were quite alone.

There were many, many roots and wet leaves in the slippery, winding path, which troubled me greatly. Sometimes the wet leaves teamed up with the roots to trip me!

We started out along the swift moving river, but soon began to climb up, and up. The process was slow, due to my clumsiness, but well worth the effort. All good things in life take time and effort. The easy way never leads to a wonderful place in the end.

We said little, enjoying nature, and the sound of the rain on the yellow, red, and orange leaves. That was a funny thing about our relationship. We didn’t have to say anything while together. We just had to be close to one another and revel in the complete feeling that we both had while in each others’ presence.

Soon, we came to an overlook with two benches and sat down, looking at the falls. I had to admit, they were gorgeous. They were eternal. Water had cascaded down those rocks for thousands of years and would do so for thousands more. I stared at the white water, so beautiful, fast, strong, and powerful!

My mind turned to Edward. In many ways he was like that waterfall: eternal, beautiful, glorious, and perfect. They even both cast colorful rainbows in the sun. I wanted to be like the waterfall too; like Edward. I wanted it with all my heart and soul.

As we descended the fantastical trail and came back into reality, I felt the pressures and concerns of the world, and of life in general rest upon my shoulders once more. I could see why Edward had wanted to share this beautiful, magical place with me. It put all difficult things into perspective, and made life seem so simple! The things that were most important seemed to be written upon the wet, fungus ridden leaves, clear as day. I knew what I wanted and why.

One day, no matter what Edward declared to the contrary, I would be a vampire. Alice, my best friend and future sister, had seen it in her curious visions. It would come to pass. I was born to be a golden eyed vampire right at Edward’s side for eternity. I could feel it in my bones.