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Darkness Of Night

its been a while since bella had renesmee everything seems fine until the volturi (being mad from their last encounter) make another plan this time, involving some familiar wizards to get revenge on the cullen. What will happen and what will they do. Crossover involving characters from harry potter. R&R come on people almost 1000 reads and only 9 reviews...i wont be updating until i get atleast 15 please i have the rest of the story but what good is it updating if i dont get to see wat you guys think of the story ***update*** i still only have 9 reviews. is my story that bad?

my first attempt at a fanfiction these are not my characters they belong to stephenie meyer and j.k. rowling R&R please

1. Chapter 1

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Darkness Of Night


Harry's pov

"Ron, Ron, Ron! Wake up!" I yelled at Ron from the other side of the room.

He's just stubborn, he wouldn't even move. "Mobiliarbus!" I yelled swinging my wand swiftly.

"What the bloody hell!" Ron yelled when he flew off the bed instantly.

"Ron get up!"

"I'm up, I'm up!" he yelled lifting himself up from the floor. "Now! What is it?"

"Did you put a letter in my room?"

"What letter?" he asked drowsily.

"Ron will you ever be helpful? Never mind Ron I'll just open it,” I said grabbing the letter from my pocket.

It was in a peach envelope closed with a drop of wax that had a "V" in the middle. The return address on the front said it was from Volterra, Italy. But how did they find us? And who were they?

I opened the envelope slipping my finger in the middle flap and taking out a piece of white paper in the inside. "Listen Ron," I announced trying to keep him awake.

"Dear Harry," I read, but how did they know my name?



"Harry what does it mean?" Ron questioned.

"It means we have to go Ron! Go with Hermoine and I'll meet you there." I responded.

"O-OK, but how do you know its true"

"That's why you're going to meet me at Hermione's! Now go!" He got up trying to find his balance and went rushing out the door.

I couldn't leave yet I had to find a few things. I got the envelope with the address and then I looked at Ron's bed and there was his wand. Ron could be an idiot at times. I went and scooped it up, putting it in my other hand and putting the envelope in my pocket.

That should be it! I thought. I flew out the room, literally, and went to find Ron and Hermoine.


Bella's Pov

The room felt colder than usual when I walked in. Edward was in our bed and Nessie was taking a short nap in her room. She had gotten quite older now. She looked like a 15 year old, even though it was about 5 years ago when she was born. Her features had not changed much just that her hair got longer and more feathery now taking some of Rene's traits, but she still had some curls falling down to her cheeks. She didn't sleep much anymore they were usually naps once in a while.

I sat down on the bed with a loud "ugh!"

Edward turned and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing its just we haven't really had much time to spend with each other lately." I looked at him and saw a crease forming above his eyebrows.

"I'm sorry, my love its just you know how busy we've been lately and now that Nessie doesn't sleep as much we just haven't found time." His voice was still velvet with a hint of concern. "But you know she still has about three hours of sleep left," a roar managed to find a way out of his throat as soon as he leaped towards me.

"Oh Edward! Your gonna wake her!"

"Don't worry we won't. Trust me" he said lifting my face to his and dazzling me with his topaz eyes.

"What a cheater" I said lifting myself higher too touch his lips with mine. He picked me up and settled me in bed jumping up and landing swiftly by my side, and making our chests meet.


Harry's Pov

I settled my feet before opening the door, shifting my weight evenly. Before I turned the knob, Ron opened the door saying, "Your here, what took you so long?"

"This" I said giving him his wand. "It can come in handy."

"Oh yes, my wand. I forgot, thanks!"

"Sure," I replied darting in through the door. Hermione's room was dimly lit, and when I stepped inside I could feel a faint cold breeze brushing my forehead. Hermione was in the end of the room sitting quietly on a darkly colored chair. She was reading a book and waving her wand back and forth.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Reading and practicing," she said turning up from her book and looking at me.

"For what?"

"Well Ron told me we were going to Italy, so I’m getting ready."

"No! You mean I'm going to Italy. I'm not so sure you and Ron will do the same!" I snapped.

"Ok! Enough!" Ron said trotting and sitting down next to Hermione in another chair. "First we'll have to discuss about that letter!"

"Oh Ron!" She said surprised. " That was the smartest thing I've heard you say," Hermione giggled. "But he's got a point."

"I guess we should, but that doesn't mean you two are going as well!" I replied. "Ok so read this," I said throwing the letter towards Hermione.

Hermione caught the letter and opened it quickly. She looked inside and read over the letter. "Who's it from?" she asked.

"That's what we're trying to figure out, and why I'm going to Italy," I clarified.

"Well we're coming!" Ron snarled.

"And that's that Harry, you can't go alone," Hermione added.

"Well we still don't know how we're going to go. We can't just go there without the people around us thinking something's wrong," I whispered.

"We can always tell them we're going for a vacation," Hermione suggested.

"Yea and we have enough money for plane tickets." I said sarcastically.

"We can just fly out?" Ron asked. “Or Hermione can apparate us."

"Yes. So when do we leave." Hermione questioned, ecstatic that we were leaving for once.

"Tonight!" I replied.

"Tonight!" Ron and Hermione yelled together.

"What, is there an echo here. Yes tonight, the sooner the better. We got to find out what these people are talking about before it might be too late. So start packing, I'll meet you here at midnight, Hermione. Follow me Ron we got to pack." I said.

"Fine! Give me a minute I'll catch up" he said looking at Hermione.

"Ok but quickly," I said walking out the door.


Bella's Pov

"Wow Edward," I said putting my leg over his cold hard chest. "That was...wow!"

"I love you," he said, managing another roar to come up.

"Momma, daddy what's all that noise? I heard a growl," my Nessie said peeking through the door. She saw my leg and said "Oh!" and began to close the door. "I'll leave you two alone!"

"Wait!" I replied taking my leg off Edward's chest. If I could still blush this would be one of those times. "We were just talking."

"Sure mom!" Nessie said. Edward followed with a chuckle.

"What?" I said turning at Edward.

"Nothing, I'll tell you later," he looked down at me, staring with his topaz eyes and then turned to Nessie.

"Now as for you, aren't you supposed to be asleep."

"I got hungry," she responded.

"Oh!" I said. "Well do you want to go hunt? I guess we can all use a midnight snack. Do you want to go Edward?"

"Of course!"

We all left the house. And ran through the forest passing trees and moss and anything in our paths until we were several miles away from home. I relaxed my muscles and smelled the air. Taking every scent possible. The first scent I caught was of about 4 small deer. I looked at Edward and he nodded in disapproval. I guess he was up to something more. Something better. I smelled even farther realizing there was a pack of large wolves and their cubs. I laughed at how horrible it would be if we killed them thinking of Jacob. Further from the wolves were about three large animals. I was pretty sure they were some wild cats or something around their family. Maybe they were bobcats.

I noticed Edward was in position to leap and go for the kill, and Nessie was behind him getting ready too. So I began to get into position and hardened my muscles getting them ready for the run. A loud growl escaped my mouth and I leaped into action.

I ran through trees dodging them with ease. When I was about a yard from the animal's view I jumped and landed next to it without its notice. I then sunk my teeth into it leaving it unconscious. I sucked its blood until it was dry and looked up at my family. Edward was already fixing him self up and Nessie was finishing off her catch.

"Are you done Nessie?" I asked.

"Yea almost."

"Lets head home," Edward said putting his shirt in place.

"Ok," I said fixing my hair and getting ready to run.

We rushed back home in the darkness of night. When we were home Nessie said she was going to go with her grandma and her aunt Rosalie.

"So we now have alone time," Edward said ecstatic.

"Yes we do."

"Are you ready," He said lifting myself onto his body.

I was unbuttoning my shirt when Edward stared up as if something was wrong, a crease of sadness on his face, and sorrow in his eyes.

"What's wrong Edward?"

"Its Alice."

"What about Alice? Is she ok? What happened Edward tell me?"

"She's had a vision we've got to go."

"What did she see?" I said getting up off of him and landing softly on my feet.

"I'll tell you with the rest of them lets go."

We ran and were at the Cullen's mansion in less than a second. Everyone was at the back waiting for us when we got there. Jasper was holding Alice from her waist, as if he was trying to hold her up. Nessie was hugging Rosalie and Emmett was behind them. Carlisle had his back toward us talking to his family and Esme was next to him hanging on to his shoulder.

"What happened?" I said. "Am I the only one who doesn't know?"

"Alice had a vision" Jasper responded looking down at her.

"Well what is it? I demand to know now!" I exploded.

"Alice saw the Volturi." This time it was Emmett who answered.

"And," I added.

"And ... the Volturi were talking to young wizards for help." Rosalie answered.

"Wizards? Help? Is this some kind of joke? How do wizards exist? They're fake, not real. All Hollywood right?" I said turning to Edward.

He looked at me concerned, "Actually, they're real and the Volturi have persuaded the wizards into thinking we were the bad guys. They told them their world was in danger and that we were helping Death Eaters." He looked down and began. "They told the wizards that they needed help. The wizards believed them, and now the Volturi and the wizards will team up and come here to punish us."

"What are Death Eaters?" Jacob said coming out of the door. "And why are they going to punish us?"

Carlisle responded this time turning around to talk to us all. "Death Eaters are groups of wizards and witches led by a dark wizard. The Death Eaters recognize each other by a mark of a black snake on their forearm. They usually wear a mask and black robes and sometimes pointed hats. Sometimes even more elaborate masks and robes. As for why they want to punish us you should know. They're still mad for the reason that we beat them on our last encounter. Remember they tried to destroy us for creating Nessie and using her as an excuse to destroy us, but in the end we were the ones to win.


Harry's Pov

We successfully found an empty ally; we looked around and saw if there were any people in seeing distance. Hermione was in charge of getting us to Italy.

She would apparate us there since she had been there before. She closed her eyes and held my hand I grabbed Ron’s and he grabbed Hermione’s, the next second I noticed we were in a really nice place.