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Darkness Of Night

its been a while since bella had renesmee everything seems fine until the volturi (being mad from their last encounter) make another plan this time, involving some familiar wizards to get revenge on the cullen. What will happen and what will they do. Crossover involving characters from harry potter. R&R come on people almost 1000 reads and only 9 reviews...i wont be updating until i get atleast 15 please i have the rest of the story but what good is it updating if i dont get to see wat you guys think of the story ***update*** i still only have 9 reviews. is my story that bad?

my first attempt at a fanfiction these are not my characters they belong to stephenie meyer and j.k. rowling R&R please

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Bella's Pov

I saw Edward's face and then I knew he wasn't lying. I knew he was right. Jacob was going to be ok. I got up, off of Edward helping him up while I stood evenly, shifting my weight, as if I had too. But I had learned how to act more humanly than before. I would do simple movements that humans would do. I turned to Nessie and saw her clearing her face and trying to smile.

I went to hug her, lifting my arms and folding them easily around her. "It’s going to be ok," I whispered in her ear. "Jacob will be fine, he just went to find a friend of ours. Don't worry."

"I know mommy Jacob will always be fine. After all he is my doggy!" she said a smile finding its way out of her lips. We were all so close we'd call each other anything. Jacob would sometimes even call us bloodsuckers, but after all he is Jacob.

"I'm sorry Edward. I overreacted," I said turning toward him.

He came walking towards us joining the hug and smiling his crooked smile, and his velvet eyes starring down at me, "It's ok. I would've done the same— well maybe not exactly like you, but don't worry its ok."

I lifted my cheek to his jaw moving it swiftly from his jawbone to his collarbone, feeling his smooth, warm skin— well to me at least.

"We need to prepare, and you Nessie get some rest," I said looking at my family.

"But I can't right now."

"Now, sweetie."


"Please sweetie, you need to get some rest."

"Fine!" she said trotting up the stairs. "But I’m sleeping here!"

I looked at Edward and we went outside. "Let's go," I smiled lifting my hand and motioning him to “BRING IT ON.”

"So what are you going to do, my love?" he asked stepping closer.



I stepped closer and looked at his face spilling with concern. "Try me!"

"I don't think we have to do this. I don't feel comfortable," he said stepping back.

"Yes we do!"

"No, maybe another time with Emmett. Please, not today"

"Please! Edward! Please! I want to be ready!"

"Ready, for what? We're not going to do anything! That's why Jacob went to get Akash. Hold on Bella until we get more information."

"Edward! Please we need to be prepared," I yelled swinging my fists towards him.

"Wait!" he cried. "I can't do this. Not yet. Please fight with Emmett, I’m just..." he yelled, his voice cracking. “I’m just not strong enough."

"Edward. Please! Nothing wrong is going to happen!" I yelled but stopping my fists in their tracks.

"Bella! Please why don't you listen to me? I can't do this."

"Edward! Nothing will go wrong! Trust me! I'm immortal now!"

"Yes, but— Fine," he said defeated, lifting his arm and stepping towards me.

Suddenly a chuckle roared through the night sky and out stepped Emmett from the door, "Oh a fight! How come I wasn't invited?"

"What! Is everyone going to see this?" Edward asked upset.

I turned to Edward and we stepped towards each other. We fought through the night, practicing and preparing ourselves for the worst.


Harry's Pov

The sunlight seeping through the curtains woke me up. I gently stood up looking around the room, yawning and stretching my arms. As I breathed I looked around. The room was a pale peach color. The bed I woke up in was huge and it was in the middle of the room. On the sides of the bed were two oak colored drawers, with a vase full of red roses on one. On the other drawer was a small little silver lamp with abstract features to it. It curved slightly on the bottom and neatly turned into a rounded triangle on the top. On the end of the room were two peach couches with brown stripes running down the sides. Behind the couches was a huge window, where the sunlight was coming in. The view was breathtaking. You could see the plaza we were at last night.

Last night? Wait was this all a dream? Did we really see vampires? But how am I here then? It had to be real. I couldn't of made that up, and plus I’m seeing the plaza right now! How did I get in this room then if it wasn't a dream? I searched the room once more, but this time not for the same reasons. I had to find Ron and Hermione. I went through the door that was in a little hall close to the sofas and turned the knob slightly. Taking a deep breath I ran out. The door led to another huge and long hall. There were side tables throughout the hall- one next to each door. I saw some stairs and raced down them.

The stairs led me to another door and before I could think I opened this one and stepped in. The room was even bigger than the bedroom and it had a reddish glow to it. There was a long mahogany table in the middle of the room that stretched from one side of the wall to the other. There were chairs following each side. On one side of the table was Ron sitting on a brown and red chair. He was swallowing down a chicken wing, and Hermione was on the opposite side of Ron. She was nibbling a piece of bread. On the end of the table THEY were there. With curious eyes they examined Ron's rude table manners and then Aro turned and greeted me.

"Good morning young man, I mean Harry. How did you sleep?"

"F-Fine, Sir," I guess it was true then. Last night wasn't a dream. They really were vampires.

"Come Harry, look at all this food!" Ron yelled pulling another chicken wing from the exquisite food neatly arranged on the huge dining table and tossing it into his mouth, and pulling out the bare bone left over.

"Watch it Ron your going to hurt yourself," Hermione warned, still nibbling on the same piece of bread.

"Care to join us for breakfast?" Aro questioned, sending a shivering sensation done my spine and Goosebumps done my arm.

"Maybe later," I responded sitting down next to Hermione.

"Come on Harry! It's delicious." Ron commented.

"Maybe just a little bit," I said looking at the food. "But I never knew vampires ate food."

"We don't I was being sarcastic," Aro chuckled. "Don't worry we're not hungry, yet."

Again another shiver ran though me as I sat down. I had suddenly lost my appetite but I still got a piece of chicken and a baked potato so that I wouldn't make the vampires angry.

"Wow this is good! I didn't know vampires could cook!" I laughed.

"Actually we don't know how!" Aro laughed along with me. "It's actually take out."

"Oh, well it's really good," I let them know.

"We will have to train for the battle. Are you still going to help us?" Jane asked.

"I am here aren't I? Of course I’m going to help! Death Eaters have to be stopped! Once and for all!" I replied to quick making me sound almost scared.

I nodded in approval again and began eating once more.